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Shooter, really kenna shoot-ed

30 April 07

Today my hub is on leave. We planned to bring the kids to Sentosa in the afternoon.
Since it is still early (9.30am) & Zac has gone for his nursery class. We decided to catch a morning show "Shooter" at Marina Square. Not many cinema are showing this show has it is considered an old show.

The theatre is v empty haha, only ..... the 2 of us..... I still joke with my hub that I have actually BOOKED the whole theatre to watch the show with him in the Samsung Platinum theatre. But, just at this moment, 3 man walk inside n seat just in front of us. HaIz, wanna pretend also cannot.

It was the 10.30 am show, but waited until 10.45am still no signs of advertisment watsoever. Saw the usher walking in and out using the walkie talkie. I think something wrong with the projection.

By then, our popcorn is already half empty... suddenly, the theatre lite lights up. Usually is at the end of the show.

Siao Liao lo, I told my hub I think unable to show, waited for another 5 mins still no sign of progress & nobody walk into the theatre to inform us. We zitou go to the booking desk n confront the manager, a softspoken lady. In the end, we got compensated for the tickets n another 2 complimentary tickets that can only be watched from Mon-Thurs with many other conditions. eg. no free list, no midnite show, no marathon shows....etc. Looking at the poor pop corn n coke in our hands, they are being reimbursed at well.

This is the most unfortunate shows we had. Didn't get to watch the Shooter shoots but kenna shoot-ed.

So much of the morning commotion ....

Luckily, the afternoon
Sentosa trip was a fruitful n enjoyable one for the family.
Our first visit to Sentosa after the renovation !!

Here are the photos :

Video (Sounds Of the Sea) :

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