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I found the right formula for Zac

I went grocery shopping recently and saw this new fruity milk formula from Dumex. I grab a tin home for Zac to try. He had been rejecting all brand of formula since he was 3mths old. I am trying to get him to drink one cup, if possible, each day besides the HL strawberry fresh milk that he is drinking now. He is still not taking the fruity flavour too well, only drinking 3/4 of the cup & give me the "puking" look..... sigh !! Oh well, at least he is still making an effort to drink after much coaxing from me. I told him if he doesn't take the formula milk like Amos, the latter will be stronger & taller than him. Zac hates the thought of being the weaker one.... hehehe... so he will reluctantly drink it !! :):):)


Wordless Wednesday : Squirrel in the Park

I managed to capture this shot of a little squirrel at the Botanical Gardens before it sneaked off into the branches. So rare to see one... totally cute :):)


Popeyes Fast Food Restaurant at T3

We went to Changi Airport Terminal 3 recently. This was our 2nd time there. Most of the shops were opened compared to the first time we went. Tried at this Popeyes Chicken & Biscuit fast food restaurant my friend recommended me. The chicken is so tender & juicy, however, it is a bit small & if you opt to have 2 piece of the chicken both thigh parts. You have to pay additional ...... 50 cents.... sigh !!
Luckily, the food is good. I love the cajun fries too. I think I will visit again :)


Zac's FIRST movie at the cinema

I didn't get a chance to bring Zac out to the movie last week during the school holidays cos of the bad weather & also he was just recovering from a cough.

So today, we made an effort to bring him out. Horton became his first movie in the cinema. He was so excited. He kept munching the popcorn before the movie start. Zac is someone who cant sit still, we are a bit worried that he might not be able to withstand the long sit in the dark theatre, that's why all along we didn't bring him to the cinema....... until now.

I'm glad that he made it through & was able to tell my maid part of the story in his own understanding *clap*clap*.


Amos is 2 years old...

Amos will be turning 2 years old tomorrow. We celebrated his birthday at my parent's house yesterday. The swensen's ice-cream cake arrived promptly in their signature cool box which can be kept for 6 hrs without refrigerating. The ice-cream cake is still so hard the guests arrived 4 hrs later. Hubs had a hard time cutting the cake... haha...

Amos admiring his birthday cake which is in the numeric '2' shape. We chose the train for him cos this is his favourite toy. The flavours are : cookies 'n' cream & pistachio almond.

How time flies... my little prince is going to be 2 yrs old...... awwww..... :):)


Wordless Wednesday : "Cool" Hats


The Playground at Big Splash

We went to the The Playground at the former Big Splash recently.
So coincident that its the opening day. There were a lot of free games at the open atrium. However, only a few managed to catch Zac's attention. It was really a sunny day and we didn't stay for long cos the Amos was not feeling well.

We queue up for nearly 20mins under the hot sun for Zac to play this jumping trampoline. Zac perspired so much !!

He slide on this for countless times, obviously enjoying himself and even pose for me at the top.

Amos was down with cough since Fri and the games didn't attract him. He wanted to be carried.

This was what we brought home. Two paper sculpture of the boys. Can you figure out which one resembles the 2 boys? Really skillful right? :)


A better home...

Still remember the turtle that landed at our doorstep. We've gotten him a new home. Thanks to my friend, Molly for sponsering the tank. I took some stones from my mum's home & placed them inside the tank so that the turtle can have some fun inside. I bought turtle food from the fish shop for it too cos it doesn't like to eat cabbage.


Wordless Wednesday : Whose Chubby Leg?

Have you guess correctly? :)


Friendship Chain

Lili & Jeanne tagged me on this.

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I would like to pass tag to Marzie, Emila, Jean, Karen, Bobo, Amel, Bobby, MakeTraffic, Adrian, Nick


Prata with Ham

Something we had for breakfast at home recently. Prata with Ham .... yum yum :)~~~~~

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