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Cute Cute De Amos

Amos is getting smarter each day, he can understand what we are saying. He is particularly sensitive to the word "NO" or "CANNOT". He knows that these are "negative". This is bcos we say endless time everyday, "Amos, CANNOT touch the fan", "Amos, NO..... don't pull the wire", "Amos, DON'T open the drawer". Nowdays, we don't even need to complete our sentence, the moment, he hear the word "NO", "CANNOT"..... he will start to cry aledy.

Every morning, when Zac is getting ready to school. He will start to panic ... when Zac is wearing his Tumble Tots uniform, he will waddle with fast steps to the door & waiting. So funny lo !

The other day, after changing him into his pyjamas, he mistaken that we are going out cos before that his clothes had just been changed. He walked to the shoe cabinet & wanna to take his shoes. We told him that we are not gg out. He is disappointed & started to cry ...

He likes to see Zac brush his teeth cos we will sing "brush ... brush ....brush .....your teeth...". He thinks that it is v funny. So I bought a bb toothbrush for him. Imagine it is so small with only a few strand of bristles. He will also imitate us gaggling & pue the water. Clever boy *applause*

He has 4 teeth top & 2 bottom now. Its now "put your finger into his mouth at your own risks!" Nobody dares to venture into his tiny mouth now! Got bitten many times woh ...
This is Amos showing off his glorious teeth with a hearty laugh.

He laughed so much the other day that he had nightmare, whole night keep waking up & cry. Aiyo...

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