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Maid told me the other day that she wake up twice to change Amos' drenched top. She thought he "leak urine" but his bottom is dry. She is shocked that he could sweat so much. Must have got the same gene as his papa lo ~~~ ;p

I told her to ON the aircon (She is sleeping in the same room as Amos) that nite. She thought with the aircon ON, perhaps Amos will sleep beta.... Buttttt .... Amos still wake up 2 to 3 times for his nite feeds. I think he is used to waking up to play & drink milk liao. Luckily, I have a patient helper who can tahan the sleepless nites to "play" with him! Notti little Amos.

Nursery Class

Met one of Zac's former classmate de Ah Ma & I told her that this July will be sending Zac to the same nursery class as her grandson. She is delighted to know that the 2 boys will be classmates again ;)

This July, Zac will be attending 2 nursery classes, one in the morning (Tumble ToTs) & the other (PCF) in the afternoon. Anyway, he has nothing to do in the afternoon & do not have the habit of taking naps. So rather than lazing around in the house & bully his little bro.... sending him to class to mingle with children of his age ... I think is a better option. Moreover I want him to get used to attending classes in the afternoon, nursery is only 2 hrs, next yr K1 will be 4 hrs le.

White LG Chocolate HP for SALE

Selling off this White LG Chocolate HP @ S$220 locally.
EarPiece still intact in original packaging. Warranty card unfilled. Any takers?
Pls email me :

NOTE : This HP has been SOLD on 1 June 07. Thanks to those who are still interested.


Last Day of Term 2

Today is Zac's last day of Term 2 at his nursery class. The school wrote us a letter stating his progress which I have summarised as follow :

1) He has shown tremendous improvement in the blending activity. He is able to sound out simple words such as 'cat', 'hat' etc & make an attempt to sound out every new words introduced.
2) He gets along well with his friends & teachers. He is more involved in conversation & cheerful. Although he speaks words by word, he is trying his best to put the words into a sentence. His speech is much clearer now.
3) He could write a few words on his own but he uses more capital letters compare to small letters.
4) He is attentive during lesson & able to follow instructions.
5) He enjoyed the Leaps & Bound Programme which he got to do some physical activities.
I think what the teacher wrote is pretty true which I have observed as well.

In Term 3, more emphasis will be on buidling up their reading, listening & speaking skills which I think is excellent as Zac is weak in reading & speaking.


BiRDie in our house ...

A cute little yellowish green bird flew into my house this morning. It stood at the window grill for about 5 mins before flying off. Opon its arrival, there are 2 birds of its kind that followed it, but they din come any nearer for me to take the shots. Here's the video of the cute bird. Is the bird trying to "convey" something to me.....?!?!?!


Zac's SPELLING ...

Took this video of Zac learning his spelling yesterday.
Rather amusing ...


WhO is wHo? !??!

This is an interesting photo of my bb at one month old. Do you know who is he?
I say interesting bcos ......

One of them is Amos & the other is Zac. They so happen to "make" the same "pose" as I took the pic of them when they are at their FiRsT month. Really Amazing hor.
I purposing dressed Amos up to the best of what I could recall so as to make a comparison with his bro at his first month. While looking thru the photo taken, I was ShOcKeD that he make the same pose as Zac. Mebbe bb at this stage will feel the most comfy resting in this position lo. *LOL*

So..... so u know WhO is wHO?

The one on the LEFT is Amos
The one on the RIGHT is Zac.

Have guessed correctly? ;p

True Friend Test

Free to do this test?
How much YOU know abt ME ...

Create your own Friend Test here


This is my TonGue, Hair & EyEs

Bring the kids out for breakfast as I wake up exceptionally early today.
After that, we went to the nearby playground.
Took this video of Amos... very interesting.
He will teach you what is "TonGue, Hair & EyEs"..... hehehe


Amos has diarrhoea

Bring Amos to the doc yest nite as he has watery motion 5 times. That is considered a lot for my little darling to handle... Doc said that if his stool has blood or that he run into fever got to bring him back immediately. He said the cause could be due to children this age likes to pick up "things" around him & put into the mouth. Hope he will get well soon as Papa will be coming back to see him this weekend! Amos, Papa miz you lotsa ... :)


Heffalum is home ...

Finally get to redeem the Pooh Bear collection series from Guardian today. Although Pooh Bear is our fav character, I chose the Heffalum instead,as it is in my fav color & really adorable, soft cuddling! Zac mistook it as Eeyore cos the latter is also purple. hahaha ....

