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What is Autism?
Autism is a brain disorder that typically affects a person's ability to communicate, form relationships with others, and respond appropriately to the environment.

At one stage, Zac is diagnosed to have slight Autism. This is bcos :
1)He is not speaking at age 2
2) He likes to play with the car wheels
3)He likes to watch moving vehicles
4)He do not like eye contact
5)He do not like crowded places
6)He cant stay long in enclosed places

The weekly visits to the speech & occupational therapist at KK is a huge cost to us.
I am 5 mths pregnant with Amos then, the growing burden acts on to the stress that I am facing. I stopped bringing him to the specialist as we do not see significant benefits from the visits. My hub n I believe that he is just a "late talker", we pray hard that he could open his "golden mouth" one fine day....

Miracle-ly, he started to "talk" somewhere near my 3rd trimester, cant really recall that it is during my 3rd trimester or after I have given birth. Oh gosh, I think I'm really getting old. [As I am writing this, I consulted my maid, she said Zac started to talk after I have given birth]. What I can remember vividly is that he recognized the letter "B", "M" & "L". Initially I thought he just jackpot on the letter "B" but when I show him the letter card once again, he repeated "B" (Bee-ee).
Also, after I came home from hospital with Amos, he suddenly knows how to fix up all his puzzles effortlessly. He could even show my mother in law that she has fixed wrongly by getting the right puzzle in place. *applause*
We once visited a medium who told us that Zac will be a "late talker" bcos he has slightly shorter tongue (!?!?!?). But everything will be ok after I give birth. Fate? Miracle? Luck?

Looking at him now, he has grown so much.... not only can he recognize all the 26 alphabets, he could also spell words & write them. He can spell & write: Zachary (his name), Amos (Didi's name), Janice (my name), Apple, Cat, Dog, Fan, On, Go, Stop & etc. This may not be great achievements to some parents maybe their children can go way beyond all this. But to someone whom we fear so much to bring him out bcos of his peculiar behaviour in public. I think we really need to kudos to him.

People with Autism
Seek to be Understood
As they seek to Understand...

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