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I've been awarded

Karen thinks that I'm a SUPERWOMAN & given me the award for a GOOD JOB done. This is the best award that I have received, thanks for the compliments & it is a pleasure receiving it from you. :)

Marzie for passing the Mariuca's Superstar & Beautiful Site Award to me. As the name of the award mentioned, it is really a sweet & beautiful one. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Bali Home Dream for awarding my blog as "Blog of the Month". Thank you :)

Arlene thinks my site is a friendly one & bestowed the "Friendly Site Award" to me.

Jesse passed on the classic & elegant Shibumi award. The meaning behind this award is as follows :"Shibumi is a Japanese term which used in the following context is a noun. Its meaning refers to a ‘particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty” which can be applied to almost anything."

Last but not least, Trinity for creating this sand name for me during her vacation. Such a nice gesture for remembering me in the midst of her holiday with her family. I love it :)

You think You can Dance?

Saw this over at Endoh's. I had a good laugh.
So I created my version too....
See... I can dance too.... LOL :)


Pressie from Emila

Last week, I received a parcel from the talented & gracious Emila. She had air-flown a pressie for Zac's 4th birthday.

There were 3 cards along with it. One to wish Zac a Happy Birthday, the other for me & not forgetting little Amos too.
The pressie was a soft cotton red polo tee with each of their names "Zac & Amos" embroided to add a personal touch. Such a creative idea to show that Emila has an eye for details. How thoughtful of her to perpare one for Amos too knowing that the boys will fight if one didn't get the pressie. hahaha :D
The sizes are just nice for the 2 boys.
Thank you for the wonderful surprise, my great friend :):)
I will take pictures of the boys in the tee & show it to you. hehe ;p


My late Brother

Yesterday was the 7th day my beloved brother passed away.

My sis-in-law saw him in her dream. The time was 12.38am...
My brother hold on to her blanket & kneel beside her bed.
Then he hold on to her hands & told her not to cry anymore.

His younger son dreamt of his daddy too.
He was using the computer, he turned around when his son called him.
He smile back at him with happiness.

Although we are all saddened by the lost but glad to hear that my brother "returned" to pass the message that he has found the road to happiness.

May he enjoy his long journey in heaven.

I want to THANK YOU to all those who has shown their concern, love, care, hope, support & condolences to my late brother.

♥ aaron cook ♥ ac associates ♥ Adrian ♥ amel's realm ♥ anitbarbie ♥ appletpk95 ♥ Babyfiona ♥ barrett laurie ♥ bless ♥ blog author ann clemmons ♥ blur mommy ♥ blur ting ♥ Bobby ♥ Bokjae ♥ Bola ♥ brown baron ♥ cardiogirl ♥ cbenc12 ♥ chin sh'n ♥ choc mint girl @ crystal ♥ colleen ♥ criz lai ♥ daniel ♥ Dan's porta ♥ Darlene ♥ diamondssaphire ♥ dodongflores ♥ east meets west kitchen ♥ Eastcoastlife ♥ Ed ♥ ehon ♥ elenie tan ♥ Emila ♥ erisha ♥ flsam ♥ francine ♥ franx budi ♥ Georg ♥ health freak mommy ♥ hipmommy ♥ hipncoolmomma ♥ honestyrain ♥ ilovepearly ♥ JaMiLLa ♥ Janicenw ♥ Jean ♥ jennyl ♥ JessetheCat ♥ jho ♥ Joezul ♥ Johnny Ong ♥ jon ♥ Judy ♥ Keeyit ♥ kegler747 ♥ kiasumum ♥ Ladyjava ♥ lemonjude ♥ Lilifxt ♥ lori ♥ loz ♥ maketraffic ♥ Mariuca ♥ menopauseprincess ♥ Milkmaid ♥ Mommyness ♥ Monday morning power ♥ monkeywong ♥ Morgan ♥ mummy to qiqi ♥ NAFASG ♥ nessa ♥ nester ♥ Nicholas Aaron Khoo ♥ Nick Philips ♥ Nihal ♥ odysseus ♥ old beng ♥ pia ♥ Polliwog ♥ purplefrogcat ♥ Racheal ♥ Rolando ♥ s.h.@.r.o.n ♥ Sam Chan ♥ Sandy G ♥ Santa Claus ♥ sasha ♥ Shan ♥ Shana ♥ Shern's mom ♥ Shinade ♥ sicarii ♥ stacey ♥ Sunshineforlife ♥ Surjit ♥ suzie ♥ sweetpea ♥ tak feng & ♥ li li ♥ The Bimbo Bobo ♥ The New Parent ♥ Trinity ♥ Waterlearner ♥ wen ♥ Zara's Mama ♥ zari.zhm ♥


