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Throwback Thursday : Me & myself

As requested by readers to post old photos of myself.
So here I am digging out some photos of me taken in 2002 when on vacation at Australia.
Sorry for the poor quality, I don't have a scanner at home. I'm using camera to re-take the pictures to show you :):)

On the hill top over looking"the 3 sisters"
Walking along Bondi Beach

I'm at my thinnest!! You can see how slim I am last time. Gone are the days with my slim slim waist. I cant see it now.... LOL :)

Which photo do you prefer? Which style do you think suit me better (refering to the first 4 pictures)?

Check out Emila's Retro Photo too.


My new HAIR Shade

I have been so troubled by my distressed hair for the past weeks. It had lost its color shine & so frizzy dry. I finally find time to visit the salon. I asked for a high (red) & lowlight (purple) color on my hair (see picture of the color), followed by doing a redken hair treatment & trim. Spend near to 4 hrs there & S$300 poorer now.... opppsssss. Hope hubs din read this. He will faint.... LOL :)

Sorry Amos, mummy used up 6 tins of your milk powder for that look *sob*


My BIL's Wedding : Part II

...Continued from Part I

The Wedding Dinner/Solemnization was held at Raffles Hotel.
We reached there an hour before the solemnization commenced at Casuarina Room B, 7.30pm.
My hubs was supposed to be the witness for my brother but somehow it was changed to my SIL which he was only informed last min. He felt less tense (I supposed....) we walked around the hotel to take photos since it was still early.

The 2 men walking towards the wedding suite. We only brought Zac alone, Amos still too young.

Zac such a good boy that day. He walked around with us without putting up a fuss. I was worried that he may not co-operate since no "playround" for him to enjoy. He behaved much better than I expected. Muaccckkkks :):)

Inside the Solemnization Room
This is the solemnization room, nobody there yet !! Saw the lovely pink flowers there, so long didn't receive any flowers, can I keep it? Who say I don't like flowers? ;p

The guests haven't arrive yet, so I took photos first lah !! hehe ;p
Can you locate Zac at the background (wearing yellow/black top). He felt so much at ease & walking around mingle with the crowds. haha :D

Finally managed to grab hold of him to take photo with me. Look at his smile, so reluctant loh.... ;p

Solemnization Commenced

The couple entered the room. Lovely gown with the long trail. I think I would trip if I ought to wear that, clumsy me... hahaa :D
Exchanged of vows. Pretty young bride :):)
Such a meaningful day for the couple. They are offically husband & wife ...
At the Banquet
The photos at the reception.

The couple walking in... ...

3-tier wedding cake! Flowers & Champagne glasses. Also the lovely gift for the guests. So cute :)

Din managed to take much photos after that cos was busy serving Zac, who was starving. I myself was hungry too.... *slurp*..... hehe ;p
~~~~~~ The End~~~~~~~


My BIL's wedding : Part I

Yesterday was my BIL's (Bro-In-Law) wedding. It was the customary wedding held in the morning followed by the dinner (to be continued in Part II) in the evening . Somehow very tiring to me although I din help out much... hehehe ;p

I can only show you some of my family photo bcos I accidentally click on the over-write button while downloading the dinner photos yesterday. Luckily, I have duplicated some of my family's photo in the afternoon. Else, I've really got nothing to show you. (Karen, don't be angry with me, your friend is really blur !!). What you are seeing here were photos taken at my house (before we left) & some random pictures at my MIL's house. I guess I'm too tired then to have caused the accident. I'm really sad actually cos I was busy snapping away (now you know the reason why I'm so tired... hahaha.....) the whole morning. HaIz .... *sob*

My whole family wore red, including my helper. haha :D
Amos & Zac's red top are sponsered by Emila. Please read the post here for the details. Thanks dear, the sizes fitted perfectly :):)

Me & the cute beetle !!

I din take much pictures with Zac cos he was busy running around with the other kids.

We reached my MIL's house so early, our of boredome, I took these pictures at their garden.
These were taken after the ceremony. Most of the pple had left. Amos was so tired that he rested on this mattress, I stayed beside to look after him. Hubs snap these funny picture of me...
I think I looked really tired by then !! ;p

Coming up..... the photos at the dinner ....


Throwback Thursday : Little Zac & Mummy

These photos were taken on 4/11/2003. Exactly 1 mth after giving birth to Zac. Sorry that I still look very heavy. It was a chinese tradition to bring the baby to the parent's house to celebrate. Zac looked so tiny in my arms, I could carry him using single arms actually. Zac was sleeping soundly througout the journey to my mum-in-law's house, he was still sleeping while we took the pictures. hehe ;p
I went to the salon to get my hair trimmed prior to that. The hair stylist wanted me to create a different look to my usual long straight hair. He curled up my hair. I was quite reluctant but he ensure I will look fine. I'm gald I tried it cos it was quite an experience. I am not a very adventurous person when it comes to changing of hair style. All bcos of my hubs, he said I look terrible in short hair :(
So everytime I go to the salon, I have to ensure that my long hair is maintained ! haha :)


Zac's Class Photo

Last Fri was last day of school for Zac at both his PCF & Tumble Tots nursery classes.
Below showing his class photo for PCF. Next year he will be K1, so fast !!

Can you locate which one is Zac? :)

I was surprised that he can tell me all of his friend's name there. So much improvement in his speech (he was only talking at age 2.5 yrs old) & social developments after attending classes from these 2 schools. I was glad that I made the right choice. It was a costly investment but all worthwhile !! He even tell me which one is his best friend, haha... such a sweet boy to be able to cherish friends along the way !!
Here was Zac returning from his Tumble Tots class on Fri. He got a pressie, inside was a series of photos of his classmates all chain up as a photo frame, very creative design by the assistance there :)


New Playground at IMM

The year end school holiday had started.
Nowdays, Zac will ask me if we are going out when he knew there were no clases ;)
He is bored at home basically!!

Yesterday, brought them to the new rooftop playground at IMM (Jurong). The whole complex was so crowded, the first 3 hrs of parking attracted lots of customers. You cant believed that our car was parked at the top open space level at deck 6. *faintz*

Walking to the carpark... ..., see the bag that I carried, this was only one of the 2 bags that we brought along for such an outing. Life of being a mummy... .... cannot bring out personal nice handbags cos too much things to manage, haha :D

The 2 boys were already running around the void deck, they were so happy at the thought of going out ;p

This was the playground cum water splash area at the rooftop of IMM. See the weekend crowds?

Some of the rides at the playground are a bit dangerous for the boys. They are too young, most of the kids there are older than them & can be quite"rough". My helper got to followed Zac around throughout.

Amos only get to play the slides, the rest were too challenging for him.
Look at him, such a cutie, knowing that they were not meant for him, he patiently sat down by the side to wait? Awwww.... such a goody boy :):)

After a while, I carried him around instead... ...

The boys spend about 1hr+ at the playground before the sky turned dark, so we made our way indoors to have dinner :)

We founded another place where they could enjoy water splash besides the Zoo. Coincidentally, our membership will be expiring end of this month :)
It was a long journey from our home to Jurong.
However, it was all worthwhile, the boys were so tired that both of them dozed off in the car ... ...

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