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Friends of the Zoo

Brought the kids to the zoo yesterday. This was their 2nd time there. The first time we went there in Nov last year.
We reached the zoo around 10am. Reached there in time to catch 2 shows : "Wonders of the Wild" at 10.30am & "Splash Safari Show" at 11am. The latter is a new show featuring penguins, manatees, pelicans & their lead actor, the sea lions. The Exhibit seating area is too small to accomodate the huge holiday crowds. We managed to find a seat at the stairway. It was really uncomfortable with the scorching afternoon sun shining above us. The 2 kids were drenched. Zac was uneasy & throwing tantrums, luckily, I brought out his favourite want want seaweed biscuit in time. He was able to remain seated while munching away ...

After the show, we catch a tram to the Children's Playground area for lunch at the KFC. Zac was excited on seeing the playground & immediately zoom off to play. Hub accompanied him while I ordered food. Amos has already dozed off, he was super tired ... wake up 6am this morning. Luckily, I managed to locate a seat in the aircon dining area.

We spend about 3 hrs at the playground, majority of the time at the water splash area. They had a funfilled time roaming the place & mingle with the other children. I am busy snapping & recording video shots of the 2 boys at play while hub took a rest at the bench nearby.
Finally, Zac was willing to take shower which I guessed he must be feeling exhausted.

We took a tram to the tram alighting point. So coincident to be the White Tiger feeding time when we reached. Their food are rats. You could see the hungry Tiger waiting eagerly for their rounds of food, using their powerful jaw & strong body to target at the rations thrown at them.

Then, we walked around the eastern side of the zoo which we didn't get a chance to do so the last time. We visited the Cheetah, Zebra, Lion, Rhino, Giraffe & Reptile Garden before taking a train back to the entrance. By then, it is almost 4pm & everyone was tired. We stopover at the Ben & Jerry's for a finale dessert to sum up the day. 3 scoops cost $9.90 after less. Expensive but the satisfying look on the kids were worth all the effort of bringing them all the way here.

This trip was more enjoyable than the last time we came. I think he has grown older & more aware of the things around him to enjoy better. Visit to the zoo was not really to look at the animals.... haha.... cos we spend more than half of the time at the playground. ;p

The kids were so tired that they doZzzzed off on the way home....

2 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Sasha said...

ooooo look so nice!

how did u end up being in my tag blog?


come come to my this blog

J@n!ce said...

Sasha : LOL
I will check out your blog soon :)
Have fun with Jayden at the Sg zoo ...