My head is spinning...

My head is spinning while typing this.
I'm very tired both physically & mentally. I haven't been sleeping well since my brother passed away. In the midst of berevement, I am also coping with a weak body. I am down with a very bad sore throat. Zac is also down with running nose & cough. My hubs sick too, he caught a cold during his business trip in Shanghai.

Thank you everybody for your concern & condolences.

I need to rest early, it's going to be a busy day again tomorrow at the funeral palour.



He could hardly talk, move & breath.

We were all by his bedside holding on tightly to his hands.
His condition worsen tremendously overnight.
We have a feeling that he might not make it till midnight.

He was trying so hard for the miracle 10% of survival,
He cannot bear to leave his family just like that.

He grasped for air but inhaled none,
We shouted his name to no response.

He was really gone this time ... ...

We were so sorry for not being able to save his life.

Brother, you will be remembered dearly in our hearts,
Your last hope & wish will be fulfilled by everyone in the family.

May you Rest In Peace.


Show me your Handphone

Sweetpea asked me to show her what is the picture on my handphone. So here it is ...
This picture was taken earlier this year during my Bali trip with my hubs. We stayed over at Bali Hard Rock Hotel. Oh man, I missed the lovely hotel pool. This was the only holiday for me this year. It was a last min decision cos my hubs won a lucky draw ticket to Phuket. However, I have been there before, so we topped up money to visit Bali which both of us have not been to. It was a relaxing & fun trip for us. We had our Once In a LifeTime Experience there too if you can remember the post !! :)
So what have you got on your handphone, show it to me now :



A lot of friends recommended me to join Smorty which I did and was surprised to receive their fast approval. I hope to get more opportunities from Smorty as there aren’t many available for me from other companies.
For those who may not know, Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. The advertiser creates a campaign and the blogger, once approved by Smorty, makes money by writing opinion articles on the available campaigns. The bloggers will be paid weekly via Paypal. If you are an advertiser, you'll get people to have their opinions on your products/services advertise on blogs and boost your search engine rankings with quality inbound links from thousands of blogs. So whether you are a blogger or advertiser, it is a win-win situation. Cool right? Registering and maintaining your account with Smorty is absolutely free! What are you waiting for? Let's get paid to blog with Smorty !


Throwback Thursday : Little Zac's Affection

Zac was close to me since birth cos I took care of him alone. These photos of him were taken when he was less than a year old. He looked tall for his age right? ;)

I was surprised that he stare at me like that while my hubs was about to take our pictures at the beach. Zac suddenly turned around & looked at me straight in the eyes as though asking who I am... My hubs was stunned by his sudden reaction too !! haha :D

After a while confirming "Who I am", then he lean on me for the photo shot... .... how sweet !! :):)

Below 2 photos were precious too.!! Zac suddenly lean his face forward & KISSED my chin for a couple of seconds just before taking the photo. Its so tender & I felt like a proud first time mummy at that moment.

Those are moments that I could only re-cap through those photos now. Zac don't kiss me like that now. He kiss me on my leg on a few occasions though... haha.... funny Zac :):)

Do visit Emila's Throwback Thursday of Yassin


Will there be a MIRACLE?

