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Easy Kitchen Tricks

Read this in a magazine, thought it will be really useful.
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1) Having trouble shaving foods with a knife? Use a vegetable peeler to shave parmesan cheese and chocolate. Its much faster.
2) Mix salad dressing in a screw top jar- combine all the ingredients and shake the closed jar. The unused portion can be stored in the jar.
3) Instead of trying to skim fat or oil off gravy with a ladle, just pour the gravy into a plastic bag. Let the fat rise to the top, then snip off a small corner & drain out the broth, leaving the fat in the bag.
4) Marinate meat or dried fruit in a zip lock bag. Leave it in the fridge, & remember to turn the bag occasionally to coat the content.
5) Want to seed a tomato? Use a melon baller instead of a knife.
6) Having to chill, roll & line a pie pan with a biscuit crumb crust can be time consuming. Instead, roughly spread the mixture in the pan & use a same sized pan to press the crust into place.
7) Freeze leftover stock in disposable muffin pans. Small amounts cans be thawed & used when needed.
8) When measuring sticky liquids like syrup, honey or peanut butter, spray the measuring cup or spoon with cooking spray, it helps the ingredient slide out easily
9) An egg slicer does more than slice eggs – use it to slice mushrooms, strawberries & other soft fruits.
10) Peel young ginger by scraping off the thin skin with a spoon.

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Life Samadhi Avatari said...

Cool post...I used a few of these tricks when I was working a s sous chef....especially #'s 8&9 =] I suddenly have the urge to cook...who's hungry ;]

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