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Hermit Crab

My sister bought 2 Hermit Crabs recently. It cost S$75 including the tank. I was amazed by it!!

The Hermit Crab is a type of crab that doesn't have a very hard shell. It uses other animals' old shells for protection; they especially like old whelk shells. As the hermit crab grows in size, it must find a larger shell. It is their habit of living in a second hand shell that gave rise to the popular name "Hermit Crab".
There are about 500 different species of hermit crabs around the world. Most hermit crab species live on the ocean floor, but many live on land. Female terrestrial (land based) hermit crabs must return to the sea to breed.

I happened to witness how the crab molt (shed its skin). See bottom left hand corner of pic . That was the discarded skin & limb from the crab !!

Interesting pet to have at home if you're not afraid of sharp creepy crawlers.... hahaha :D

You can read more about Hermit Crab here.

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Thank you, my first commentator


Win a Versace Green Jeans for Men

My friend, Marzie is celebrating her birthday this month. To celebrate her birthday, she's hosting a giveaway over at MPG. She's giving away a 7.5ml miniature bottle of Versace Green Jeans For Men!

In order to win that, I have to guess the number of perfumes Marzie has in her MPG collection.
Here are my 3 guesses: 130, 137 and 140

Btw, I used to collect Miniature Perfumes too.
Here are my collection if you have not taken a look before!!
Janice's Perfume Collection Part I & Part II :):)

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator


My friend from Manila

I met up with the lovely Pia from Manila 2 weeks ago on her first trip to Singapore ALONE. She decided to proceed with the trip even though her friend couldn't come along with her. Luckily, she has a brother working in Singapore & stays over at his place.

I was on my way to the hair salon when I received her message via my facebook. She has been trying to contact me but I didn't get her message until her 3rd day in Singapore *sweat*

My hubby & I went to her brother's place to pick her up for dinner. We went to East Coast Park for dinner. Hubby ordered so much local dishes. Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Oyster, Fried Kuay Teow, Chicken & Pork Satay with rice dumplings, Popiah, Dessert & Drinks. Pia was having slight cough but cant resist those food. hahahaha.:D
She told me her favourite among all is Fried Carrot Cake!!

After that, we stroll along the park & then give her a City Night Tour... ...

Pia alighted at Raffles Hotel to take pic after hearing from hubby that her idol, the late Michael Jackson, stayed over at this hotel during his visit to Singapore many years ago :)

We send Pia back home around 10+pm. It was a long day for her cos she visited Sentosa during the day time .... .... alone....... such a daring gal *hugs*
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Thank you, my first commentator



Daddy bought Transformer for them as promised during his recent trip to Korea. I'm surprised that it cost cheaper there compared to Singapore !! Amos chose Optimus Prime while Zac is satisfied with Bumble Bee !!
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Thank you, my first commentator


Happy 44th Birthday Singapore

We went for the National Day Observance Ceremony held on 8 Aug 09 at the basketball court near our house. Here are the pictures... ...

JANICE NG © 2009

Thank you, my first commentator

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