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The Poor Mum

This coming Sunday is Mothers' Day.
However, this poor mum will most likely be staying at home to take care of the 2 bb.
Hub got ICT training, if cant complete by Sat will have to stay on for Sunday... alamak, Mothers' Day leh, kenna tegan.
Then, already told my helper 2 weeks ago that she could off this Sun & she has already arranged to meet up with friends. Can see her dissappointment when I told her abt the situation.

Luckily, she is understanding enuff to suggest if I cant manage, she will rearrange to go out again on the last Sun of the month. That will also mean that I have to accompany her to send the money home this week cos she has to pay for her son's instalments back home by 20th every month.

Anyway, see how le ...

2 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Salim Bashar said...

Hi Janice, don't be despair....

Hope that you will be enjoy your belated Mother's Day treat when your hubby returns from ICT.

Salim Bashar

Jayne said...

Hi Pal,

You have created a nice & cool blog!..with lots of nice pixs of your boys! Cool mummy! :)

Don't be sad over this Mothers' Day.. am sure the boys will bring you lots of joys :)

Happy Mothers' Day to you!!