Do you remember quite sometimes back I wrote about the Prayer Card of Love & Hope air-flown over to me from the kind-hearted young Jamilla? Jamilla wrote in her recent post on the card preparation to the finished product. It was a lot of effort & she spend money on getting the good quality transparent sticker. I felt bad that she had to use her money to get it done. So sorry, Jamilla.
The Prayer Card is for my brother who is fighting his days over cancer all over his body. He is still in hospital now & doctor told us last month that there is no cure. He is counting down the days, how long he can survive will depend on his determination & will to hold on. Frankly, I have never seen a person so sick in my whole life. I tend to treasure my life & those around me more from this incident. We are so helpless beside his bed, what we see are constant images of him groaning in pain. The pain is excruciating, he is crying bcos of the pain. We are also crying in our heart seeing him fighting so hard for every second to survive. The morphine dosage has been increased to the maximum limit, but that is not enough cos the pain for cancer patient is accelerating over days. I really got no idea how long he can endure. I am sorry that his life has to be ended so very soon. He is our hero & a very very brave one !!

I thank you all who has send in their prayers for my brother. It is touching to have friends whom I have never met but showered love & care to my family.

I would like to take this opportunity to let the world know from my brother's experience :

1) See a SPECIALIST once you sense that something is seriously not quite right with you
2) DO NOT delay treatments, even if it mean borrowing money from someone.
3) DO NOT hide your illness from your family members or friends, they are those who are able to assist you
4) Eat a balanced diet
5) Have adequate rest, learn how to relax your mind & body, don't get too over-stress. Cancer is very much related to STRESS
6) Go for full body check-up yearly

A sentence from Jamilla "Make difference in your life by giving love, happiness, hope, joy, support and encouragement to the world!"

Let us all PRAY together for my brother ... ... will there be a miracle?

Storage Bins

The kids toys are flooding the house now. Toy cars, balls, books, puzzle games and so on... ... My poor helper is seen tidying up the toys everyday. It would be good if I can have some storage bins in my garage to help me organize & teach the boys some responsiblities to keep their toys away after they are done with their playing. Looks like a bit of work on my part. Recently, I came across this storage solutions that has 16 mixed storage bins with shelving. That looks like an excellent choice for me since I could put the bigger toys at the lower shelves & the smaller ones on top. I cant wait to see a neat & clean toys room once again !!

Why I Blog?

Marzie invited me to participate in this interesting meme on the reason why you blog.
I started blogging on 7 May 07 this year. Its been 5 mths now. I am so fortunate to meet great friends & buddies through this means. They are people whom I can chat with in times of joy & sorrow. They bring so much cheer to me & I never regret making the decision to blog 5 mths ago :)

With that, I'd like to invite 5 people to join this meme (please read the rules) and share with me their reasons for blogging!

Karen, Nick, Bobo, Chin Nee and Keeyit, you're it! :)

**Start Copy Here**
We have a voice;
We must be heard;
Therefore we blog;
Now spread the word!
This meme is based on a recent post that was conducted asking the question “Why do you Blog?” and the rewrite “Why do you Blog? - Reworked.”
The purpose of this meme is to tell our tales by spreading the reasons that we blog to as many sites as possible. We get to explain ourselves, direct traffic to our site and highlight our most important, most representative or most relevant post in an SEO favorable format. This will be a positive experience for everyone who wants to get involved. This will enable you to create a short advertisement for your site that will be spread across the blogesphere; a growing directory of blogs.This is an open meme. You do not have to be tagged to join in. All you have to do is follow the rules.Please let me know when you have added your site by leaving a comment on “Complete List” with a link to your post. This will insure an up-to-date list, giving you even greater distribution. You then have the option of copying the growing list back to your site.
Create an inventive post title
Write a brief introduction to the meme.
Copy from “**Start Copy Here**” through “**End Copy Here**”
Paste into your post
At the end of the “*list*”, before “**End copy here**”, please add your name, site name (with link), a very brief description (2-3 sentences) of why you blog, and your most important, most representative, or most relevant post (with link.)

Tag at least 5 others to participate.
Leave a comment and a link to your post on “Complete List

My name is Mel and I am the Author of Attitude, the Ultimate Power, aka Monday Morning Power. I blog because I am passionate about happiness and living in the moment. I want to spread the concept that we are in control of our own lives and can choose how we act and react. My site is focused on the Pursuit, Capture, Care and Feeding of a Positive Mental Attitude. One of my most representative posts is “Happiness Vs. Human Nature.

