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The long wait ...

I stayed over at the hospital yesterday nite to take care of my mum.

In fact, I just came back from the hospital not too long. My sis will stay over with her tonite.
She will be discharged tomorrow morning, thankfully ....
Her surgery wound (abt 10cm long) was cleaned & dressing changed (see equipment on the left) this morning after waited at the doctor's specialist clinic for a total of .......................... 2+ hrs. Can u believe it? Priority is not even given to her (she had an operation near her spine on Thurs & is still coping with a weak body) despite constant reminder to the nurses that she cannot withstand the long wait. I was expecting the nurses to say something like "Oh ok, we will try to arrange to let her see the doctor first", but NOT AT ALL !! The nurse can still say that there are 2 more customers in front of us... well ... well, what a disappointment!! After waited for an hr, there is still another customer. I look around again & realized that the customer who came after us have also been served. We are in fact the ........................LAST !! This is how they treat their hospital patient. According to the nurse, it is up to the doctor to select which patient he wants to see first. OMG !! I didn't want to make a big "hoo haa" when the doctor finally came to see my mum as I don't want anymore DELAY & also my mum's wound is still at his stake. I do not want her to suffer anymore. Anyway, really grateful that everything is over & my mum can finally return to her ward to have her lunch at nearly ... 2pm ... for someone who has diabetes also... sigh...

In case u are wondering which specialist clinic ... it is at MtE.

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