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Forest Adventure : Kids Course

Brought the boys to the Forest Adventure located at Bedok Reservior last week after knowing that there was an Easter Adventure going on.
In addition to all the usual tree top fun, they joined in an Easter hunt and enjoy painting eggs!

Forest Adventure is spread across an area of 1.5 hectares of beautiful forest along the bank of Bedok Reservoir. It is an aerial course built through the trees comprising of ladders, swings, bridges, pranks, nets, trapezes and giant zip lines. Participants will be equipped with a harness , a helmet and attached to a safety line.

The kids course is for children from 5 Years (min 1.1m and max 1.45m). The course has 16 stages including a 67 m zip line. Completion time :1 hr. Price $30

There is another Grand Course. For Juniors (min height 1.4m) and accompanying parents/adults. The course has 34 obstacles including 4 giant zip lines and takes 2 hr 30 mins to complete. Price is $40 for a junior below 18 and $42 for an adult.

Zac is just slightly below 1.45m ;p
He can try the Grand Course next time.

Friendly instructors helping the boys to gear up.

Boys walking to the starting point to queue up.

Up the tree top....

The scariest part is the first step out. Amos started to panic after 3 steps out. I need to keep on encouraging him from below. :)

Zac did the first few steps confidently.

Amos became more confident after a few stages & cleared the remaining quickly :)
He even helped a few younger gals to push the harness along when it got stuck. hehehe ;)

Does the height look scaring to you?
The boys had tremendous fun up there !! :)

The boys entertaining themselves with games while waiting for the kids infront to clear the stages.

Dark clouds started to form about 3/4 journey into the course. The kids were slowly evacuated by the instructors. They had to re-trace back their steps slowly to the starting point. It was quite tedious actually especially with some very young kids. However, with the well-trained instructors, they were all brought down efficiently :)

The kids were told to return if they want after the rain stop to continue their course.

Boys posing with their painted Easter Eggs after the course.

Enjoy a special 10% discount off (for online bookings only) on all Forest Adventure rates between 6 Apr -31 Apr 2012. Book online by adding "Easter2" next to your name (e.g. Easter2) for easy identification.
(Note: 10% discount is not applicable for phone bookings or walk in at Forest Adventure without bookings)

Forest Adventure is closed on Mondays (Except Public Holidays)
Forest Adventure is located at Bedok Reservoir Tel : (65) 81007420
Booking is EssentialBook online

Have Fun !!
JANICE NG © 2009


CNY 2011

Our neighbours gave us the Lion Head outfit a week before CNY. It came into handy during CNY. Amos greeted his grandparents in the outfit & bringing much joy & entertainment to the family :)
Gong Xi Fa Cai
Shen Ti Jian Kang
Huat Ah !!
JANICE NG © 2009


Well Done, Zachary ... ...

Time really flies.... it seems like yesterday when I am still worrying about Zac's first step into his Pri schoool life... ...

Zac just completed his Pri 1 level & really proud of him for scoring full marks for his Chinese & achieve Best in Chinese for Pri 1 level in his school. It was indeed honoured & delightful moment to be able to attend the Prize Presentation in his school today.

Great Job, Zac!!
Mummy hope you continue to achieve greater heights :):)

JANICE NG © 2009


Halloween 2010

The boys participated in the Halloween Carnival 2010. This was their first time. Zac & Amos was dressed as a dracula & skeleton respectively. They had lotsa fun despite the make-up & costume :):)
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


Zachary turned 7 ... ...

How time flies... ... My elder boy, Zac turned 7 years old yesterday (4 Oct 2010).

I cannot help thinking how much he had grown, feeling really emotional when I look at him now... My little baby whom I nursed since birth is now 7 ;~~~~)

Many days before his birthday, Zac asked for a handmade birthday card from me. Yes, that's just what he ask for, a BIRTHDAY CARD from mummy ;p

He is always by my side so I can only work on the card when he is alseep. hehe...