I am Max and I offer weekly articles on MAX. Why do I blog? I do it because I want to share my thoughts with you guys. I present a new and interesting way of transmitting philosophical thoughts: funny, engaging and intriguing! My funniest, yet intriguing, post is "Don't you just love People?"

I am the Great and Powerful Baba Doodlius. My 100% factual blog The Thoughts and Sayings Of Baba Doodlius is intended to educate all of you curious readers about the Truth behind the Great Secrets of the Universe. I have the Truth! Can you handle the Truth? For a sample of my powers of enlightenment, read my Revelation of the terrible secret of Bigfoot, aka Don't get stepped on.

My name is Amelia and I am the Author of Amel's Realm. I blog because I need to voice everything in my world so that I won't explode. My site is all about thoughts, experiences, fears, problems, misadventures, hopes, and dreams of an introverted tropical girl in a foreign land (Finland). One of my most representative posts is On Trust and Relationship.I am Geoff of and I blog for reasons as diverse and as fickle as my moods. Mostly I blog because I'm firmly convinced I've figured a few things out and that the world will benefit from my experience the same way I've benefited from others' experiences. One post that I feel captures my emotional involvement and my ire (but not my humor as much) is Decision time.

My name is Judy and I am the Author of ~~Sugar Queen's Dream~~. I blog because it's cheap therapy and I have something to say. I feel my most powerful post is called “The Myths of Smoking......

My name is Sindi and I have written a blog entitled Life is a roller coaster!. My blog is based on the ups and downs of everyday life. I started blogging because I was going through some hard times and I wanted to meet new people to talk to. I like to write and was hoping people might enjoy reading what I have to say. I think the most inspiring post I have written to date is We Effect So Many.

People call me the Midgetmanofsteel (although I’m neither a midget, nor made of steel). I am the sole author the blog Mental Poo: a mostly true and humorous account of things that have happened to me, are happening to me, or are just filling my head and taking up valuable space where images of women should be. You can get a sneak peek into my mess of a brain by reading “Raisins are People” – a true account of my son’s first field trip.

My name is Sandee and I have a blog called Comedy Plus. My blog is just for fun, and I started it to poke fun about everyday life. My reason for blogging is to have fun and meet new friends. I have done both beyond my wildest dreams. I have posted lots of jokes, but when ask what my favorite joke is, I always pick Anger Management.

My name is Lynda. I blog to as a way to expose my writings and to spread my knowledge on the subject of love. My primary blog (I have 15) is lynda's loft. My favorite piece would be I LOVE..... I have over 300 original poems and posts dealing with the wonderful and painful world of love. I love love!

My name Adrian, although most of you probably know me as the Mighty Genie King. I am the author First Time Dad. I started blogging as a way to document my growing up pains as my wife and I raise our daughter. I hope that one day my daughter will be able to look at this and get an idea what life was like "back then". Now I blog about everything but the main focus is still the same! One of my favorite posts is Goodnight Sweetheart! Hello Basil! Eh...Who's Basil...

Hello, my name is Ann and I'm the author of A Nice Place in the Sun. I blog because I care about people and want to make them happy. My site is focused on humorous, inspiring, and nostalgic posts about life, children, and memories. My most representative post, or the post where I'm most myself is "The Craziest Experience Of My Life."

We are a team of writers, and everyone calls us NAFA, so that would be our name. We are the proud authors of NAFASG©™ - United And Dedicated Behind You™. Blogging, to us, is a form of spreading useful information and sharing our knowledge to every part of the world in order to contribute to the betterment of our global community. The post that we feel would be representative of our blog and the global community at large is The Sociological Interaction.

Hola! This is Mariuca and I blog because writing is what makes me whole. I write about anything under the sun from life, love, friends to cats and work. I tend to write best when under pressure and my personal favourite post from Mariuca is Love in Disarray.

My name is Susan and I am the Owner of ~~Wake up America ~~, which is a political, right leaning blog. I blog because I believe we need more voices out there to separate fact from fiction, to support our troops and to high light the lack of ethics from journalists today. I feel my most powerful post is called "Are You Proud to be an American......"

