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Genting/KL Trip : Part I

The boys went for their first oversea trip : 4D3N Genting/KL from 21-24 Nov 08 with my family. All off us boarded a 26 seater executive coach at 7am on 21 Nov 08 :)

The 2 boys kept themselves entertained with the onboard movie & games. Amos fell asleep half way through the journey...
Zac was excited with the trip & looked relax with his head set over his head :):)

We alighted at First World Hotel (Gentings at about 2pm+). However, were disappointed that the rooms will only be available at around 5pm. All of us waited at the lobby. I took the time to walk around & cannot help noticing a few chef working on a X'mas house made of bread & cream. It was amazing :):)

Our hotel rooms : -
First World Hotel :Rm 25-928 (Extremly small, we stayed there for 2 night)
Berjaya Times Square Hotel : Rm A18-08 (So spacious contrast to FW Hotel, too bad we only stayed there for a night !! I didn't even have a chance to sit down on the sofa..... LOL :D:D:D:D)

Photos I took with the boys mostly at Genting cos my camera failed half way. So didn't take much photos at KL *sob* :(:(

The 2 boys had a jolly good time at the Genting Theme Park & Cosmo World Theme Park at Times Square. It was endless fun to them!! :):)

To be continued ... ... Genting/KL Trip : Part II

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator

Thanks Carlo for being my first commentator here !! Congratulations !!


My Hard Rock Bear Collection ... ...

I've got a total of about 150 variety of Hard Rock Bears from all over the world, namely : Nagoya, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Pattaya, New York, London, Paris, Piraeus, Bangkok, Bali, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, LA, Melbourne, Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Surfers Paradise, Pharaoh and etc... ...

I actually purchased 3 glass cabinets just to house all the collectibles together in a corner of my living room :)

The bear below is the most expensive one from Egypt (Pharaoh). It comes in a nice box, an Egyptian bear an the mummy wrap. Really cool isn't it? :):)

The 4 collectibles below are my favourite cos I purchased them personally on my oversea trip (LOL !!)
They are the Dolphin & Bear (from Pattaya), Kangaroo & X'mas series bear (from Melbourne)

Can you see Cherish (pink sweater) & Love above (blue scarf). The latter is a giveaway from Marzie's contest which I hope to win. Cant wait for the results to be out !! :):)

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator

Thanks Jackie for being my first commentator here !! Congratulations !!


Wordless Wednesday : My 3 collections ... ...

Here is the proud corner in my little house. I have a cabinet full of collectibles.
I collect coke bottles, miniature perfumes & also Hard Rock Bears from all over the world... ...

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator

Thanks Jean for being my first commentator here !! Congratulations !!


Cherish & Love ... ...

How I love this bear at first sight!! I've got to bring it home... ... ...
My friend, Marzie is celebrating her 2nd blogversary with a special contest & is offering an adorable Mariuca teddy bear to one lucky Mariucan !

I told Marzie that I've got special reasons to want this bear ... ... as you can see from the pic below. I've got a whole cabinet full of Hard Rock Teddies. It would be so cool to bring LOVE home to play with my CHERISH. The latter is the only bear that is not from Hard Rock. She cant wait to have LOVE by her side this X'mas. That would be wonderful !! :):)

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator

Thanks Carlo for being my first commentator here !! Congratulations !!

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