Zac likes it too, as you can see from his look below :


Amos is unwell

Amos shit smell exceptionally pungent today. He vomited his lunch & felt unwell. His body is warm, temp is between 37.4-37.7 degree. Not too high to be rendered as having fever. But can see that he is feeling uncomfortable. It is always heart sore to see the bb in this state esp. so when Amos is always full of LaUgHtEr. (WAHahahah ...) He want to be comforted & the only way is to carry him. He just took a nap, hope he is better after taking a rest! *hug*

Zac will be K1 next year ...

Time really flies, cant imagine that Zac will be in K1 next year. If his current school did not inform us abt the enrolment this month, I am still unaware. Really BLUR mama.... *haIz*



Did you watch the first show air on Sunday, 13th of May at 8:30pm on Channel 5?
I think it was awesome...
Before the game started, I have a feeling the top prize is in Case No 1 with $250,000... GUESS what ?!?!?!
I AM RIGHT u'know !!
The contestant chose No 11 which contained only $150. Luckily he make a DEAL with the Banker at $16,800 & walked away with it. However, if he had continued with the game, he may have walked away with more money which the banker raised the stake to $81,000. Much say of that, if he is even more greedy & stick to the hope of getting the $150,000, which is the next highest sum after the $250,000 was revealed at Case No 1 chosen by his good buddie, he could have ended up with only $150. If you think the show is exciting. Catch the subsequent series on Wednesdays at 8.30pm on Channel 5.


H@pPy MoTHeR's D@y -----<@

So much for that unfortunate Fri!!
Luckily I was not "Home Alone" on Sunday. Although my maid was off, we still managed to pick up a few hours of the afternoon to enjoy the much talked about Chocolate Fondue at Haagan Dazs despite having a SoRe .... you know what lo. (Sigh!!) . I think my 2 boys are the one who enjoyed the most. What else is better than Ice-Cream & Chocolate for the kids, rite?

Lai lai.... here are the photos ....

TGIF but NO Thanks ...

It was a terrible & unforgettable Fri nite for me ...
I actually fell down from my computer chair, hydraulic kind with wheels, those we used in the office!!
All happened so fast & the impact was so great that for a few sec, I think I am stoned & too pain to even recall why I am landed on the floor with a hurting butt. All I know was that Zac wanna to sit on my lap, somehow I lost balance & then .... *ouch*
The pain was excruciating.... I can feel a burning sensation when I squat down or stand up now.
I think I have a hairline crack on my spine near the hips there. Heard that this takes time to recover or even not recover at all.... Sob Sob.


Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue at Haagan Dazs. In case u do not know that there this is sinful dessert there. It cost $ 33.90 & looks like this. (see pic on the left). Actually, I din know that it is so ex until I step into the shop just now.
Most people wouldn't know chocolate fondue was offered there until scrutinizing the menu. It is served with lotsa of fruits, ice-cream of different flavours and grated peanuts to coat your chocolate dipped item in. This is really best as a round up to a lovely meal, it tantalizes your taste buds and is awesome to share with your frenz & loved ones. So.... what are u waiting.... try it! *dripping*

Do u know where to get cheap fondue beside making it yourself? Come across one at Beach Road (the plc that sell those army things), I think it was in the tv before. Managed by an angmoh. I think it cost less than $10 with lotsa sweet treats. You won't miss the stall as it is always LONG Q consider LONG in that small alley hawker. I haven't got enough courage & patient to Q, so till now still haven't try. But I supposed the chinese proverb, "xian ku, hou tian" is rather applicable here. There is another place that I heard of that offer reasonably priced fondue. It is Swiss Culture at Suntec. Got Cheese Fondue somemore. This is award winning by Food Entertainment. The pri$e i$ DoUbLe the chocolate fondue.


Wanton Mee at Orchard

I always have bad experience shopping in the famous supermarket every Thurs. Their promotion package either did not arrive in time or that the cash register did not reflect the right promo price. Today, go there purchase the spring chicken on offer is $3.90, after leaving did I realized that I am overcharged by 50cents (before promo price). I do not have time to go back to the cashier again to check as I'm in a rush. Although it is only 50cents but you know the feeling?!?!?!?! Sigh ... I think next time I better don't buy the products on the first day of offer. Let some "guinae pigs" rectify the error first. Haha ...

Have u heard that Orchard has got a place that sell good Wanton Mee at only $2.80....? If you don't, its ok, cos I oso get to know it today. Yes only $2.80 at Orchard woh. It is a small cafe at the annex level to have the best wanton mee. The noodles are from Malaysia. Zac likes to eat Wanton Mee, one of this day should hop by & try. If u are also interested, the place is Graffiti Cafe, The Heeren, Annex level 5.