"Here I am :-) My name is Mauro and I'm the author of 1 Million Love Messages ... maybe the biggest love challenge in the blogosphere. Why I blog ??? Because I believe that bloggers can make a difference in the world. That's my challenge! My favourite post it's (for sure) Adam Donkus & Lizzie's Love History."

Hi there World I am Aussie, the author of Little Aussie Cynic and I want to Breathe among others. I was recently asked:"Why Do you Blog?" this takes me back to the beginning... I started blogging in an attempt to get people thinking, using my cynical humour as a tool to make people laugh, think and at times get the blood pumping.... Each of my Blogs takes in a little peice of my varied personality but the one which discribes me best would have to be There is Always a Natural Way the latest edition to the Aussie Cynic Family...

I am Zubli Zainordin, in Total Happiness, I organize the Book Project blog and co-author Santa's Community Blog and Hall Of Fame Blog. I blog with the purpose of documenting about my self for my own reference, my future generations and friends who prefer to know me. I also share vital and valuable information entirely on total happiness. I believe in Santa Claus and I share the Spirit of Christmas within this Blog World. In addition I promote bloggers, their blogs, and invite them to share their blogging experiences, and together with Shinade, I review their blogs and award them with the Zubli and Shinade Recommended Read awards. Those who continuously show continuous blogging improvements shall be residence of the Hall Of Fame blog.

Hi, My name is Janice Ng & I'm the miracle mum from "This is a miracle". I started to blog to document the foot steps of my 2 boys : Amos & Zachary. With this blog, they are able to look back what they have been through: their joy, excitement, laughter, fighting, crying, screaming... etc when they grow up. One of my favourite post is "The loving brothers" on how the 2 brothers showed they tenderly care through a piece of strawberry cake!!

I am Karen, writer of the blog, Journey with WaterLearner. My blog documents my humble journey of Awareness and Practical Spirituality. I am glad to have found many like-minded buddies in the blogosphere. I was the humble servant of the Spiritual Boot Camp for Say No Evil which was attended by 21 campers. Some of my favourite posts that might guide you to reflection are: The Pearl Within, Learn to Sink, Spiritual Facial & Uneasy Goodness.

The internet world knows me by LadyJava. My first blog, "how to make money online" was actually the reason why I started blogging. I wanted to share to the world that I was making online share my experience about it. However I enjoyed blogging so much that the habit quickly caught on and I began writing a few other blogs as well. This blog, however, is by far my favorite blog as I've made many friends from all over the world and I continue blogging as an avenue for me to share my life with friends and would-be friends. My favorite post is "Coffee and Me" as I am officially a coffee addict.Ohaiyo!

My name is Jean Chia from A Great Pleasure. I started blogging around end March 2007. My earlier intention was to store my recipes permanently online while it is accesible anywhere in this world. As I blog, I met many new interesting peoples around the world. It was truly a great pleasure to know them and I am honored to award them in Award For You, My Great Friend. One of my favourite post is my first post which was about my niece : First "Ah Yi". Now, blogging seems to me as a way to express myself freely. It has been a joyful experience and I'll blog for as long as I can.

Hello! My name is Emila and I run my own blog, Emila’s Illustrated Blog. I started blogging in Friendster, later moved to Blogspot and later later moved to my own domain for good. The main reason I blog is to update my friends about my daily life/my son’s development and to showcase my artworks. My favourite post is My Bundle of Joy.

Hello everyone, Watashi wa Kenneth des. Genki des ka?
I started blogging with own hosting and domain is on 09-09-2007. My earlier purpose to blogging is to learning + relaxing + sharing + making friend.KennethZone is formed forLearning : learning english writing ( in my blog, you can know my english is very terrible)Relaxing : Using my free time for bloggingSharing : sharing my daily life, personal thought and etc to youMaking friend : make more friends.

