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My DeskTop

Marzie , JennyL & Bobby all tagged me on the same day on the same meme.
I found out that Nick, Trinity & Arlene also tagged me on this one a few days after :)

My Desktop Free View Instruction:

Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:
Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key). Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want.
You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons.
Things like that.
Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free view post to promote it to succeeding participants

What is your suggestion to make the computer desk more comfortable?

Please put the answers on this list:
Trinity said...The keyboard and mouse position should be in low level... in our lap may be...
Maurica said...for me, I need a cordless mouse, that's vital to make my work more comfortable, esp since I'm in front of the pc most of the time! :):):)
Ed said.... I have a clear view of everything in the room, including a new TV on the other wall so I can do my work and catch a little TV at the same time. A foot rest where I am seated, just underneath my keyboard. Since I yearn for a U-shaped workstation, I definitely want my things to be easily reached.Bless said....
Eric said....cordless is a solution for me!
Janice said...I need a new working desk, the current one is converted from a dressing table, its a bit uncomfy to work on.

Now, let me take a peek at your desktop background! When you're done with this meme, don't Forget to leave a comment on this post so I'd know to add you to my list here.


Chaotic Day at Home

I hardly have time nowdays to run through my blog list. I don't have the luxury of sitting at the notebook & type all day now. I've got a lot of tasks running in my head, 1 or 2 tasks will be left undone & it snowballing till now, I could hardly breathe. I apologize to those whom I have hardly visited for a month now. I still remember all of you just that I am really tied up. I hardly chat with some of my closer friends now too. I try to spend the day with the boys & update my blog only when they are alseep, so you can see that my posts are usually updated after midnite :)

Just yesterday, while entertaining the 2 boys.... An accident happened in the kitchen. I heard a loud "bomb" followed by my helper's scream. I quickly run to the kitchen to see the commotion.
I was shocked that the glass pot we use to cook soup had shattered into pieces while she was preparing lunch for us. Apparently, the fire was too big & the glass was too heated up & exploded. I was relieved that she wasn't hurt & that my 2 boys were not in the kitchen during that times, they are safely in my hands. This accident reminded me that I should always be more attentive to my boys to prevent them from getting near to the kitchen when my helper is busy cooking up a meal. They tend to stick around the kitchen whenever they are hungry cos they know that is the place where they will find food :):)

I was too shocked to even remember to take photos of the accident, else all of you could see how scary it was.

Our home prepared meals was ruined by the explosion with glass fragments everywhere in the kitchen. So I get her to clean up before we went out for our lunch. The boys are already starving by then. Especially Zac cos he usually took his lunch around 11+ am. He had his lunch near to 1pm. Luckily, there wasn't aftenoon class yesterday bcos the teacher went for graudation ceremony rehearsal, else he will definitely be late.

Before I could calm down, another accident happened after we came back from our lunch.
Amos tripped & fell down, he scratch his chin & upper lips. Awwww, my little baby cried so much. Blood keep coming out from his chin. It was a bad one for him especially that it caught his face.

He got distracted after much coaxing. I always felt bad when the kids are injured like that. Just a few days ago Zac scalded his finger & is still nursing a blistered wound till now.... sigh !!

Amos' chin looks really bad. The bruise was especially red on his tender fair skin. It was even worst when he woke up from his aftenoon nap. I looked at him & asked him "where is the pain"? He innocently look at me & tapped twice on his head & say "pain pain". Whether he truly knows where the pain area is but the fact that he say the word makes me feel lousy all over again :(

Just before bedtime, another knock occurred. The boys just love to play on the bed. They were both sitted on a bolster pretending to row a boat on the mattress. Amos lost his balance & knock against the wooden frame of my king size bed. It was too fast for me to react though I was sitted an arm's distance away. You could imagine how pain for me to witness 2 injury to my poor little boy in a day. It was too much for me to take :(

Luckily, I managed to get a present for Zac's upcoming birthday today just before dinner time. This is the only thing that brought a smile to me for the entire day to see Zac so thrilled. I have fulfilled his wish of getting him a tricycle. The new entry looked like a giant in our small house.

Amos wanted to pedal on it too but it was obviously too big for him to handle, so we put him as a pillion rider. The happiest one must be Zac, you see he is brimming with joy all the while :)

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the good thing of having kids of the same sex, the not so good about it is, they tend to be very "violent" when fighting over toys & I have to get 2 of the same toys everytime. However, it is simply not possible to get 2 tricycle now. It is on the expensive side & we already have a smaller one that Amos can sit. My little boy is also very smart, he wants to have new toys too. He doesnt want the old tricycle from Zac. So you can imagine how chaotic it is over at home on a day like this? Now you know why I am so busy at times?

