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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue at Haagan Dazs. In case u do not know that there this is sinful dessert there. It cost $ 33.90 & looks like this. (see pic on the left). Actually, I din know that it is so ex until I step into the shop just now.
Most people wouldn't know chocolate fondue was offered there until scrutinizing the menu. It is served with lotsa of fruits, ice-cream of different flavours and grated peanuts to coat your chocolate dipped item in. This is really best as a round up to a lovely meal, it tantalizes your taste buds and is awesome to share with your frenz & loved ones. So.... what are u waiting.... try it! *dripping*

Do u know where to get cheap fondue beside making it yourself? Come across one at Beach Road (the plc that sell those army things), I think it was in the tv before. Managed by an angmoh. I think it cost less than $10 with lotsa sweet treats. You won't miss the stall as it is always LONG Q consider LONG in that small alley hawker. I haven't got enough courage & patient to Q, so till now still haven't try. But I supposed the chinese proverb, "xian ku, hou tian" is rather applicable here. There is another place that I heard of that offer reasonably priced fondue. It is Swiss Culture at Suntec. Got Cheese Fondue somemore. This is award winning by Food Entertainment. The pri$e i$ DoUbLe the chocolate fondue.

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