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A Day at E-hub

We brought the boys to E-Hub, the new entertainment centre at Pasir Ris yesterday night.

I signed up Zac as explorer kid member so that he could enter at a slightly cheaper rate. Still consider ex at S$11/hr and accompanying adult also need to pay since we are not NTUC member. Amos need to pay at the same rate although he is still a toddler. As such, we did not let Amos enter since most of the stuff are too tough for him now.

After that, let the boys tried on the mini bowl inside Cathay Bowl. Just 2 games but they are brimming with joy. This is the first time they tried their hands on bowling :)

The ferris wheel is also one of the main attraction there. It is so costly at S$6.50 per pax for abt 10 mins?
The boys are so looking forward to sitting on it. Well, not to dissapoint the kids, I went up the ride with them.
I thought Amos will be scare consider the height. He enjoyed himself & wanted to sit another round !! *faintz*

It was a fun day for the kids & everything was a new experience to them :)


The growing beans... ...

I planted some green bean seeds recently to show the boys how the plant emerged from a seed.

Green bean seeds at DAY 1

DAY 2, a few seeds with buds growing out

DAY 7, the stem started to appear

DAY 8, leaves are appearing...

The boys are puzzled how fast the plants can grow from just seeds a week ago....
Zac saw me watering the plant... I told him the plant need water & sunlight for growth, just like he needs water & food everyday.
He has gladly taken over the task to do the watering and giving them sunlight everyday. haha :D


What is your Japanese Name?

Saw this interesting post over at Juliana's.
Wanted to share with you guys.

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below.


A - ka G - ji M - rin S - ari Y - fu
B - tu H - ri N - to T - chi Z - zi
C - mi I - ki O - mo U - do
D - te J - zu P - no V - ru
E - ku K - me Q - ke W - mei
F - lu L - ta R - shi X - na

My Japanese Name is :

JANICE NG - ZuKatokimiku ToJi (lolxxxxx)

How cool I've got myself a Japanese Name.....what's yours?

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like america and states. har.... har... har...)
2. JUNELLE - zudotokutataku (Thank God I’m a Filipino! sounds like sadako. nyay! hehehe)
3. Sanilisa - arikatokitakiarika (Good for tongue twister challenge...hehehe)
4. Jeanne - zukukatotoku (sounds strange hahahha........ )
5. Juliana - zudotakikatoka (oh boy...i am glad that I am not Japanese :D It is difficult name for Juliana....LOL)
6. Janice Ng - ZuKatokimiku ToJi (not quite used to name starting with Zuka...haha)
7. MARZIE - Rinkashizikite (WOW! Very hard to pronounce but love that my Japanese name starts with an R!)
8. JEAN CHIA - Zukukato Mirikika (I love Mirikika! So cute!! ^^)
9. EMILA - Kurinkitaka (Yummy! Sounds like a sushi dish!)
10.FARAH - Lukashikari (I hate this name, it sounds like 'lu kasik kari' translated: you gave curry) hahahahah
11. DEBBIE - teku tutu kiku (lol! Sounds like 3 kawaii characters of a very cute Japanese anime! Love it!)
12.RATU SYURA - Shikachido Arifudoshika (Try saying that 10 times in a row without twisting your tongue!!)

Karen, Jean, Emila, Marzie, Bobby


Twist & Turn

I was surprised to see Amos twisting the pencil a few weeks ago. I don't do it so he must have learnt it somewhere. Its just so cute seeing him moving the pencil using his little fingers while I'm teaching Zac on his homework :)

Zac also imitate his moves and both the boys are challenging each other with their little twist & turn :)

Its really entertaining... ...I din get a chance to video the whole scene though :)


What a terrible week ....

It had been a terrible week. The boys were sick one after another. It started with cough, fever & running nose for Zac. He is still having slight cough & running nose now. Amos also got the cough soon after. Then the virus trigger a constant fever that ran up & down. It was esp bad at night when it could go up to 40 deg C. We brought him to KK A & E on Sunday after nights of constant fever & the fever still hover around 39 deg that morning. He was given priority to see the doctor & entered the "RED door" (for emergency only). I felt relieved that the fever finally came down after the nurse gave him paracetomal, the dosage seems to be more than the 3ml for his weight. However, the nurse said that's fine. He had rashes over his body. The doctor said that is scarlet (spelling?) fever and he will recover after taking the anti-biotic she prescribed. We went home after that... ...

