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Zac's MC : Day 3 -5 (Doctor's Review)

Zac returned to the clinic for review yesterday...
Seeing his condition, doctor said that he should be able to return to school in the next couple of days. The rash on his throat are slowly disappearing, so are those on his feet. Only the rashes on his abdomen & butt are bothering me now. Yes, they are bothering me more than Zac. The latter doesn't feel uncomfy at all & still jovial & active as ever !! :):)
Doctor prescribed "gentriderm cream" to be applied 2 times a day on Zac's rashes. I was relieved that the cream does speed up the healing. *phew*

Since I wasn't able to bring one of the boys to stay elsewhere during this period of time. I tried all means to minimize their contact and also sanitize bedsheets, sofa covers, toys, Zac's personal belongings (e.g. Towels, daily wear...etc). You can imagine how busy I was. Our utility bill sure shoot up this month !! :(:(

I thought of the idea of getting him to wear disposable gloves on the 2nd day & went to purchase it immediately. To my surprised, Zac volunteered to wear them when playing those toys that are impossible to be washed !!
So considerate :):)

I mentioned this practice to the doctor and he said it is actually a good idea. *applause* :)

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Are you looking for jobs?

Do you think it is tough finding jobs in Singapore? It may be quite difficult during this period of time where so many companies are retrenching. Do you know that besides checking out the classifieds on the newspaper, there is an online portal that cater to that?

Checking for Singapore recruitment is a breeze there.

You just need to input your choice of "Job Category", "Managerial Level" & your "Preferred Industry", a whole list of jobs applicable to you will be listed. The best part is that you can even apply it online. Yes, totally free postage & paperless!! All you need to do is to register and & ensure that your resume is updated with your charming photo image too. Isn't that cool?

Are you in the midst of looking for Singapore Jobs? Why not give it a try?
I better let my cousin who has just graduated know about this. She will be grateful to me :):)

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Zac's MC : Day 1

You must be thinking what Zac will be doing on his first day of LONG MC? ;)

In the morning, after taken his breakfast. I saw he took a piece of plain paper & busy writing & drawing. He showed the following drawing to me when it was done. I recognized it cos this was one of the bed time books I read to the boys before. He copied it from the book cover. I thought it was quite a good one. He even changed the name below to his (the book was a hand down from my nephew) So smart !! :):)

He played some toys in the late morning & settled down to work on his K2 chinese assessment. He actually complete the rest of the assessment today. As you can see, he can be very serious when he is writing. He doesn't like me to look at him when he does his chinese cos I will start to comment on his chinese strokes ;p

In the afternoon, I bring out the painting tools for him. It is a good time for him to paint cos Amos is napping, the latter will not have a chance to spill the paint & dirty Zac's drawing ;)

For the first drawing, he explained to me that's daddy & mummy standing near the house under the HOT sun. LOL :)
For the other drawing, he actually drew Amos' water bottle's cap. wahahahaha :D

I urged him to take a rest after that but he told me he isn't tired. He doesn't look like a sick person at all, still full of energy & very good appetite. :)

I allowed him to play a few rounds of PC games after that...

I hope to wake up in the morning to see his rashes slowly clearing off. He will have to go for doctor's review on Thurs. Hopefully looking at his condition, can shorten his MC? ;p
10 days of MC is sooooooo LONG. Zac will be missing his teachers & friends terribly :):)

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Zac is on MC for 10 days ... ...

Zac returned from school yesterday night and we realized that there were rashes on his foot and a few on his hands. Rashes were also on his body.

Without delay, he was rushed to the clinic... ...
Doctor's verdict - Zac is down with HFMD :(

This morning, I checked him again !!

There were more rashes now & even on his knee & abdomen. I'm not sure if HFMD only has rashes on hands, foot & mouth or the whole body??????? Or is Zac having chicken pox??
Can someone please enlighten me?????

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Best Mom Award

I got the Best Mom Award from Enchie. Thanks for sharing it with me.

