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A stress free dinner

We usually went over to my mum's place for dinner on Sun. However, she is not cooking today. As such, we went out for dinner. After much thinking, I decided on Jack's Place.

Initially, I thought we will have a hard time cos my maid is off today.... we have to handle the 2 kids alone mah....
SurPrisingLy, they were both v obedient today. They remained seated throughout the whole dinner. I'm not sure if it is the place or the food that makes the difference.

For a change, I ordered Spaghetti Kids Set (spaghetti + orange juice + one scoop of ice cream) for them. Zac is a a"noodle person", he prefer noodle to rice & porridge. Luckily, we managed to finished feeding them before our food arrive. This is bcos our set comes with FRIES..... their favourite. *yummy*. Zac has surprises one after another.... after finishing his spaghetti, he snack on the fries, hotdog, carrot (from my mixed grill combo) followed by orange juice & strawberry ice-cream .... all his yummy "delicacy". I think that is the reason that makes him sit patiently waiting for the food to arrive.

This is indeed a stress free dinner for us. I still have ample time to enjoy a good latte & dessert, mango delight. *slurp*

Most of the time, we have to gobbled down our food cos the kids cant sit still, they will struggle to leave once they are done with theirs.... w/o thinking that their starving mama & papa have yet to complete their meals. *haIz*
Amos is cheerful as usual making the dinner really enjoyable & pleasant.

2 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Bobo the Bimbo said...

so cute! seriously when you have kids ... their moods really play a big part hor.... hope you dun mind me linking u.

Balong said...

oh, so lovely and nice kids u got :D keep up the good work :D Blessings for them :)