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Men's Fashion

There aren't many fashion magazine available over here for men. I found a perfect site on men's guide to getting dressed. It guides you on the fit and style, especially useful for newbies. You should never wear a tie over a short sleeve shirt unless you have graduate to upper tiers of fashionability!! Also, if you are still wearing pleated pants, you should really read on to know what suits you best.

The change of season may not be quite as exciting in the world of men's fashion compared to women's trend. Would you want to know what are the top trends of Spring 2009? Go for light colored button down shirts and relaxed jeans!!

If you are traveling to cooler countries in the later half of the year. Take a peep at the Winter & Fall picks. Its always wise to know what's hip or classy for you so you won't fall victims to fashion mistake.
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator

10 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Mariuca said...

chop and good morning Janice!

Mariuca said...

Ohhhh this reminds me I need to get new stuff too Janice! Want to throw out all the old clothes and have new ones!

Mariuca said...

Thanks for the reminder sweetie, have a great day! :)

Lee said...

Hello Janice, wow, first time I come across a lady posting about Men's fashions, ha ha.
Usually about food or babies teething problems, ha ha.

I guess I'm out of the fashion craze now as no longer chasing after sarongs or skirts....but love dark colored slacks and silk shirts.
But dislike wearing ties.

Hey, you sure one very attractive mother...and two kids too. Nice blog you have Janice....oh ya, I love Singapore, one time my ahemmm, hunting grounds.
Love the kai fun at Chatterbox, or the shrimp porridge after midnight at Shangrila.....not to mention moonlight nights at ECP.

You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

designer store said...

i love this article...

thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, looked like i need to pop by to take a look. time for some self improvements!

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

eh.. agree. actually not much choices for guys.. mostly T-shirts, polo, bermuda, pants, jeans.. that's all.. haha :)

i love polo lor!! :P

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

happy national day! :)

i am the first one.. hehe ! :P

lilifxt said...

hi janice missed u and the kids too they are looking wonderful .....nice blog look its amazing....i know its been long time but i never forget you or zac and amos....bye

mens jewellery said...

I love this article, the graphics is so attractive. These are really the men's fashion way. I loved it.