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Fry Egg???

My first venture to "fry egg" in a restaurant yesterday.

By the way, this is no ordinary egg !!

It is actually an ice-cream "egg" which I have created out of durian flavour ice-cream (for the egg yolk) & vanilla (for the white) !! So creative right? ;p

This is something extra ... ...for additional S$2, you get to make your own ice-cream from their generous varieties of flavour & toppings !! WOW !!

Yuki Yaki at Marina Square is a 3-in-1 buffet offering Steamboat, Teppanyaki & Ice-Cream (optional), totally new dining concept.

The tables are really spacious. It is equipped with two in-built stoves for steamboat and teppanyaki. Those who loves dessert will applause to the idea of self made ice-cream. The teppanyaki pan is thoroughly cleansed by the service staff and the thermostat adjusted to a cold temperature, ready for ice cream making. That's a cool way to end a satisfying meal :):)
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Thank you, my first commentator.



Amos FIRST dental check up !!

We passed by a free dental check up roadshow by the Health Promotion Board last week.

Zac has no problem visiting the dentist so long as we bring him to those oral surgeons that are patient & gentle to children.
I've got a bit of problem getting Amos to visit the dentist regularly.
However, I was totally surprised that Amos actually open his glorious 'smile' to the lady oral surgeon at the roadshow. As you can see from the photo. Amos is really nervous while waiting for his turn. Initially, I have to carry him while he is being checked. Later, I slowly put him down on the chair alone. YAY !! Amos made it for his first dental check up.
At the moment, not much issue for him except that I have to take note to brush his molar teeth properly.

These are the HAPPY BRUSHES recommended by the Heath Promotion Board. The 3 way brushing saves time especially when brushing little tots teeth. I find it really useful so bought home a dozen. It costs S$2.50 each & free 2 with every 10 pieces)

I immediately used it on the boys that night. I can see that the boys teeth are more thoroughly cleaned using it. Such a good deal !! :):)

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Amos is 3 today !!

We celebrated Amos' 3rd birthday last Sunday over at my parents house. I had a hard time deciding on the cake & only confirm the design 5 days before the celebration. Amos loves sea creatures & so he wanted his cake to have just that !! I finally found one bakery for him & there goes Amos' SEA CREATURE birthday cake ... ...

I'm thrilled that Amos' little wish was fulfilled !!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Amos!!

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Yummilicious Muffin from Chocolat N' Spice

My good friend, Yvonne, bought me these muffin recently. She always introduce yummy food to me. She said I will definitely like them !! True enough, they are superb!! :):)

The muffins are soft, moist and not too sweet. I heard that there are many different types of muffins available. The bestseller being the chocolate chip muffin, which you see in the picture. The crusty chocolate rice top and molten chocolate inside can be really addictive.

You can get it at :
Chocolat N' Spice
Blk 1, #01-18, Tangjong Pagar Plaza.
Singapore 082001

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WW : A Sunflower for mummy .... ...

Just the other day, Zac told me he got a flower for me, a sunflower to be exact !!

I was thinking where on earth did he manage to buy a sunflower?
So here's the sunflower he got for me. LOL :):)

So thoughtful !!
Thanks darling, Zac :):)

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A visit by grasshopper

We were greeted by a creepy grasshopper at my MIL's doorstep last month. My SIL used her bare hands to place it in a container effortlessly. This is the first time the boys had such a close encounter with an insect. Amos also wanted to touch it. I was at the side screaming at him !! LOL :)

We realized after a while that the container is wet. My nephew told us that the insect actually pee & poo in it. haha :D

I rem when I was in my pri school days. A praying mantis ever landed on my arms while I'm waiting for the school bus. It freaked me out instantly. The encounter just accelerated my fear for insects.

We released the grasshopper before we went home :)

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Zac is back to school today !! :)

I came home yesterday & my helper told me that Amos classmate bite his arm. I immediately went to check on my boy & could clearly see the teeth mark which appeared RED on his fair skin. Poor thing !! I asked Amos what happened? He cried, "A fat fat boy bite me!!"
My helper only noticed it when he showered for Amos & saw the 'teeth mark'. If its not for the mark, we wouldn't have know that Amos was injured.

I was unhappy that the school did not inform us of the matter which the assistant did witness it. I felt that at least we should be informed if injury (no matter how small) occurred to the kids in school so that we could react if it gets serious esp there are bi-weekly physical play involved !! *sigh*

Zac can finally return to school today after resting at home for so .... LONG. I brought Zac to the doctor to confirm that he is well and to get the doctor's memo (re-certify that Zac is fit for school) as requested by Zac's school. I was surprised when the nurse told me I have to pay S$5 for the memo & another S$10+ for consultation fee. I was expecting to leave with just that memo without any charges cos its a re-visit. I wasn't comfortable paying for that amount so I asked the nurse to speak to the doctor again. In the end, the doctor waived off the S$5 memo but their clinic still need to incur the consultation fee :(:(
I called up another clinic near my house to check about the fees. I explained the scenerio to the nurse and she told me they do not charge consultation for re-visits on the same illness at all !!
I felt paying something extra bcos I entered the 'wrong' clinic the other day !! *bang head*

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