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Mama, I can eat by myself...

Amos often wants to eat by himself, creating a messy scene after that. These are just a few occasions when he is feeding himself. What a MESS !! :(


My helper will be home for Raya... ...

My helper will be going back to her hometown for Raya tomorrow. It will be the beginning of "war" for me to handle the two mischievous boys. Its also a good time to see if I could manage them myself without any help. I will be extremely busy for the next couple of days !! *sweat*


Little 3D Handiwork from the boys... ...

I bought a packet of 3D handiwork last year but misplaced it. How careless of me !!
Recently, I found it "effortless" while locating painting brush for Zac in an isolated art box. haha ;p
Immediately I showed it to the boys. Zac chose the train & Amos chose the car. We sat down to work on it instantly. I helped them with the cutting of the model while they do the pasting & fixing. Little art like that gave them so much confidence & pride in their work that they cant wait to bring them to school to show to their friends. LOL :)


Wordless Wednesday : Amos & his new "croc" shoe

Finally brought the boys to try the pair of "croc" shoe at Toa Payoh Central. Amos chose 2 badges "car" & "spiderman". I thought the bright color really suit his bubbly character. He loved the shoe so much & even modeled in front of the camera for me. LOL :D

The same color ran out of size for Zac, luckily he was understanding & didn't make any fuss while all the attention was on Amos' new shoe... ...

Good boy, Zac... .... mummy will bring you back to the shop to purchase when the stock arrived :)


Mid-Autumn Festival

Do you still rem last year Zac scalded his fingers while handling the sparkles after the sparks died off?
This year, I bought them LED paper lantern to ensure their safety :):)

This is the moon cake I bought for my parents. Yum Yum :)


Ferris Wheel at home?

Zac made the "Ferris Wheel" at home last week with Daddy's guidance.
How cool!!
I'm totally impressed !! :):)


Happy Teacher's Day

Thank you to teacher Geraldine & teacher Reena for your patience & guidance to Amos & Zac respectively :):)

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