1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo/s.
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger moms out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

The best part of being a mom is seeing the child growing up day by day under my care. It gives purpose to me & complete as a person.

Angeline, Angela, Blur, Chin Nee, ECL, Emila, Farah, Ling, LZMommy, Juliana, Moon, Nessa, Nyumix, Rachel, Trinity, Wen

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Our first visit to Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is Singapore's latest downtown icon. It is built across the Marina Channel between the reclaimed lands of Marina East and Marina South. The Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. It was officially opened on 1 Nov 2008.

The S$226 million project turns Marina Bay and Kallang Basin into a new downtown freshwater Marina Reservoir. It has a 3 -in 1 benefits of supplying water, flood control & as a lifestyle attraction. You can read more about it here.

We made a trip there last Sat. The boys were too young to understand the purpose of this reservoir. They were more interested in the water splash playground for the children :)

We stayed at the place for nearly 2 hours till our body could no longer withstand the burning heat from the sun :)

Zac was reluctant to leave. I have to assure him we will re-visit the place very soon & the next time round, more equipped !! ie. Sun block lotion and plenty of water :)

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God of Fortune @ Tampines Mall

The boys chose to dine at Ajisen @ TM last week. So coincident to met the "God of Fortune" (Cai Shen Ye) loitering around the shops to greet the shoppers. Initially Amos is afraid of the "big head" man. However, he saw that Zac got a candy from him and wanted me to carry him to collect too!! Amos was delighted to see the friendly God of Fortune at "eye level" and shoke hands with him twice... ... he got 2 candies bcos of that !! :):)

I just realized that the "God of Fortune" make fun of Amos with his bunny fingers as you can see from the group photo we took. hahaha :D:D:D

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Valentine's Love

I am tagged by both Jean and Jackie to share this Valentine's Love with all my special friends.

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May you guys have the most memorable Valentine's Day filled with lots of surprises from your loved ones! :)

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Valentine's Lovers:
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Go ahead & spread the valentine's love... ... :)

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WW : Amazing Flower

There is this outstanding flower in my MIL's garden that bloom out of a stem without any leaves at all. Totally amazing and beautiful !! :)

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3D Pull Back Racing Car

I bought 2 sets of the DIY 3D racing car at an offer during the Metro expo sales. I thought I could sit down to work on it with the boys .... however, it is quite tough !! Finally, Daddy helped the boys to assembly it yesterday. The output is so fragile that one of the 2 cars is damaged almost immediately. A bit of effort needed from Daddy to fix it again !!

Quite an interesting car with pull back mechanism though and its only S$1.50 :)

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Freebies... and more...

Times are getting tougher nowadays and I'm trying to cut down expenses. Wouldn't it be good to receive freebies or free samples along the way?

My dad has got high cholesterol and I heard from friends that psyllium fiber in Metamucil can help to lower cholesterol. There are different flavours to choose from and I believe my dad would prefer berry burst!

Valentine's Day is around the corner. How about receive free chocolate fondue for two from The Melting Pot? All you need to do is join the club.

What about doing some simple survey and getting paid for it? Student Freebies offers a variety of free stuff really worth checking out!

Wow wow... so much things for me to digest. I would prefer to subscribe to their weekly newsletter (it's free!) for updates.
What are you waiting for? Grab the free samples and freebies like everyone else :)

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Zac's CNY Ang Bao

Can you believe that this is the first year I gave angbao to my own boys? I didn't give to them previously cos I find it meaningless as I will have to keep it for them eventually. However, this year is different cos my boys know the importance of saving a little each day after I gave each of them a "coin bank" last year. They were so happy to receive the POOH BEAR angbao from me on the first day of CNY. Zac loves it so much that he took his colored pencil and draw a picture of the angbao that night :)

The picture on the top right is the angbao I gave to the boys. Zac drew the pic of the angbao & I thought he captured the shape of the train quite well. He told me the train should have more carriages so he added on himself. He wrote the "Xin Nian Kuai Le" & Happy New Year" himself too!! :)

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