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Thomas The Train

Zac is crazy over Thomas The Train recently.
He wanna sit the train ride, wear the train tee shirt & play with the toys.

We have quite a few versions of the train now at home ... managed to take picture of these 3 trains at the moment now cos I am not able to locate the rest of them. Toy missing in my house is very common, but it will "appear" a few days later. ;p

Scare to let him see the toy at the toy shop now cos he will just stand in front of the toys .... implying.... "Mummy, I want this!"... then randomly choose one of them & hold it tightly as we walk around the shop.

We bought one of the set (see pic on left $29.90) before bcos he refused to let go of the toy.

He likes the train but the funny thing is ..... he is scare to watch the video. *puZzling*.

He can recognize the vcd & will tell us that he is scare. How come huh ?!?!?! Till now, I still don't understand. Anyway, luckily, he don't like the video, else I cannot imagine how much poorer I will be.... HAhAhahA

This reminds me of the craze over Teletubbies abought 6 yrs ago. I duno why the kids are so crazy over it, I don't find the character cute leh. I heard pple commenting before that there is some "spell" over the toy which will lure kids to its liking. How true is it?
This is the only teletubbies toy we have at home. It is actually an electric lantern. I guess he chose this bcos it is..... guess what?........ A TRAIN..... though not Thomas The Train, "Tele" The Train also good lah !! I borrow a hokkien verse : "no prawns, fish also good" (In my humble intepretation, I think it means, if you don't possess the thing u want, the next better is good enough!) *LOL*

3 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Bobo the Bimbo said...


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

LOL.. I like thomas the train too... personifying the train... and the design too..LOL.. might collect them when I'm like earning big bucks in future! LOL...

Anyway, 'The sun is setting in the sky, Teletubbies say goodbye!' LOL.. and I hate teletubbies!

Gallivanter said...

Errr...Thomas the Train or Thomas the Tank Engine? :-P