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Honey, wassup for dinner?

A typical homecook dinner will look something like this ....

It consist of :

Rice, main source of carbohydrates

Fried chicken wing, a look at the golden crispy skin already makes me feeling hungry.
Hub & I love to eat sinful fried stuff.
I find that the chicken wing is fried to a pleasant color which makes me just want to post this up. *click on the picture to appreciate the dish*
Tantalising....yum yum.... :) ~~~~

Steam Salmon with magarine, good source of omega 3 for the kids.
A slice like this cost near to S$5.
I try to have fish daily for the kids.
Either salmon, batang fish, red snapper, red garouper or kurau fish.

The kids just love soup. Zac has a habit of drinking soup daily after his meal.
The fish ball + sweet corn + carrot soup is one of his favourite.

Stir-fried brocolli with carrot and shrimps. Easy to prepare yet nutritious.
Good source of calcium from brocolli since Zac refused to drink milk.
So a simple meal at home would cost about S$12.
Divide by 4 adults : 3 adult & 2 kids (= 1 adult).
That will be S$3/meal, really value for money consider the fact that we have fish & meat.
Before you start to praise me for doing up such a mouth-watering meal for the family.
I better let you know that these are prepared by my very GOOD chef at home.
My indonesian helper. She is an EXCELLENT cook, at least to me.... she is!! *applaud*
I am just a LAZY one .... LOL :)

44 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Mariuca said...

Yay!!! Am I the first to comment?
Yummy!! The salmon looks tantalizing! And ur helper cooked all this? Ur so lucky Janice! Hope she's feeling better today so she can make u more yummy dishes :):):)

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : You are first again. I just posted it up. Here's what we had for dinner the other day when you asked me... remember?
She's getting better now but we may be going out for dinner today cos tomorrow is holiday.. our NATIONAL DAY.... yeah !! :)

Jas said...

Outstanding Janice! The most dishes I could manage was just 3,and that's not all the time ... I'm usually a 1-dish lazy bum ...

WaterLearner said...

Hi Jan,

Wow ... Looks like a good nutritious spread. Your hub and kids are lucky to have a capable and pretty wife/mummy.

Happy National Day!


J@n!ce said...

Jas : You are most oustanding then me cos you managed to prepare 3 dishes... I only know how to cook porridge, noodle soup, fried rice...etc. :)

Karen : Thank you. We are able to enjoy such a nutritious spread bcos of a good cook we employed. She should be given more credits. I am very good at shopping though... from kids stuff to grocery to ladies wear to men's wear...blah blah... LOL :)
I can see that you are very blessed too with your recent marriage photos. All the best to you :)

Roger said...

How much you paying your helper I will double it! That food is making my mouth water ...I am so hungry now hand me that plate of chicken please Janice thank you...MMMMMMM that is good! ;D

J@n!ce said...

Roger, I bet the chicken would taste just nice. Why don't you bring some back for Tado & Joe? They will 'heart' you for that !! :)

Efendi said...

yumm ^^ gotta grab a lunch now :P

cooking is saving money ^^ only $3 with fish & meat :)

gotta try that some other time :P too lazy to cook :P

happy National Day to you :)

J@n!ce said...

Efendi : Yeah, its lunch time now & my dishes are making you all more hungry.. .I can hear your stomach shouting for foodie...;p
Really good to enjoy a homemade food if you get the time to cook, healthier too.

Happy holiday to you too :)

Mariuca said...

Happy National Day to u and the whole of Singapore! :):):)

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Thanks so much for the greetings. I very blur today... I sent Zac to school in the afternoon only to realize that there are no class leh !! *blur* or not u tell me :(
I din read the letter from the school clearly ... LOL :)

mr fong said...

Wow you're a miracle cooker,mum,blogger.Geez.Excellent,heh....I love the salmon,with the margerine it's v great!

Thanks for this sight...

My mum always refuse to cook sinful stuff so now when i eat chicken wing i leave a lot sticking there..UGH. :)

J@n!ce said...

Winston : Those dishes I bought the ingredients but helper cook de...I'm a lazy cook !!

Yes, salmon with magarine really taste good !!

You purposely leave those 'meat' there on the stick to piss off your mum for not cooking sinful dishes often huh...notti boy lah !! ;)

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Janice, I haven't had lunch yet and that chicken is sure making me hungry. LOL!

My wife cooks about same 'categories' too. We have rice, one main meat dish (fish, chicken or pork) vegetables and sometimes a soup dish.

MonkeyWong said...

You know what, my saliva keep on coming out, lost control while looking at this post.....
O ya, I tag u again, hehe :P

KennetH said...

consider good ..d...can i go to ur house??haha~~

Wuching said...

i'm going to ur house for dinner

FL Sam said...

Janice, Happy National Day to you and All Singaporean Bloggers.

Wow. Look so delicious. I want to try. Make me hungry only. You know I am easily tempted by good foods. Want go diet also cannot. :)

jennyL said...

Boy, oh Boy, this post sure made me hungry and reminds me to have my dinner now, actually i am thinking of chicken tonight. Those broccolis looks so yummy, hmm i haven't ate that for a while now..hmm steam salmon... Nice menu for dinner Janice.. ok gotta go i'm hungry now hehe..

Jean Chia said...

the chicken looks yummy.. hmmm.... *delicious*

i dont like to cook my salmon, i prefer to eat it raw. :P

You are great at doing all the calculation and listing the nutritions.. haha.. good mom you are! :)

Judy said...