My name is Jamilla a.k.a Jamy. What I Feel, I Just Blog is really my inner voice to tell anything that I am aware of in my life. I started blogging since June 2007, not long ago. I am happy that I can share and give love, happiness, caring and support through blogging together with a group of my bloggermates. My quote is "Make difference in your life by giving love, happiness, hope, joy, support and encouragement to the world!" The post that I really appreciate and respect myself is Turn Blogging Into A Real World . My first step towards the difference and miracle to the people who is around me.

**End Copy Here**


Clearing off my meme

Thare are 3 memes here !!

I've been tagged by Marzie to pass on The Pink Penguin in conjunction with the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month of October. In doing my bit to help spread awareness on the issue of breast cancer to women, here are several tips I'd like to share with you on how you can avoid breast cancer and remain healthy.

• Eat a balanced diet
• Do exercise at least 3 times a week
• Try to be relax, don't be over-stress, cancer cells are aggrevated due to STRESS
• Take Anti-oxidant supplement daily, they can prevent cancer
• Check your breast daily for lumps, go for a scan yearly. For those above 40 yrs, perform a mammogram.

How you can help raise awareness on breast cancer:-

1. Spread the word. Announce the event on your blog. You could write a blog post (like this), or a little note about it. Whatever you choose to do, just go ahead and tell your readers about it.
2. Go pink. Modify your theme if you know how to, or get yourself a pretty pink theme. If you run a website, turn your website pink. But if you don’t like pink, you could still participate by putting up a badge on your sidebar.
3. Design badges and banners. Design a couple of “Pink for October” badges or banners for other participants to use (for free) and to publicize the event. Some of the existing badges and banners can be downloaded from the Official Pink for October Site.
4. Design blog themes. There are a lot of bloggers (me included) who can’t even do simple designing, so if you are good at it, perhaps you could design and release a few pink themes? So, I am hoping that whoever happens to read my post, please do something to spread the awareness. It only takes a moment of our time.
Thank you!
2nd Meme :
LovelyMummy tagged me on this 5 of 5.

5 things found in my room:
King size bed, Treadmill, Newly purchased Mistral Fan, Sharp Plasmacluster Ionizer, Kids study table with 2 chairs

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
Vacation, Able to drive the kids out alone, Meet up friends, Do something on my hair/manicure/pedicure, Hope to get a stress-free job

5 things found in my bag
Clean & Clear oil blotter, Lip moisturiser, Wallet, Dry & wet tissue, Sweets

5 things found in my wallet
Credit/discount card, IC/driving license, Cash, Cheque,"Fu"- a piece of yellow paper that can can protect me (same as lovelymummy).

5 things I’m currently into
Refresh my driving, Try to do exercise at least 3 times per week, Spend more time with the kids, Cut down on unhealthy food, Tidy up my wardrobe
3rd Meme :
Adrian aka Genie King tagged me on this interesting one.

INSTRUCTION: I will tag you a Question and you Post your answer on your blog. After that you make another question and tag other bloggers. Easy Mah? Let’s get it on!

Adrian's Question is: On a dark stormy night you're driving alone on a narrow back road. You actually took a wrong turn and don't really know where you are and there are no familiar landmarks and neither are there any buildings. Suddenly you have a flat tyre....what would you do?
1) Stay in the car until daybreak
2) Get out in the rain and try to change the tyre
3) Walk to the nearest place to ask for help
4) Call someone to give you a hand (remember you don't know where you are)
5) Drive on with the flat tyre until you reach civilization

My Answer is :
Although I don't know where I am, I will still call someone for help & in the meantime, drive slowly with the flat tyre to see if I can reach "anywhere". I would definitely not stay in the car, get out of the rain to change the tyre is totally impossible for me !!

Here is my question :
You are alone in the house with 2 very young children below the age of 5. The water is boiling, the children are fighting over toys & are crying, someone knock on the door, the phone is ringing, the tap is running. Which one will you do first & why? :)

Since there are 3 memes here. Please choose which one (best if do all) you prefer to do :

1) Bobby, Karen, Blur Ting, Rachel, Darlene, Jesse, BokJae, Winston, Uncle Sam, Jenny, Jo


Just for Zac

I woke up at 9.50am today, it was considered late for me cos I usually wake up around 8am. I don't know why I'm so tired. I felt my whole body aching. Thinking back, it could be due to the constant driving over the weekends.

