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Cockroaches ...... Wipeeeeoutttttt

Have been receiving a lot of agent calling asking if we intend to sell our house. Looks like a lot of pple are eyeing on our estate, probably bcos there is a good pri school (Mee Toh) here. Wondering how much is the va$ue now...

Unlikely we will move, where got so much $$.
HaIz ...


I was helping my maid to replace the cockroach "Wipeout" (need to replace every 3 mths) when I suddenly recall an incident that happened about 2 mths ago when there were still a lot of small cockroaches in my house, esp the kitchen. That day, I happened to come across 2 "teenage" cockroaches one of top of the other, it didn't come across my mind that they are ML until hub mention. Cos all along I tot the small cockroaches in my house keep growing bcos the parents (i.e. big cockroaches) are reproducing. There is no sight of the bigger cockroach at all, so the small cockroaches are the one "doing the work" bah.

My sudden appearance must have scare the freak out of them, imagine at one moment "they are enjoying" the next moment, DEAD !! *smack* *ouch* V cruel hor. Boh Bian leh.

The wipeout (see above pic) really v effective, there are now lesser sight of the creature or even if come across are all dead ones.

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