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Splash Park at SSC

A friend recommended Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC) to me after knowing that my boys love water playground. SSC was re-opened after a year of renovation. The new shopping mall houses four retail floors and a rooftop “Splash Park” as a designated water play area with interactive features to provide lots of entertainment and amusement for children.

The water jet operates at 2 time interval : 2pm & 5pm. So be there at the right time to avoid dissapointment :)

This is the DRY playground with interesting slides, see-saw, ropes & rocks for climbing & balancing.. ...

This is the splash area with colorful & amusing display of water jets in all directions. Watch out if you step into the area. A pail of water might just fall onto you :)

We'll definitely be back again before the school term starts. The boys spend 4 hrs of fun-filled time at the mall :):)
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Thank you, my first commentator


Hoopla @ Parkway Parade

The boys have been watching the programs on Playhouse Disney ever since Daddy subscribed the channel for them during the March holiday this year . They are so familiar with the varies showtime and the names of the characters.

I saw the Disney Hoopla Workshops advertised on the newspaper way before the June holiday begin. I have scheduled a date to bring the boys over.

A min spend of S$30 is required to participate in the Workshop. There are four thematic workshops to choose from. The best part is that they get to bring home a Free Disney Tote Bag (while stocks last!) at the end of it !!

I need to spend at least S$60 for the boys to participate in the workshop. I'm thrilled to know that receipts from Giants are eligible. Its easy task for me to grab S$60 worth of grocery... ...

I enter the workshop with the boys!!
First is the "Handy Manny" station ...

I was surprised that both the boys knew the character names of the tools in the show when the lady asked them. They have never mentioned to me about the names . It was a JOY seeing them so enjoying something they are familiar with !! :):)

Next is Amos' favorite "Little Einsteins" - its all about musical notes.
The boys were required to follow the beat and play their instruments. Zac handled the percussion while Amos was in charge of the drum. The boys knew their rhythm *applause*

Moving on is my favorite cartoon - Winnie The Pooh Bear.
The boys had to drive through the woods to reach the other end... ...

Last but not least, the Mickey Mouse Club House!!
The boys had to complete a puzzle & then find the designated shapes from a pool of balls.

I'm so impressed by all the colorful display & interactive games.
The event is very well organized !!

Hoppla @ Parkway Parade
Date : 29 May - 28 June 2009
Time : 11am to 9pm daily
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Thank you, my first commentator


Transformers : Meet & Greet Session

We went to Downtown East for the Meet & Greet Session. However, we were late for the 3pm session. All the photo passes had been given out at 2.30pm (half an hour before show commenced). The boys were disappointed... ...

As such, I brought them back again for the next show at 7pm & collected the pass at 6.30pm.

The boys were patiently waiting for the the passes to be issued outside the enclosure ... ...

Yippee... ... We got the 3rd & 4th set of passes for the evening's photo taking session.
The boys set down in front of the stage & showing off their passes. It came with much patience & sweat!! :):)

It was an entertaining show. I was amazed at how the Bumble Bee & Optimus Prime were transformed !! Totally worth the wait ... ...

The boys fully concentrating on the show... ...

The much awaited moment to take photo with the Transformer !!
I was so worried that Amos will get frighten of the machines, but he bravely step forward alone :):)

If your kids love Transformer, bring them to Downtown East now.

Transformer : Meet & Greet Session
15 to 28 June 09 (Except Thurs)
3pm & 7pm
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


Amos finally on the dentist chair

I tried my luck to bring Amos to the dentist once again cos he failed to co-operate during the earlier visit. Zac was co-operative on that visit though. You can read about it here. I am careful to schedule his time slot in the morning this time so that he will be alert & less cranky.
We arrived on time & Amos waited impatiently for his turn and making noises outside. He told me he was afraid and did not want to go in. He is still young and cannot comprehend the importance of having clean oral hygiene, so explanation doesn't work on him... ... However, I have my own ways to dealt with my little fella though... ... ;p

It sure works !!

