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Last Day of Term 2

Today is Zac's last day of Term 2 at his nursery class. The school wrote us a letter stating his progress which I have summarised as follow :

1) He has shown tremendous improvement in the blending activity. He is able to sound out simple words such as 'cat', 'hat' etc & make an attempt to sound out every new words introduced.
2) He gets along well with his friends & teachers. He is more involved in conversation & cheerful. Although he speaks words by word, he is trying his best to put the words into a sentence. His speech is much clearer now.
3) He could write a few words on his own but he uses more capital letters compare to small letters.
4) He is attentive during lesson & able to follow instructions.
5) He enjoyed the Leaps & Bound Programme which he got to do some physical activities.
I think what the teacher wrote is pretty true which I have observed as well.

In Term 3, more emphasis will be on buidling up their reading, listening & speaking skills which I think is excellent as Zac is weak in reading & speaking.

1 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

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