Wow, simple but very tasty and nutritious for S$12??
Sounds like your salmon is much cheaper than in UK, how can that be wor? So not fair!!

J@n!ce said...

Nick : I think those dishes are typical chinese dishes so... sama sama. Your wifey better than me at least still can cook. You are so fortunate :) :)

MW : Wah... how come your saliva dripping out from my notebook huh.... LOL :)
okok.... I will reserve some chicken wing for you.
WHAT !! Another tag for me. Thanks & that will increase my current tag to 6... I think... oh no....!! ;) I will check it out later :)

Kenneth/Wuching : Feel free to drop by my place. I welcome both of you. Bring some toys & candies for my boys hor...terima kesih :D

J@n!ce said...

Uncle Sam : Thanks... yes tmr is my nation's birthday... very soon will be yours too :)
Ya loh, I'm also the same, with such nice chicken wing, difficult for me to go on diet lah !! :) ~~~~

Jenny : I love chicken too. You have the same taste bud as me. Ok, you better hurry go for your dinner ;p

Jean : I love raw salmon too. But at home cant have that cos the kiddo cannot take raw food mah! It is very automatically to be calculating & doing up those nutritious menu once become a mama. I'm more & more like an aunty already *sob* :( ~~~

Judy : A nutritious meal for S$12 really value for money hor. I cant believe until I calculate it while doing this post leh. I thought S$5 for that salmon is v ex already cos it is v small piece only. So US salmon even more ex woh !! Thanks for telling me, so if I go US better dun eat salmon... LOL :)

lilifxt said...

hi janice its graet to prepare a meal full of the good vitmins and nutrition the body needs especially vegies i always try to find good recepies to eat vegies which im not too much fond of it ...but i have to eat it and my family too loved your brocolli & carrot with shrimps im gonn a try that soon and let u know how it was like....:)
Bon appetite

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,
Ohhh... no.. even at this hour (almost midnight), I still could not withstand this temptation. I am feeling hungry looking at these photos. Looks like I got to find something to eat after this comment. :-)

J@n!ce said...

Lili : Brocolli with carrot & shrimps is really a healthy dish for your boys. You should give it a try. For the sake of them, you have to try to cope with the vege as well.... good luck :)

Sam Chan : LOoks like my helper is really successful in making those dishes so palatable that everyone just felt hungry looking at it.
:) ~~~
You better grap something to eat else you will not be able to withstand the temptations to continue your blogging... haha :D

Emila Yusof said...

Yum yumm yummy! Jean, looking at your food, I feel hungry.

Robert Revell said...

Wow, looks delicious! My favourite foods are fish and chicken and I eat them no matter how they are prepared. I only wish I had a helper to cook, but here in America that would cost over $20,000 per year!

J@n!ce said...

Emila : LOL!! Sayang, you got my name "sa lah".. ini Janice, not Jean...I think Jean & I are kinda use to it now cos pple keep getting the both of us mixed up ;)

Bobby : Good !! You are not a fussy eater & that's easy to cook dishes for you. Too bad that I cant cook, else I could fly over to be your chef. Wow !! $20K is in USD or SGD?

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah....janice, u are really a good cook ah...can cook so many dishes at one go..!!!

Emila Yusof said...

Huhu...sorry Janice!! What was I thinking...maybe just now I read Jean's comment in Marzie's post, or was it because I read Jean's blog at the same time? *scratching my head* Anyway, sorry again, Janice!

J@n!ce said...

Chin Nee : Don't praise me too din read carefully...those dishes are not cook by me lah... LOL :)

Emila : No worries dear, I understand what you are saying cos sometimes I also blur blur esp with so many friends blog open up at the same time... hehehe ;p

ET said...

So envious... good life good food with lotsa TLC.

J@n!ce said...

Ed : envy leh....hehehe ;p

Shana said...

Looks great. When do I get my!!! Just joking :o)

J@n!ce said...

Shana : I would love to invite you with you 3 little ones over of course. You are one great mum too :)

ET said...

Nvm later I shall dish out everything in the fridge and cook myself a feast. Whole family abroad... I shall self-entertain. Steam garouper first on the list. =P

Anonymous said...

Okay I am ALL over the slamo that looks good and I think I am going to have to hit you up for some recipes! I can't beleive you are a fried chicken girl! If you like a spicy southern style, my grandma's recipe is AWESOME! Take care!

girlie said...

good that your kids eat veggies

J@n!ce said...

Ed : You one person cook garouper?... LOL :)

Barrett : I really love fried chicken boy...hehe ;p
Can reveal your grandma's recipe or not? You take care too :)

Girlie : My boys love veggie, I am proud of them too :D

Heart of Rachel said...

What a yummy and healthy combination of food. I admire how your children love eating veggies.

J@n!ce said...

Rachel : My boy loves eating veggie, esp carrot. Every now & then, he must see orange carrot, else he will make a fuss....LOL :)

Sweetpea said...

my blog misses you :)

you gave me a great soup recipe, thanks :) do u put any meat in it? looks yummy and sweet.

J@n!ce said...

Sweetpea : Sorry for not visiting you for a while cos I'm really busy & hardly have time to run through all my friend's blog now.
I just went over to yours after reading your comment. Really very sorry.
The soup is brewed with chicken/pork + Sweetcorn + carrot

Take care & hug to you & Aidan :)