A few mins later... my little mischievous became calm and walked bravely into the treatment room. He sat on the familiar little lime green ikea chair (we have that at home too) waiting for Zac to complete his restoration & polishing :) The was Zac's 3rd visit to the dentist but his first to The Dental Inn.

Finally, its Amos turn !! He climbed up the dentist chair & sat down stiffly (see pic) on it. I bet he must be really nervous!! *hug*

He started to feel more relax after chatting with the Doctor as you can see from his body language. Both his hands are behind his head after a while !! haha :D

Doctor explained that he has slight cavity showing on his upper right molar. I requested the Doctor to clear up the plague on his upper teeth for this visit. Amos felt uncomfortable with the polishing bits and so he was asked to gaggle. He enjoyed it & was fascinated with the little glass basin. Doctor taught him to press the button to re-fill his cup. This little involvement has made him really enjoyed his first dental visit ... ...

With this first visit, I believe the subsequent ones will be easier to manage cos he would have been familiar with the place & the procedure. Good Job, Amos !! :):)

A BIG Thank You to :

Dr Winston How for his patience in attending to my boys & the complimentary treatment. :):)
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


Childhood Wish

I used to envy those families with a big garden to construct a play area for the kids. A playground with the safe choice of playground equipment to keep the kids entertained on my busy days is what I am keen in. My ideal playground is one with a wavy slide that connects up to a colorful roof top house whereby the kids can have some 'private' times up there too !!

There is a swing set at my mother-in-law's house. It has been there for more than 30 yrs & my brother-in-law gave it a new paint recently. However, one can still tell that it is old from the constant screeching sound it produced despite the new coat of paint :)

I am thinking of getting a new swingset to replace the old one. I like the idea of having a tire swing, tire that connects to a chain & can sit 3 or 4 children at the same time. This has always been my childhood wish to own a mini playground, I bet the kids will love it too !! :):)
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


The Animal Resort

I've planned a whole series of activities to keep the boys occupied during the June Holidays... ...
We went to The Animal Resort (free entrance) on 4 June 09.

First, we walked around the farm before purchasing the food for the boys to feed the animals. It cost S$1 per packet or 3 for S$2. There are different food for different species of animals. The crane, chicken, pigeon & duck shared the same food. Rabbit, horse, goat and guinea pig consume carrots & bread :)

The boys were so excited to feed the animals.

Amos is afraid of the mighty horse & stand so far away while feeding it. LOL :D

A gaggle of geese followed us when they saw food in our hands. One of them came so close that it bite Amos' finger. I'm startled by the overwhelming swarm of animals & we have to throw the last bit of food on the floor for the hungry herd :)

It was a great experience for the boys to interact with the animals at close distance. We spend about an hour there. We could have stayed longer if not for the unbearable heat & mossie stings !!

The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5
Singapore 798061
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


Interactive Play @ National Museum

Its the June School Holidays now. I've planned a series of enriching excursion & fun time for the boys since they will not be going aboard this year.

Yesterday, the boys woke up early to catch a morning movie "Monsters Vs Alien"!!

Interactive Play @ National Museum was the first place we went during the school holidays. We went there last year too. It was called the Murmurs Playground. I still remember we had a bit of confusion over the location then. The theme this year was totally different. No more balls & maze. However, it was still as fun & the boys spent nearly 2 hours there !! :):)

It will end on 7 June (Sun), rush your kiddos down before its too late !! ... ...

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


Air Flown Dumplings from Saint Honore

We used to have Saint Honore Cake Shop many years back. I still rem my mum will queue up to get their egg tart. She will usually purchase them in a dozen. Its been so long since they move out of Singapore.

I'm surprised to see dumplings so nicely wrapped up & presentable from them... .... all the way from Hong Kong!!

The shape of the dumpling is more of a "right angled traingle" rather than those we usually see over here :)

Besides the meat, there are salted egg & peanuts. The whole combination is unique cos I hardly see the latter in a dumpling :)

The taste ... ... SUPERB !! :):)

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator

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