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How to beef up a 3 yrs 8 mths old?

Some friends came over to my house for a round of mahjong yesterday. It has been quite a while since I last played the game. It was nice to have friends over to chit-chat & catch up a bit.

One of the friends saw Zac & commented that he has slim down. Yes, Zac has slim down quite a lot from his looks. I am not too sure if this is because he have grown taller so looks slimmer.

This was the photo of him stacking up the mahjong tile enjoying himself while the adults were busy chatting away. The output of his work ... .... an evenly distributed "pyramid" !! *impressed*

Zac dislikes the taste of formula milk. He stopped drinking formula since 2 mths old... I breast feed him till 2 years old when I got pregnant again then I weaned him off. He will "shiver with fear" when he tasted milk, be it fresh milk, flavoured milk or anything to do with MILK.

This makes me headache because he may lacks calcium & all the nutrients required for his development. Eventually, I found that he can endure the taste of yoghurt drinks .... sounded good enough for me as there is milk content in it. Finally.... there will be some intake of milk from this source. Ever since then, he is drinking one packet of Anlene flavoured (strawberry or orange) yorgurt milk every morning to go along with his breakfast. I also bought the BRANDs taurine & DHA supplement for him to take in order to boost up his nutrients in this area. But recently, he is showing signs of reluctance to take the supplement which is of orange tablet candy form. He is other then that eating normally for his 3 meals which comprise of :

Breakfast :
1) Flavoured yoghurt drink (everyday)
2) Sausage or ham & cheese bread/roti prata with egg/cake/yam bun/ (either one)
3) Beancurd (occasionally if dining outside)

Lunch :
1) Bee Hoon/ Mee Sua/ Udon/ Macroni (either one all soup based ) with minced pork, fish, vege, carrot, tomato
2) Rice with steam or fried minced pork egg, stir fried vege (e.g spinach, fresh beans, brocolli) & steam fish
3) Fruits (e.g apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry, pear)

Snack :
Biscuit/Cake/Ice cream/Tit-bits/Ribena/Yoghurt

Dinner is rice with :
1) Stir fried minced pork beancurd, egg with onion or minced pork
2) Stir fried vege (e.g. spinach, fresh beans, brocolli,brinjal ...etc)
3) Fried chicken wing/chicken nugget/fish nugget
4) Steam or stir fried fish
5) Chicken herbal or ginseng soup/potato,carrot & sweet corn soup/ watercress soup ... etc
6) Fruits (e.g apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry, pear)

The above is what he eat for home cook food.

Can someone please advise me if this is adequate for a 3 yrs 8mths old development. What should I provide him to beef him up? What is he lacking?

Need all of your feedback. Thank You.

I also want sponsership ...

Dani sent me an invitation to his first blogging anniversary last month. He is kind enough to "give" cakes & balloons to my boys! So I thought I would accept his invitation once again to leave down 3 comments, answer 4 qns, write about him & I will be on my way to win an IPOD.
How nice he got sponsership for him. Can someone also sponser something for me or not ?!?!?! ;)

This is a good tactic he used to drive people over to his blog. So you all know what to do? Don't go to his blog lah .... then lesser people join, I will have more chance to win the IPOD... WAHhaHahaHa ;)


Mama don't worry ...

Yesterday night, after Amos took his shower, he came out from the restroom & saw Zac drinking Yakult from a distance. He hurriedly walk out of the room wanting to drink too ... however, he lost his balance & tripped ... he landed face down .... he cry crY CrY & cRy .....

I quickly carry him up. He stopped crying after much consolation & "sayang".
I didn't know the fall was so bad until a while later when I gave him his fruits did I realized that a patch of his forehead is bruised & RED (see Amos pic above with the bruised forehead) . A "Ba-lu-ku" (sore part after a fall) is about to appear. I told my maid she also got a SHOCK !! Amos hit around the same spot on the forehead within 2 months. He has just fully recovered from the previous "ba-lu-ku" & now another one forming up.... sigh !! I really feel bad & lousy that I didn't watch over him :(
Just at this moment, he seem to understand my feelings & thoughts ... he walked over me & called "Mama.. mama", loud & clear.... somehow, it doesn't sound like coming from a baby who is learning to talk. Then he leaned his head on my lap while I am sitted, as though implying that he is fine & ask me not to worry. I didn't get a chance to snap his warm gesture because it happened too fast. My little Amos is so..... AdOrAbLe, I like to CuDdLe him :) *muackz*


Thank You for your SUPPORT !!

While checking on my Technorati yesterday night, or should I say early this morning. I realized I've got a link from a teens, Candy Sweet Little Baby whom I have not met before. She mentioned about me on her blog dated 18 June 07. This is extracted from her :

"Mama blog:
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Do visit it and vote for the mummy :) "

She is asking her readers' to vote for me in the "Best Mummies Blog" category under the Best of Blog 07. (see voting banner on left hand side of the blog)

I only started to blog on 7 May 07.
It is a great encouragement to me coming from a young heart & I really appreciate it :)
I was telling Mariuca yesterday that I passed the 1000 unique visitor .... I am grateful to all of my readers' support. You make me wake up everyday waiting to see your comments coming in & put a smile on moi face ;)

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Winnie The Pooh Bear

I am a Winnie The Pooh Bear fanatic. At one glance, everything in my house has bits of pooh bear sticker, decoration.... ranging from clocks, CD holder, mouse pad, toys, clothings to toiletries, kitchery sets & even carpets.... etc.
Let me show to you.... don't laugh at me ok? ;p
I have try to control my buying now, else my house is really going to turn into a Pooh Bear wonderland. hahaha :)


Mama I wanna go to school with kor kor ...

