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Buckle UP ... ...

Its not easy getting the kids to buckle up their seat belts.
Amos refused to sit on the child seat. He was carried by maid all along. Only recently, he "agreed" to sit on the seat himself. Thanks to the 2 little cute pooh bear belt cushion that I purchased. He enjoyed fastening his seat belt now & even reminded the driver to lock all the doors. hehe ;)



Zac complained of pain quite some times back while I brush his teeth, I thought it was time to bring him to the dentist.
I sourced around for dentist that attend to young children & finally located a really gentle & patient doctor through a friend. A few weeks before going to the dentist. I tried to explain to Zac why he need to go to the dentist & told him that the dentist is actually a "FUN" place. The doctor will teach him the correct method to brush his teeth. He will lie down on the chair, relax & just open his mouth wide enough for the doctor to check. After that, he can go home with a really nice "smile" & no more pain subsequently when I brush his teeth for him :)

Zac actually look forward to seeing the doctor after constant days of hearing from me how cool a place the dentist clinic is. Some more I promised to bring him to catch fishes after that !! LOL :)
The appointment was 3 -5 pm for both of my boys. However, we waited till 4.30pm before Zac was called to enter. The boys were feeling restless actually. I understand from the nurses that the schedule for the day were all screwed up.... sigh !! :(
Zac has a total of about 10 cavities. Since this is his first visit, the doctor explained the tools to him one by one at least the child will get prepared of what will be "entering" his mouth later on. I though that was a really good idea, I cannot help thinking how patient this doctor is :):):)

The dentist filled up 3 really BIG cavities on his incisors that were more severe. I squatted down by Zac's side, holding on to his hands & patting him now & then to give him encouragement & support. I could tell that he was enduring the pain from his constant jerks & leg moments. You can see from the pic that he was actually rather nervous. He tried to control his emotions throughout the 1/2 hour. He struggle a bit to get out of the chair but he DID NOT cry at all. Such a BRAVE BOY !! I thought he did pretty well since this was his FRIST visit!! Even an adult would be restless & sore mouth from constant opening :)

Zac still has to go for subsequent visit to get the other cavities filled up as well. He has to get the cavities on his molars nicely cleared up as the doctor mentioned that those will have to last him till he is 12 years old. I think with his first experience at the dentist, the subsequent visit will hopefully be more comfortable to him :):)

Amos was just too restless by then & refused to open his mouth. There is no way for the doctor to check on him. Anyway, I don't see much problem on Amos at the moment except for some plague on his incisors & canine which definitely need the doctor's assistance to clear it off with the appropriate tools. I have arranged for the doctor to see my boys immediately after his lunch for the next visit. In that way, the boys do not have to wait so long & could co-operate better :):)

I highly recommend this doctor :

Dr Ian Teoh
The Smile Cliniques
42 Circular Rd
Singapore 049398
Tel : 6536 0942


At the game stalls... ...

The boys had some fun at the game stalls recently.
It cost S$5 for 2 baskets of 80 balls. The aim is to get the balls inside those holes with higher points. With the scores, you can redeem toys. The boys spend S$25 over the 2 days & accumulated 1600 points. My target is to get them a medium size pooh bear which requires 3600 points. Looks like I have to spend near to S$60 in order to get it. In the end, I gave up!!

S$25 is really a lot of money for a few simple rounds of games. However, its the JOY to see them so concentrating & enjoying themselves. Amos even gave himself a round of applause when his ball went into the hole with the highest points. The people there all laughed!! wahahahaha :D

After a few rounds of negotiation, Amos chose a Doraemon (1400 points), which only left with Zac 200 points (poor Zac!!). Zac is very understanding, he is fine with getting an air aeroplane !! Such a kind brother :):)


Amos' first hair cut at the salon

I brought Amos for his first hair cut at the salon yesterday....
The whole episode was a bit dramatic !!
He was ecstatic when he saw the car in the salon, he wanted to board it immediately :)

Amos was totally engrossed in his ride :)

Cheeky boy smiling blissfully at the camera & then quietly watching Barney as the hair stylist worked on his fine hair :)

A few mins later....

My little prince started to yawnzzzzzzz.... obviously tired & needed the afternoon nap !!

Look at his sulken face, such a contrast to the elated expression we see earlier...