That night, the fever came back again and he vomited twice due to his cough. In the morning, he vomited again followed by diarrhoea. We brought him to Polyclinic to see doctor this time requesting to do a blood test. Doctor said that Amos may need to do a chest x ray for more thorough check up. I was so worried that he may not want to co-operate on the x ray bed. To my surprise... ... he lie down, lifted both his hands up and kept still there for the nurse to do the x-ray. I watched him from the entrance of the door, I cannot help thinking that my little boy is so brave !! This is not all... ... there is still the blood test at the laboratory. Most of us will freak out. Amos is so strong and he did not even scream or cry when the nurse poke the needle onto his tiny finger. He only started to cry a little when the blood has been collected, perhaps he could feel the pain on his fingers then.

Amos has chest infection that is the reason that trigger the constant fever. He has to complete the antibiotic in order to recover. This is the tough part cos he dislike the taste & throw out. We have to use "ribena" to trick him but he soon realized the difference in taste & color too !! LOL :D

It was finally a peaceful night yesterday with no sound of him coughing, vomiting and no rushing to the kitchen to get the brufen (for fever above 38.5 deg) and sponging him.

Amos is finally getting better after a week fight with the feverish monstor. My poor little boy has loss so much weight so is Zac.... ....

I felt so lousy when the boys are sick. The worst when I actually misplaced their health booklet. Such an important document I thought I kept it inside the drawer only to realize that it was missing when I tried to retrieve it on Sunday for Amos' admission to the hospital :(

TOTALLY terrible WEEK for me :(


McGriddles from McDonalds

Tried the new McGriddles Sausage & Egg from McDonalds last weekend.
The bread is actually pancake with a taste of sweetness.

I think I like this new burger compared to Sausage McMuffin with Egg which used to be my favourite for a long time... ... :):)


My little biker

This bike was given as a newborn gift for Amos. It was a perfect gift for Zac then cos Amos still way to tiny to handle it. How time flies, Amos is riding on it now. He still doesn't know how to control the accelerator & using his legs to drag the bike. I saw him playing the other day, this cheeky boy is so camera friendly, he stopped his bike & gave me the pose.... LOL :D

Here's with the 2 boys sitting together, very rare occasions. They would usually fight over it...


Child Safety

Last week, I mentioned about the fearful incident when Amos got himself locked in the washroom. Something terrified happened to Zac last month too.

We went to Century Square over a weekend. My helper brought Zac to the washroom after lunch while we waited outside Kiddy Palace. The latter being a toy's shop which Zac loves to patronize.

My helper came out of the toilet 5 mins later with Zac. I saw them from a distance so I moved forward to carry Amos. When I turned over in the direction of the washroom again, I only get to see my helper. She was surprised that Zac was no longer walking beside her when I asked her about him. We immediately went on separate directions to search for our missing boy. So many unpleasant scene flashed across my mind. Kidnapped? Need to call police? ....Where could Zac have gone. I was so panic and regret not having any child id on Zac. There was no way Zac could have contacted us. I felt like crying...

I kept telling myself I have to stay calm and retrace the steps. Zac just walked out of the washroom, within such a short time, he couldn't have gone far, so I went into all the stores nearby. 1o mins later, I nearly burst into tears when I saw a boy wearing the same top as Zac flashed across me among some kids in the crowded Kiddy Palace. I shouted for Zac and was relieved to see him turned around. I hugged him like I never before. I am so afraid of losing him again.

When I relate the incident to a friend. She told me about this child locator .
The system is designed to assist users in finding their child. Apparently, the product is able to store children's information on hard drive and USB for up to 10 children per family. The program also offer DNA analysis and identity and fingerprinting kits.

I will read up more about child safety since it is of crucial to me. It is also vital that we teach our kids how to be safe.


this is a miracle... ... is ONE year old & my Mother's Day present !!

I cant believe that my humble blog is ONE year old today. I started blogging on the same day last year. T0 date, I've got 286 posts, an average of 1 post per 1.5 days. Thanks to my visitor Ginger, Sparky & Crikit for reminding me :)

Also, I've got

who subscribe in as a reader. If you don't mind reading my rantings. You can submit your email address as a reader, feedburner will inform you when I've got new posts. (Scroll down midway of the side bar you can locate a feedburner subscription form)

Last night, I hinted to Zac that its Mother's Day this Sunday. I joked with him if he will be getting anything for me. This was our conversation.

Mama : Gor gor, its Mother's Day this Sunday, u'know?

Gor gor (Zac) : *surprised* Ah?

(Not too sure if his school did mentioned anything to him but he started to mumble something about flowers... ...)