I tried to take over the driving from my hubs whenever I get a chance to practice with him as the traffic controller. I am about 60% on the skills but I'm still not familiar with the roads. That is the most scary part cos accidents usually occur due to unfamilarity. Looks like I still cant handle the car alone without hubs at the moment. But I can still drive to the nearest shopping complex... .... I think so.... LOL :)

Today, there is a class photo taking session over at Zac's PCF nursery class. The school informed the parents last Thursday that the children has to be dressed in full uniform & white shoes & socks. I went to purchase one for Zac last Saturday. It cost S$16.95 from Bata. Looks quite comfortable compared to those I used to wear during my school days. However, the price was doubled to0 !! :)

Zac was excited & looking forward to wearing it.
This was how he look like with the full uniform & new shoes :)
I also bought a new kiddo umbrella for him. He wants to have his own umbrella on rainy days !!The S$2 one from Daiso broke upon the first use. That was what will happen with buying cheap stuff. Lesson learnt !! I chose one Pooh Bear & Friends design from Kiddy Palace. It is really lovely. I like it & so does Zac. He held on to the umbrella all the way home. haha :D

What do you think of the umbrella, nice right? hehe ;p
Zac saw me taking photos, he rushed to "take pictures" using his personal Nokia toy handphone too. Such a funny boy :)

The umbrella cost S$12.70. I hope this one will last longer :)


Throwback Thursday : 4 mths old Hair Shaving Ceremony

Chinese would know that there is a hair shaving ceremony for infants. I also don't know the meaning of the ceremony. It could be to bring good luck to the baby? Maybe someone could enlighten me? Some do it on their full month (ie 1 month old), others prefer it on their 4th month old. For us, we did the latter.

This was how Zac looked like one day before his 4 mth old hair shaving. He got lots of hair & they were really curly which the elderly love !! Everyone commented on his hair since he was born, even till now :)

On the actual day, my sis-in-law, who used to be a hairdresser shave the hair for Zac.
Initially, he was alright, however, he started to scream due to the discomfort when the shaven hair started to fall onto his body. He was scared of the sound from the shaver too :(

What a neat head, no more messy curly hair (I personally prefer straight ones).
I quite like his "monk" look... hehe ;p
Really easy to shower too !! :):)

Unlike Zac, Amos has lesser hair since birth.
His hair is soft & straight which I love to touch :)
This was how he look like a few days before the ceremony !!

Amos started to cry soon after the shaving commenced (see 2nd photo)

This was how Amos look like after the shave. Really cute right? :)


I need to drive again ...

I've got my driving license more than 7 yrs ago. I don't get the chance to drive after that. So literally without practising, I soon loss confidence. It was only after I met my hubs that I start to brush up on the skills... :)

However, I stopped driving again when I'm pregnant with Zac about 4 yrs ago. I have a phobia to drive knowing that I'm pregnant & the child's safety is in my hands. I became a scardy cat !!

Recently, I build up enough courage to put my butt once again on the driver's seat. This is bcos hubs travel so often & its really inconvenient without the transport. I felt strandard at home with the boys over the weekends :(

Those of you who could drive might think that I'm so weird since it is so easy to drive with auto gears. You cannot imagine the fear in me, driving is a very challenging task to me. I'm very lousy in practical task like that.

Yesterday night, hubs refreshed my driving skills. I drove around my neighbourhood & then practice parking the car too. I asked my hubs how I flair? Being so encouraging, he told me I'm 6/10. Hmmm... I thought it was quite a good start for me. I need lots of practise whenever he is free, I just have to be in the driver's seat with him by my side. I feel more confidence & secure with him there to guide me.
Yesterday was just the beginning to me.
I need a lot of encouraging words to boost up my confidence.
Sorry that I sounded like a young gal here that needed some hugs, love & comfort !!
I'm doing all this bcos of my boys, I want to be a strong mummy to handle them alone when daddy is not at home.

Please help me so that I could drive out to the main road soon !!
I need a lot of courage to put my hands on the car wheels once again.. ... :)

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