I chose 2 of his favourite colors which is yellow & orange for the cover & the writing sheet respectively ;p

He did not see me working on the card so he kept reminding me if I have done it days before his birthday & again a day before his birthday. hehe.

I told him I'm "busy" but actually I've completed it days before. LOL :D:D:D:D

Here is the card :

He hinted to me that he would like to have "goodie bags" for his classmates too. This was really challenging for me cos children his age don't really fancy lots of candies & lollipops. As such, I went around sourcing for useful, cute stuff 2 weeks before his birthday for his 28 classmates (excluding Zac) + 2 for his Form Teacher & Chinese Teacher. Total : 30 gifts.

The "goodie" has to be colourful, useful & not too bulky. Zac has to transport the things alone to school so it must be manageable to him too.

Finally, I decided on Disney character photo frames. They were really colourful & his classmates could make use of them & remember Zac (hopefully!! hehehe). I added 2 "Tom & Jerry" toffee & decorated it on the photo frame as though a "ribbon". I spent quite a few days to re-paste the candies cos it kept dropping down ;p

I'm really satisfied with the output & Zac loved it !! :):)

How can a birthday boy not receive any pressies?

From mummy... ...

From daddy, .....something similiar to "Wii" from Sony PS3. Zac loves it & plays even better than anyone of us :):)

Zac also received presents from his classmates, Jean, Tiara & Nikki.

We had meals at his 2 favourite restaurants. He loves Swensen & japanese food.
His ice-cream cake was from swensen. He chose mango & strawberry flavour. Zac is NOT a chocolate lover. Can you see his unhappy face upon receiving the complimentary mini Coit Tower with lotsa chocolate & nuts? Oh no...

We had Swensen Weekend Breakfast a day before his birthday.

Zac had a sumptuous lunch on his birthday. He had a share in all the below food you see. He ate more than me !! LOL :D

Thank you to all my friends & Zac's friends whom had sent in their birthday wishes for him either through sms or FB. Zac is very happy to read all the messages for him ;)

Lastly, the most memorable moment happened at night. Zac lie-down on the bed beside me & he kissed & thanked me for all the efforts & money incurred to make his birthday possible. I was shocked as I never expected it. He has never said that to me for his passed birthday. My little boy has really "matured" & his little gesture really warms my heart :):):)

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator



Resort World Sentosa - Festive Hotel

We went to Resort World Sentosa (RWS) at the beginning of the Term 3 holidays. It was a day of gathering cos my sis got a room at Festive Hotel and the whole gang of Ng family were roaming RWS. We went there by car & reached the island at around 10.45am.

My sis's room has a luxurious king size bed, a sofa bed (see pic below which I'm seated on) that folds into a double bed and a Loft bed that caters for children. It was a perfect getaway hotel for families travelling with kids :)
The boys' were amazed by the Loft bed & climbed up & down constantly... ...
My sis's room was on the 4th floor, just a level above the pool :)

We walked around the shops... ... a lot of tempting treats for children... ...

We did not enter the Universal Studio due to the lack of time but will definitely return!

Time really passed & we did not realized we had spend half a day walking & walking... ...
The boys were tired so we left the island earlier around 6+pm than the rest of the gang & head to Vivocity for dinner. The parking fee was a killing S$21!!
We might not have been able to visit the hotel rooms & capture those great photos if not for my sis. Thanks sis, Min !! :)
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


Happy Teachers' Day

Teachers act as a role model for the students & inspire them to lead a peaceful & civilized life. Some teachers are remembered even after their retirement because of the extraordinary service to their instituition as well as to the students :)
Happy Teachers' Day to all the teachers out here.
Thank you so much for your dedication & guidance in nurturing the little ones :)
Special thanks to Amos' teacher : Teacher Sarina & Rachel
As well as Zac's teacher : Ms Kong & Mdm Tang
"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher" - Japanese Proverb
JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator

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