I'm relieved that its FRIDAY again... ... Zac's school are celebrating Children's Day, I've got him some party food to bring & share with his friends. We are celebrating Zac's birthday today since Daddy will be away on his actual birthday. I'm so excited cos this is the first time Zac is celebrating his birthday at our own home with just the few of us. Over the 3 years, we used to order 2 cakes & celebrated twice over at each of our parents !! I cant wait to collect the birthday cake in the afternoon which I personally chose for Zac, do you still remember that he cant make up his mind whether to have either a Spiderman cake or Mickey Mouse cake? Let's see what mummy chose for him, to be revealed next week on his actual birthday. It happened on Thurs, so "Throwback Thursday" will be postponed bcos of the little man's big day !!

Till then, hope all of you have a good weekend ... ... :)


Throwback Thursday : The Twins

The good thing about having kiddos of the same sex is that they could share their wardrobe. That is one drastic saving. Looking back at them wearing the same piece of attire around the same age is a joy to me. They are able to bring out their own individual personality through the same attire that has been washed multiple of times :)

Take a look at this photo which some of you may have seen it before at "WhO is wHo"?

My mum bought the Bob Dog sleeveless romper for Zac for his full month (i.e. 1 mth old) celebration. I let Amos to wear the same one on his full mopnth too. This is a priceless photo to me. I was very surprised when the photo turned out that both of them make the same exact pose. How concidence and impressive right? I just heart this !! Can you guess WhO is wHo in the photo?

Click here to know the answer. You got the correct one?

Below was an Old Navy Polo Tee Romper passed down by a good friend. I think they look quite smart in polo tee. However it was only lightly worn bcos of the texture & color. It was really warm and my mum doesn't like me to dress up my boys in dark shades like that. I think it is easy to differentiate "the twins" now right?

This was another piece from Giordano due to the same reason above that it was lightly worn.

Last time I took care of Zac alone, I got to bring him out using strollers. The only time I can take pictures of him was when he sitted comfortably like that. haha :D

Zac was a chubby boy when he was 1yr + around the same age as Amos now. They may be wearing the same tee, however both pictures speaks so differently of their personality.

Zac is more quiet, Amos is hyper active
Zac has curly hair, Amos has straight hair
Zac is a super glue to me, Amos is mostly fine with everyone
Zac is fussy about food, Amos eats everything
Zac dont drink powdered milk, Amos drinks tins after tins
However, both love fruits & cycling, perspire easily & fight over the same toy

No matter how different they may differ in their personality & habits. They are still my LOVELY BOYS...

This photo taken on Amos' 1 year old birthday in March this year. Do you find it familiar?
The header illustration was using one of the photo taken on Amos' birthday !!

P.S In all the photos you see above, the one on the left is Amos


First Present from an online Friend

I was running through Jamilla's when I came across one post with a hidden parcel inside. I actually missed it when I visited her earlier. It was one day after I received the "Card of Love & Hope" that the postman came knocking on the door again. He came at a wrong time when the family were out. I have to collect the parcel at the post office which I did yesterday morning... ...

The joy of receiving a card already send me off to cloud nine. Not to mentioning receiving a parcel. That is the first present from a blogger friend. She is a sweet young lady you all should get to know her.

The present was so nicely packed & wrapped with layers of tracing & wrapping paper & tightly secured once again with bubbled wrapping.

She wrote in a sweet litte heart shape card that says :" JANICE NG, 2 boxes of little handy CoLor Pen Box! One is for Amos, another is for Zac. So that they won't fight, just in case !!" (How thoughtful of her...)

She continued... "This card is made by Pusat Ehsan, a centre for handicapped kids. A real flower present infront of this.This mean I take the kid's love on this card & sent it to you with a lot of *HUG*. BE courage to face your obstacle. Feel Happy is the keyword that I apply in my blog. A lot of Support to You from Blogging Family !!

jie you !! jie you!! 13/9/07 LOVE Jamilla LOVE Brunei"

Zac was so jumping with joy to unwrap it. Both boys were screaming to be a part of the recipient... How happy are they to see the color pen. Jamilla is a caring sister to know the thoughts of little children. Besides the pen, there are also a bookmark, a cute little notpad with a switching calender, a name tag neck tie & a mini note book.

Zac's BIRTHDAY is just around the corner. It is next Thurs to be exact. I will treat it as an early birthday present for him. This will be his first present he receive this year. I have not even get him anything ... haha :D

Sorry that you must have incurred a lot of postage & efforts to get all registered and air-flown down. Such a sweetie to cheer up my family, bringing warm & love & not forgetting my 2 little ones. I am really lost of words to describe how touched I am by your sincerity. Your parents will be very proud of you & I am so fortunate to know you ... :):)

Jamilla, you rocks and your love will not be forgotten :):)


Mid Autumn Festival

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the MoonCake Festival. Zac's school taught them to make a 2D lantern. It was beautiful!! I admit that I will not have thought of creating that. It was simple yet meaningful for the children to learn about the festival. It was nicely hanged in my hub's working desk at home now.

Last Sat, we had a small celebration over at my mum-in-law's house. We ate mooncake made by my eldest sis-in-law. She loves to make pastry for the family during her leisure time but just purely our of interest & not for earnings. She is humble lady. She could have start off a chain of bakery shops. Her baking skills are awesome. :)

The one on the left column is green tea with sunflower seed snow skin, the one on the right column is lotus seed paste. Yum yum...