Zac getting ready to attend his afternoon class at PCF. He is admiring himself in the mirror with his new uniform. Today will be his 2nd day there. He cried yesterday ..... for how long I'm not sure cos the teacher told my maid to leave, they will take care of the boy !! This is quite a common scene for first few days of school. I think he will slowly adapt to his new class, friends & teacher, hopefully... ;p
I register this nursery class for him so that he could get used to the teaching environment there. He will attend the same school for his Kindergarden next year.
So starting from yesterday. Zac is a busy little man, he will be occupied from morning to afternoon .... morning (Tumble Tots) & PCF in the afternoon. He will have lesser time at home ..... to bully his little brother, Amos .... ;)

Hey, talking about Amos .... he burst into tears on seeing my maid brought Zac to school leaving him behind at home. He took his own shoes & "ask" me to wear for him, which I didn't. Then this smart cutie ran quickly to the gate hoping that my maid will turn back to bring him along. It is really interesting & comical to see him dashing around holding his tiny shoes.

Kids are easy to pacifer.... see ... he forgets about EvEryTHing once his favourite drink is presented. My little boy leaves me LAUGHing again ... :)


First Day of Term 3

Yesterday, I took out Zac's Tumble Tots uniform & his school bag & told him that he will be returning back to school after nearly 1 month break from the June Holiday. I ask him if he likes to go to school. He immediately replied YES !! Zac has been attending his nursery at Tumble Tots since Jan this year. It provides challenging and interesting activities, where your child gets to fully explore and develop his physical capabilities and social skills. In addition, action songs and rhymes contribute to language development. It offers your child joy, challenge and satisfaction as he grows and develops. It’s will be a childhood experience he would not want to miss! The cost is double government funded schools but I think it is worth-while so long as Zac is enjoying himself.

Today, he wake up exceptionally early... after taken his breakfast, he rushed to put on his uniform, took his school bag & put on his own NEW shoes, yes it is dried in time for him!! All set for school....... It is good to see that he is excited to meet his teachers & friends once again ;)

Amos cried bcos he also wants to carry the school bag. So no choice, we took out a tiny little one, given to him by our forever generous Aunty Molly. See photo of how he look like trying to put on that bag ...... So funny ;p

He is SmILing again on knowing that he could follow Zac to school, YEAH!!


Sunday afternoon at Vivo City

Went to Vivo City this afternoon to get a new pair of Adidas sandels for Zac so that he can wear to school tomorrow....yes, Term 3 starts tomorrow !! Zac likes it so much that he wants to wear it immediately :)

I've been eyeing on this pair of shoes since the last time I brought them here to choose a pair for Amos when he is ready to walk. However, the size doesn't fit Amos then. So we ended up getting him a pair from OshKosh. The sandels is now way too small for his growing feet ;p
It has been quite sometime since the last time I brought the kids to Vivo. There is this new attraction at the outdoor children's playground - Animal Ride - 5 mins ride for S$3.20. I also don't know why I didn't let Zac to try... now I really regret it, else will have Zac on the ride to show you guys. SS$3.20 is also not too expensive rite? I duno what is getting thru my mind then... $-(

We walked up to the open water area upstairs, Zac & Amos have so much fun there. It was a hot afternoon. I managed to coax them back to change as I could feel that Amos is feeling cold.
Amos is delighted to see so many fishes at the entrance of Herbal Imperial & Sinchi Tcafe, #03-08. He kept pointing to the fish.
I bought 2 tops from Fox, upon paying did I realized that Sunday was the last day of offer for DBS Credit Card - 15% discount... *SmILe*

We had dinner at Terra Cafe, #02-43. This is a nice little eatery that offers set meals at very reasonable price (S$9.90-S$11.90). I had chicken cutlet set, my maid had roast chicken set while my hub took the pasta lasagna. All set comes with cream of mushroom soup & a nice scoop of ice-cream, choose one from 3 flavours : strawberry, chocolate & mocha. The $5.90 Yang Chow Fried Rice special order (left in picture) is a great dissapointment. I was SHOCK that the portion is so small. It seems more like a kiddy meal. Don't ever order this on your hungry days. The food overall still considered good. we spend S$44.55. Oh ya, they do not serve free flow of water!!

The kids are hooked on the many kiddy rides outside Giant at Basement 1. Zac's favourite Thomas the Train is also there...

So coincident to meet my good friend, Julie & her family. It was nearly one year since I last met her on her baby gal's full month celebration. Although I didn't get to meet her, we correspond via msn everyday. Her lovely baby gal, Amabelle, has her daddy's mouth, mummy's soft fair skin & eyes. Amabelle is 4 mths younger than Amos. I joked to Julie that luckily I get to see her here, else tomorrow both of us will be debating non-stop on msn that "we are so near yet so far" *LOL*
We departed soon after taking a few round of photos with the kids. Julie & family just arrived at Vivo City to have dinner. She is actually a loyal Vivo customer. If there is such an award, I think I must nominate her. She has tried a quite a few restaurants there. The Terra Cafe is also one of those she has tried... :)~
Zac reluctantly left the place & we walked towards our carpark. I think I must have been overjoyed to have met an old friend that I forgot to bring Zac to the toilet. Zac "ruined" his newly bought sandels with his urine while in an overcrowded lift. You could imagine how embarrassed I was. It was really not Zac's fault bcos he did tell me that he wanted to "shi shi' (urine). But I couldn't react fast enough being stuck all the way back in the lift. I immediately dragged him out of the lift when the door opened at the 5th floor (our car is parked at 6th floor) the moment I sense the "rain drops" before it becomes a "rain pour". The people inside the lift must be cursing & swearing. I'm really sorry to them !! sigh ...
Luckily, there is an extra shorts for him to change. Not sure if the wet sandels will dry in time for him to wear to school tomorrow...

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