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First Day of Term 3

Yesterday, I took out Zac's Tumble Tots uniform & his school bag & told him that he will be returning back to school after nearly 1 month break from the June Holiday. I ask him if he likes to go to school. He immediately replied YES !! Zac has been attending his nursery at Tumble Tots since Jan this year. It provides challenging and interesting activities, where your child gets to fully explore and develop his physical capabilities and social skills. In addition, action songs and rhymes contribute to language development. It offers your child joy, challenge and satisfaction as he grows and develops. It’s will be a childhood experience he would not want to miss! The cost is double government funded schools but I think it is worth-while so long as Zac is enjoying himself.

Today, he wake up exceptionally early... after taken his breakfast, he rushed to put on his uniform, took his school bag & put on his own NEW shoes, yes it is dried in time for him!! All set for school....... It is good to see that he is excited to meet his teachers & friends once again ;)

Amos cried bcos he also wants to carry the school bag. So no choice, we took out a tiny little one, given to him by our forever generous Aunty Molly. See photo of how he look like trying to put on that bag ...... So funny ;p

He is SmILing again on knowing that he could follow Zac to school, YEAH!!

6 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Bobo the Bimbo said...


Adrian said...

You have a great blog! :) I'm certainlly going to be here more often! Coincidentally, I'm thinking of taking my little one Tumble Tots this weekend for the first time! Have a nice rest of the day! :)

Dani said...

They are really cute! wish I could give me real balloon and cakes

I'm planning for little project soon.. hope to see you around ya!!

***cinDee*** said...

baby so cute :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

at least at a very tender age he is already excited at the idea of going to school, just like his brother. Look at that smile, so cute =)

Henry Leong said...

Cute boy,
I got also 2 boys.