Zac : Mama, I can draw flowers for you, color it & cut it out.

Mama : *shocked* WOW !! OK !! (first time he
say he want to draw a flower for me. I'm so looking forward to his art)

Zac : (Went inside room & took out 2 small pieces of paper)

Mama : Such a small piece of paper? Mama WANT a BIG FLOWER (what a greedy Mama !!)

Zac : (apparently sensing Mama's disappointment, immediately went inside room again & ask Mama to help in getting him a Drawing Paper which is high UP on the cabinet) *Shouting* Mama, can help me get the BIG Paper?

Mama : (passing paper to Zac, of course not forgetting to give one to Amos too, else the two is going to fight) There you go...

Zac immediately put his hands on the drawing. He started off with drawing a BIG flower in the middle & label it "J" (I'm feeling so good ! Btw, he knows how to spell my name) Shortly, he drew another 3 flowers and label it "Z", "A" & "L" (The letters denote his name, Amos name & papa's name!! smart boy!!) .... ...

I was surprised how come still got a last flower which he pondered for a while before writing an "S" there. Hmmmmm.... .... (Answer will be at the end of the post)

Below are shots of his kiddish flower for me. LOLxxxxx
So sweet of him to draw it for me. Its a simple drawing but it kept me smiling all night... ... Thanks darling :)
While Zac was busy with the drawing, Amos was occupied with cutting his scribbled paper I gave to him.
Oh yes, Zac signed off the drawing not forgetting to mention Amos too. Such a kind brother :)

Did you noticed a red scar on Zac's face (slightly below his left eyes). He was bullied in school on Monday by his so called "good friend". I told Zac to refrain playing with him cos this is not the first time he hurt Zac. I'm furious knowing that he scratched Zac's face this time. Apparently, the boy's parents were being invited to school bcos of this. I understand that kids will tend to injure their friend accidentally but his "good friend" is really very mischievous. He was caught slapping onto Zac's head the other day & also using a chopstick to poke his nose. I send Zac to school yesterday in the hope of meeting the boy's parents but he did not attend school. Must be scare ah? He is such a bully !! :(:(

Before I end this, the "S" that Zac wrote was referring to our helper. Zac always treat her as part of our family. Such a honey & not forgetting to give a flower to Aunty Sri too :)

GOOD JOB, Zac :)
Mama is so proud of you, love ya :)


Happy Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to receive a surprise.
Jackie has featured my blog - this is a miracle over at hers on her Wednesday Wanderings

It feels so good to see my humble blog header appearing on friend's site. How cool !!
Thanks dear :)
Emila is one great mom to Yassin. She just reminded me that I'm also one.... haha...
I nearly forgot that Mother's day is also meant for me.

Thanks for the Mother's Day award.

I would like to wish all my mummy bloggers a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY ahead too :)

Bless, Blur Ting, Cendrine, Chin Nee, ECL, Elaine, Fiona, Girlie, Jane, Jo-N, Jyankee, Ling, Juliana, Kexin, Lili, Lian, Ling, Nyumix, Pauline, Rachel, Shireen, Sweetpea, Trinity, Vi, Wen


My own version of breakfast for the boys

Some of you should know that I'm a really lousy cook.... haha.... :D
Recently, I see that the boys are losing interest in the breakfast my maid prepares for them.
I thought it is time I step in to get some hands on...

Slowly, I started to get interested in preparing breakfast & supper for the boys, esp delighted on seeing that they enjoyed eating what I prepared & finished ALL. That's so encouraging to me !!

Here are a few dishes I made for the past occassions. Sorry if the art work is a bit "rough"... I'm still in the midst of polishing .... *blush*

Cranberry Jam in between bread cut into cute shapes

Sausages with cheese fillings, bread in a variety of shapes & party cheese cubes

Mini Pancake with Blueberry Jam, Ham & Cheese

Zac finished all the cheese (he doesn't really like cheese unless it is baked) by cutting them into small slices & decorating them.

Bread with cranberry jam & cheese in all sorts of shapes. They looked cute & palatable (as least to my boys.....hehe)

Egg Pizza with Ham, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce & bread cubes.

I'm surprised that Zac actually finished all which comprises of 2 eggs. He must be starving while waiting for the slow mama at work in the kitchen.... wahahahaha :D

Now I understand why my mum always look satisfied when we commented that her cooking is terrific & finish even the last grain of rice. Its just a JOY seeing your kids gobbling up your home prepared food :)

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