He cannot stand it anymore & burst into tears. He was partly angry bcos he wasn't able to see his hands on the wheels with the cloth covering him... haha.... :)
Luckily, it was also done by then *phew*

I brought him outside the salon & he saw the kiddy ride. Kids are really easy to pacify aren't they?

Jolly Amos once again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehehehe :):):)


Happy Daddy's Day

Zac was down with a throat infection for the past 2 days. He had fever as high as 40.4 deg C on Sat early morning. The fever has finally gone down today. He sat down to draw something for Daddy. I'm trying to figure out from his drawing. He drew a few transportation on his drawing. There are single decker bus, double decker bus, MRT, taxi, Daddy's car & an aeroplane. He must have an impression that Daddy is always on the move so the picture best describe him? haha :D

He kept seeing "BIG buses" (double decker buses) on the road but has yet to board on one yet. I told him when he gets better, will bring him to hop on one. :):)


Jing En's FIRST birthday celebration

We celebrated my niece, Jing En's FIRST birthday last month... ...
Kids just love birthday party. Zac & Amos had a good time despite the latter is still running a "roller coaster" fever then !!

(left) Nice balloon sculpture as hats !!
(right) Birthday cake nicely decorated with yummy fruits. MANGO & Strawberries... both happened to be the boy's favourite too :):) ~~~~

(left) Our birthday present for the cute little gal. Zac wrote the words
(right) Zac passing the present to the birthday gal, Jing En, she is wearing cute bunny clips. The other gal is her elder sis.

The 2 boys enjoying the cake ... ...


Amos' FIRST movie - Kung Fu Panda

Amos made it to the movie for the first time and successfully watched Kung Fu Panda recently. He sat comfortably on the booster seat and eyes on the screen except occasionally turning to chat with us or grabbing his popcorn. It was a entertaining show & the boys kept laughing throughout :)


Zac is learning Chinese

We hardly speak to the boys in mandarin at home, as such, Zac's Chinese knowledge is limited. I sent him to Chinese language school (once a week) recently & glad that he is showing some improvement in both his speech, recognition of characters & writing after 10 lessons.

The above picture showing him practising his writing at home. I'm glad I made a good move to send him for enrichment class to get him interested in the language through singing songs, learning the writing strokes & characters. Initially, I'm so afraid that he will have a phobia since he could hardly understand the language, now he could roughly figure out what people is talking about !! However, he still isn't communicating much in mandarin. I think we really have to start speaking in mandarin more often to motivate him to speak up :):)


My new TOY...

We've got Wii and Playstation 3 at home quite sometimes back. However, the utilisation rate is low. This is bcos the moment we get it hooked up, the 2 boys will be fighting over the controller and smashing them on the floor. There is hardly chance to play except when they are asleep. However, by then.... I'm also tired !!

This new addition to the family is PERFECT for me. Its portable so I could "escape" fast enough before the boys could reach out to it. LOL :D

Can you figure out the color? Its the metallic purple of course... kekeke ;p


Flu Jab

I read from the news recently that the number of people contracting flu virus has increased in May 08. I always forget to bring my family for the flu jab until they get sick.

Yesterday morning, we finally went for the flu jab. I was told that the latest batch of vacin is for the Southern Hemisphere.

I was so afraid that Zac will freak out. To my surprise, he did not even jerk his arm. Amos cried a little, I think it was the position my helper held on to him he felt the pain more. Due to his age, he was only give 1/2 a dose & injected onto his left thigh. The 2 kids have to go for the booster dose a month later.

Doctor says that there are side effect like fever and infection to the affected area.

Nearly a day has passed, so far so good.... looks like everyone looks well :):)


Zac's FIRST hair cut at salon

I've been trimming Zac's hair since he was born.
Recently, Zac followed me to my salon and he gladly agreed to trim his hair there. It was his first time having his hair cut by a hair stylist.
He was so excited....He chose to sit on the motorbike and watched barney as the hair stylist worked on his hair :)

Within mins, a neat cut !! Zac must be feeling so "light & cooling" , he kept looking at himself in the mirror obviously pleased with the new hair look !! :):)

He asked me when he can come back again. This was a contrast abt a year ago when he was so afraid of getting his hair trimmed outside ;p

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