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Zac is hurt

This gate is supposed to act as safety devices for the children but it can proved to be more hazardous. Zac's thigh is caught in between the gap between the blue extension & the wall yesterday while my maid is cooking dinner. She closed the gate to prevent the boy from getting into the kitchen. Suddenly, he heard Zac moaning in pain & struggling to release himself from "somewhere"........ My maid was freaked out bcos she cannot imagine how Zac could have stuck his thigh there, the more she tried to loosen the screw, the gap becomes tighter. Till now, I still cant figure out the "in" (stuck) & "out" (release) of the whole incident. I was in the hospital with my mum yesterday............... else, the accident could have been prevented.
This next photo shows my boy's bruised thigh, can still see a "blue black" mark about the size of two S$1 coin. This is the 2nd accident that happen to him after 2 mths......when his right middle finger was caught in the groove of the LRT lift while my maid pick him up from school. He can still recall the accident now that we passed by that lift. He will tell us that it is DANGEROUS!!

1 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

DLG said...

i once got my leg stuck in one of those metal longkang covers, you know those with bars across them?

it caught everyone by surprised and made quite a scene until one malay pak cik helped me out. and i was scratched badly.

just telling you so that you can watch out for little zac :)