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Amos has been "kissed" all over !!

Recently, there are a lot of mosquitoes in my house. The biggest victim happened to be Amos. This morning, I counted & there are around 15 spots all over Amos' !! Just his face alone there are 6 stings :(:(:(:(

I have no idea where those "vampires" are hiding. Apparently, I've tried to clean every corner of the house & sprayed insecticides.

I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night to catch them today !! Arrrghhhhh !! :(:(

Looks like its not a good NY start for Amos, he is coughing badly & sting by mosquitoes all over.....

Just look at how badly bitten my little boy is..... *sob* :(

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator is Carlo
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What Amos wore on the FIRST day of CNY ... ...

Thanks to everyone who voted for Amos' CNY outfit in my previous post.
Majority of the readers prefer Amos in BIEGE which they think is smart & neat looking compared to the cheeky RED.

As such...... this was what Amos wore on the FIRST day of CNY !!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. I hope you guys had a blast on CNY? :D


This is a miracle... ... FIRST Commentator is Leonard
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Amos looks better in... ...

Red?? or Biege??
I cant decide which one to let Amos wear on the first day of CNY. Can you help me choose which you think suit him better? Thanks :):)

The "chun" handicraft (on the wall) he made it in school today ;p

I like Amos in Red : Moon, Carlo, Amel, Mikky, Rachel
I like Amos in Biege : Nessa, Wavesurfer, Judy, Ling, Angeline, Enchie, Jean, MissyE, Shannon, 4malmal, Marzie, LJ, Blur Ting

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator is Moon
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WW : Amazing Birthday Cup Cake

Amos attended his friend's birthday party last month. The 4 tier cake simply impressive!! The bottom 3 tier were filled with cupcakes. Amos chose the Santa Clause one for himself. So satisfying !! :)

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator is Bobby
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Spiderman Fleece Set

Its so windy recently that we don't even need to on the fan. It can get especially cold in the middle of the night. My little boy, Amos doesn't like to be covered by blankets, he will kick it off immediately. I could feel that his hands and legs are cold from the wind.

I was browsing the web looking out for sales and located one that I specially love looking at are tabs on babies & toddlers meant for my boys. There is this Spiderman fleece set just perfect for Amos as he loves superhero.

The striking color combination immediately caught my attention. I'm so eager to see how Amos will look in that attire. Totally awesome ! He is going to love wearing it and I don't have to worry about his cold hands and legs anymore. YAY ! :)

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator is Jean
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My blog has a NEW look !!

Thanks to Jean for the blog makeover. I've removed a lot of unused widget *sweat*

The above pic is how the previous layout looked like !!

All I need to do is to tell Jean I wanted a fun & sweet purpish (my fav color) with an add of pink layout. The header has to have pic of the 2 boys with me dreaming of them. The whole blog looks so neat & tidy to me now. The idea of blog makeover came to my mind end of last year. However, I wasn't able to launch it in time for the New Year because both Jean & I were busy then. Anyway, it is now finally ready except for a few minor changes which doesn't affect the whole look at all.

Do you like the new look? Please feel free to give your opinion !!

If your current blog also needs a good change. Hop over to Jean now for consultation. won't you?

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator is LJ

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Do you still remember my entry for the pink bear over at Mariuca's Perfume Gallery. This is the very first contest at MPG in conjunction with her 2nd blogversary.

This is what I wrote for the contest :
"I have given her a name Chanel, simply irresistable .. ...just like the spirit of Coco Chanel perfume in which MPG is all about that!!

By chance we met
So into perfume we both are
How can I miss not bringing home
A scent-sational bear from the first contest !!
Chanel, a name I chose for her
And cant wait to bring her home ... "

I'm glad to announce that I really did manage to bring Chanel home. She had arrived safely from across the causeway to my home yesterday afternoon ... .... YAY!!

My FIRST ever winning prize from a blog contest. How amazing !! :):)

Chanel is now part of my Bear Collection. hehehe ;p

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator

Thanks Amel for being my first commentator here !! Congratulations !!


Amos lovesTumble Tots

Amos attended his pre-nursery classes at Tumble Tots. He loves going to school cos he wants to carry his favourite Thomas & Friends bag I bought for him. LOL !! :):)

He has attended classes for 2 days & the teachers & assistants love him. There are 2 classes for his age. The earlier class is crowded. So I chose the later class where there are only a handful of them, the teachers could pay more attention to the kids.

I hope Amos enjoyed his pre-nursery days learning at Tumble Tots ... ...

This is a miracle... ...FIRST Commentator

Thanks Carlo for being my first commentator here !! Congratulations !!

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