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WW : My little Mr Cool ... ...

My helper bought the funky glasses for Amos a few weeks ago after his persistent request. No wonder he likes his "Auntie" (helper) so much cos she dotes on him !!
This morning I saw him wearing it & sat down in a stylo position. See his hand on his leg & acting cool? haha... I try to make him laugh but he just remain silent !!

Oh well, that's my little Mr Cool... ... :):)
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Thank you, my first commentator
Life Ramblings


Zac's FIRST chinese spelling test

Zac's chinese enrichment class started to give the children spelling test every week. Zac scored full marks for his first attempt. Well done, Zac :):)

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


The boys are trying out chinese medicine

My boys are so prone to flu & cough that many friends advised me to bring them to see chinese physician and let them try "zhong yao" (chinese medicine).

I happened to go to this medicine hall at Rivervale Plaza to stock up the milk powder for Amos. One of the staff there happened to be a chinese physician. He checked Amos' pulse and asked me if Amos is someone who pespire very little. Its true, Amos doesn't sweat as much compared to Zac. He examined the boys & concluded that Amos has a weak lung & Zac's "zhong qi bu zhu".
He wrote the prescription for me & instructed me to pass this to any medicine hall when I'm ready to let the boys try the chinese medicine. I thought since I'm already there as well get from his shop. According to the physician, the boy's body will be significantly improved after consuming the prescribed herbs daily for abt 1.5 mths. Just a tiny scoop to be added to milk powder for the boys to consume. It cost S$229 for the 2 bottles.

The boys started taking it yesterday. Zac realized the slight bitter taste in his fresh milk but still finished it cos I told him the mixture will make him stronger :):)

Let's see if it works after 1.5 mths ... ... ;)

right : the grinded herbs in bottled form which comprised of 7 & 9 herbs for Amos & Zac respectively.
left : the prescription for my future reference
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator.


Do Re Mi ... ...

My 4th sis gave me her old keyboard since her boy has upgraded to playing on the piano.
She warned me that the adapter was missing & that I have to get it myself.
I went to Yamaha & got it at S$40 (rather ex!!).
Amos is so excited with his new musical instrument. Can you believe that he knows how to power on everything & meddle with those buttons as though really know how to play? hehe ;p

What's missing now are the books for the boys to learn. I can teach them cos I've learnt piano before when I'm younger.

Thanks so much to my 4th for giving us the musical instrument. :):)

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Thank you, my first commentator.


Amos' NEW personalised bag

I ordered the personalised bag for Amos a week ago. This was his belated 3rd birthday pressie given by his beloved auntie Molly. It was delivered via registered mail this morning. Amos was delighted to see his name sewn on it. He chose the design himself from a dozen of choices. I hope the bag can last him throughout his pre-school years since it looks durable & rather spacious ;)

Btw, here's how much it cost... ...
$32 + $5 (personalisation) + $1.50 (postage) + $2.25 (registered mail) = $40.75
If you are keen, you may want to check out their website.

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator.


Happy Birthday to Me !!

I cant believe another year passed !! I'm really into my prime age now. LOL :):)

I would like to say "Thank You" to friends who greeted me over at my Facebook.
Robert Ng, Rachel, Jayne Han, Kevin Chong, Pauline Ong, Girlie, Jenny How, Juliana RW, Enchie, Blur Ting, Darlene, Audrey, Jenny Ho, Michelle Tan, Jane Chan, Dailys Liao, Angeline Foong, Amel, Chee How, Trinity, Moon, ECL, Michelle Lay, Wendy, Serene Teo, Veronica Koh, Sook Fung, Peck Yen, LZ Mommy !!

Amos made the card in school yesterday & he rushed to give to me the moment he reached home. So sweet !! I will treat it as his birthday card for me. *blush*

Zac drew the below for me. He wrote on the cover " Happy Birthday to my mummy" & a pic of me holding a flower. Awwwwww.....

On the inside of the card he wrote again
"My dear Janice,
I have dear Amos Ong
I am a boy"

On the next page, he drew a picture of a heart with Amos & my name on it.

hahahahaha.... so sweet of him to include Amos in the card. I ask him what he meant by those words. He said that mummy has Amos & me (refering to himself). LOL :D:D:D

I went for supper at Newton Circus with my good friends last Saturday after a late night movie to celebrate my birthday. Its been such a long time since I last dine at Newton Circus. Its a pleasure eating those sinful food you see below. I'm feeling hungry now looking at it. hehe :)~~~~

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator.

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