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Help Jackie find her sister ...

I get to know Jackie through Darlene. They are very good online friends. It is how wonderful to have friends online & then become best of friends. Jackie is kind person. She send her prayers on knowing that my eldest brother is in his advanced stage of cancer. Recently, she also created a Golden Rose for me.

Earlier this week, I get to know that she is searching for her sister & have requested my friend, Nafasg to help spread the word. This is the complete article.
Please read this special message from Jackie, and start doing your part in finding her long lost sister.
“My only message would be that I would so like to have the opportunity to get to know her and her family. I know she has children also. And, that I love her even though I don't know who she is or where she is.”

– Jackie ‘Shinade’ Hooper

9 Hugs for Amos & Zac:


Hi Janice,

Thank you for participating in the search for Jackie's long lost sister.

We dedicated the post specially to her at our blog as she had requested to us via email.

Yes, we did notice how she had been very supportive of you during your hard times. She even created a lovely rose as a symbol of her prayers and thoughts for you.

I am sure that you have also posted this up as a form of repaying her kindness.

Let us all hope and pray that Jackie will be able to meet her sister once again.

Thank you, Janice.
We acknowledge your support and your initiative to help make a difference in one's life.

Take care..
Have a great weekend.. =)

J@n!ce said...

Nafa : Thanks. Let's pray that Jackie can find her sister soon :)

How wonderful that will be ....

Janice Ng

darlene said...

thanks janice you are such a dear!!

J@n!ce said...

Darlene : Its my little effort to help a friend find a sister. I really wish Jackie could locate her soon :)

Janice Ng

JaMiLLa said...

Janice, i love the golden rose that you made for Jackie. Friends are here to help, not to push down on to its feets. No one will be best cos everyone is the best one!

Thanks for the heart to pray around, everyone!

J@n!ce said...

Jamilla : The Golden Rose was done by Jackie for me. You misunderstood. hehe ;p

Janice Ng

JaMiLLa said...

OH IC! Oh no...malu eh *^_^*

Anyway, thanks for the hand to help too!

Mariuca said...

Good to see ur in the search for Jackie's sis too Jan!

Btw, I have something for you!

J@n!ce said...

Marzie, thanks for recognizing me as a Blogger Star!! :):)

Janice Ng