After dinner, we lighted the paper lantern for the children. Zac was excited & eager to have his lantern lighted up.

Amos had his share of joy too. Last year, he was still young to appreciate the fun. This year he had so much fun at the garden that he kept wanted people to bring him outside.

Just as the children were immensing in their excitement.
An accident happened.. ...

Zac accidentally touched the fire metal rod after the fire sparks died off. I freaked out seeing that & hubs carried him to run his finger under the water. However, the rest of the people advised that it is better to cool off his scalded finger using toothpaste. I always felt lousy seeing the children injured themselves. I could feel his pain, I touched one of those when I'm young too. Ouccchhh, it was a painful lesson! He wanted his finger to be covered up using plaster. This is his usual reaction whenever he hurt himself & scared. This mishap reminds me the terrible accident that Zac's middle finger was caught in the LRT lift earlier this year (I haven't start to write blog then) & also his thigh caught in between the safety gates at the kitchen door.

It must be a terrible night for him, he cried so much that he dozed off in the car on our way home & didn't wake up until the next morning... ...

I replaced his plaster just now. It was quite a bad burn, a blister that stretch about 1cm on his fragile finger. I don't know how to treat it actually, should I wait for the blister to burst by itself? It was so sore in my heart to see him in pain. He screamed on seeing it & wanted to get it cover up again. Perhaps I should bring him to the doctor to get professional treatment since he is covered under accidental insurance.


A Card of Prayers, Love, Hope & Faith....

Last Friday, a postman knocked on my door to deliver a registered mail for me. Its weird cos I hardly got any letters, not to say.... registered ones.
I was excited that it was from Brunei. Then I recall that I've got a blogger friend there.
Jamilla, thank you so much for your handmade card, it was so beautiful that I'm really lost for words. You are such a warming & kind friend to have made it for my brother & sending over prayers, love, hope & faith. I love the hearts of flower. You are such a creative young girl. It just made me smile. I hope it will do likewise to my brother. :)

He was discharged from the hospital yesterday after staying there for a week again. The cancer has spreaded even further now. He cant take anymore surgery, he can only prolong his life through chemotherapy. Doctor has spoken to him, the pain is accelerating everyday. He has just numbed another 4 more nerves on the lower part of the body. How long he can survive will depend solely on his fighting spirits now, I am constantly praying for him for lesser pain & if there is really miracle to turn things around? ... ...

Jamilla, you are right about my brother, he is really A HERO.

I would like to thanks those people whose name appeared in Jamilla's card.

Thanks for being part of my blogging family... Jamilla, Bobby, Marzie, Jean, Karen, MakeTraffic, Nafasg, Jesse, Trinity, Uncle Sam, Shinade, Bokjae, Joezul, Bobo, Santa Clause & Sandy G.

I want to take this opportunity to award to you (people in the list above) this which I receive it from Roger quite sometimes back. All of you just made me SMILE, it is just how wonderful friends are !!

I'm glad I found YOU ... ...


Thank God Its Friday!!

Thank God Its Friday!!

Daddy will be home tonite. I think the boys missed him. Amos ran to the door a couple of times when he heard the gate opened & shouting "Papa, Papa... !!" But it was our helper throwing out the trash.
Amos will be going for his 18 mth injection this afternoon. Wowow... how time flies, it seemed like I was just at the clinic bringing him for the first jab. My little boy has grown ...

Zac will be 4 years old in 2 weeks time. I ask him what birthday cake he wants. He cant make up his mind whether he wants Superman or Mickey Mouse cake. It seem like a new answer every time I ask him. I think I will decide for him !! :)
He told me he want lollipop, cooking toys & a tricycle as birthday present. He just love to "cook", he will pretend to prepare dishes for me & ask me if I want carrot soup with chicken & chilli? After he has prepared, he will serve me with fork and spoon and tell me that would be S$1. I have to pay him !! LOL :)

It would be good if he can become a chef. So that he can prepare yummilicious meal for the lazy mummy... hehe ;p

The 2 boys enjoy visiting my 2nd brother's house. They have a little tike house at home where they could "cook" up a meal with my niece who is just 1.5 yr older than Zac. Here are some pictures of them playing there over the weekend...

These are the cooking toys inside the house. Amos is the chef that day.... hehe ;p

Have you planned your weekends ?
Hope you have a funky one.... :)


Help Jackie find her sister ...

I get to know Jackie through Darlene. They are very good online friends. It is how wonderful to have friends online & then become best of friends. Jackie is kind person. She send her prayers on knowing that my eldest brother is in his advanced stage of cancer. Recently, she also created a Golden Rose for me.

Earlier this week, I get to know that she is searching for her sister & have requested my friend, Nafasg to help spread the word. This is the complete article.
Please read this special message from Jackie, and start doing your part in finding her long lost sister.
“My only message would be that I would so like to have the opportunity to get to know her and her family. I know she has children also. And, that I love her even though I don't know who she is or where she is.”

– Jackie ‘Shinade’ Hooper

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