Cute Cute De Amos

Amos is getting smarter each day, he can understand what we are saying. He is particularly sensitive to the word "NO" or "CANNOT". He knows that these are "negative". This is bcos we say endless time everyday, "Amos, CANNOT touch the fan", "Amos, NO..... don't pull the wire", "Amos, DON'T open the drawer". Nowdays, we don't even need to complete our sentence, the moment, he hear the word "NO", "CANNOT"..... he will start to cry aledy.

Every morning, when Zac is getting ready to school. He will start to panic ... when Zac is wearing his Tumble Tots uniform, he will waddle with fast steps to the door & waiting. So funny lo !

The other day, after changing him into his pyjamas, he mistaken that we are going out cos before that his clothes had just been changed. He walked to the shoe cabinet & wanna to take his shoes. We told him that we are not gg out. He is disappointed & started to cry ...

He likes to see Zac brush his teeth cos we will sing "brush ... brush ....brush .....your teeth...". He thinks that it is v funny. So I bought a bb toothbrush for him. Imagine it is so small with only a few strand of bristles. He will also imitate us gaggling & pue the water. Clever boy *applause*

He has 4 teeth top & 2 bottom now. Its now "put your finger into his mouth at your own risks!" Nobody dares to venture into his tiny mouth now! Got bitten many times woh ...
This is Amos showing off his glorious teeth with a hearty laugh.

He laughed so much the other day that he had nightmare, whole night keep waking up & cry. Aiyo...

Cockroaches ...... Wipeeeeoutttttt

Have been receiving a lot of agent calling asking if we intend to sell our house. Looks like a lot of pple are eyeing on our estate, probably bcos there is a good pri school (Mee Toh) here. Wondering how much is the va$ue now...

Unlikely we will move, where got so much $$.
HaIz ...


I was helping my maid to replace the cockroach "Wipeout" (need to replace every 3 mths) when I suddenly recall an incident that happened about 2 mths ago when there were still a lot of small cockroaches in my house, esp the kitchen. That day, I happened to come across 2 "teenage" cockroaches one of top of the other, it didn't come across my mind that they are ML until hub mention. Cos all along I tot the small cockroaches in my house keep growing bcos the parents (i.e. big cockroaches) are reproducing. There is no sight of the bigger cockroach at all, so the small cockroaches are the one "doing the work" bah.

My sudden appearance must have scare the freak out of them, imagine at one moment "they are enjoying" the next moment, DEAD !! *smack* *ouch* V cruel hor. Boh Bian leh.

The wipeout (see above pic) really v effective, there are now lesser sight of the creature or even if come across are all dead ones.

The Poor Mum

This coming Sunday is Mothers' Day.
However, this poor mum will most likely be staying at home to take care of the 2 bb.
Hub got ICT training, if cant complete by Sat will have to stay on for Sunday... alamak, Mothers' Day leh, kenna tegan.
Then, already told my helper 2 weeks ago that she could off this Sun & she has already arranged to meet up with friends. Can see her dissappointment when I told her abt the situation.

Luckily, she is understanding enuff to suggest if I cant manage, she will rearrange to go out again on the last Sun of the month. That will also mean that I have to accompany her to send the money home this week cos she has to pay for her son's instalments back home by 20th every month.

Anyway, see how le ...


Shooter, really kenna shoot-ed

30 April 07

Today my hub is on leave. We planned to bring the kids to Sentosa in the afternoon.
Since it is still early (9.30am) & Zac has gone for his nursery class. We decided to catch a morning show "Shooter" at Marina Square. Not many cinema are showing this show has it is considered an old show.

The theatre is v empty haha, only ..... the 2 of us..... I still joke with my hub that I have actually BOOKED the whole theatre to watch the show with him in the Samsung Platinum theatre. But, just at this moment, 3 man walk inside n seat just in front of us. HaIz, wanna pretend also cannot.

It was the 10.30 am show, but waited until 10.45am still no signs of advertisment watsoever. Saw the usher walking in and out using the walkie talkie. I think something wrong with the projection.

By then, our popcorn is already half empty... suddenly, the theatre lite lights up. Usually is at the end of the show.

Siao Liao lo, I told my hub I think unable to show, waited for another 5 mins still no sign of progress & nobody walk into the theatre to inform us. We zitou go to the booking desk n confront the manager, a softspoken lady. In the end, we got compensated for the tickets n another 2 complimentary tickets that can only be watched from Mon-Thurs with many other conditions. eg. no free list, no midnite show, no marathon shows....etc. Looking at the poor pop corn n coke in our hands, they are being reimbursed at well.

This is the most unfortunate shows we had. Didn't get to watch the Shooter shoots but kenna shoot-ed.

So much of the morning commotion ....

Luckily, the afternoon
Sentosa trip was a fruitful n enjoyable one for the family.
Our first visit to Sentosa after the renovation !!

Here are the photos :

Video (Sounds Of the Sea) :

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