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DaZZLiNg miniature PerFuMe CollecTion : Part II

Continued from DaZZLiNg miniature PerFuMe CollecTion : Part I

Thank you to those who turned up yesterday.

As promised, I will be showing you more of what I have ...... leading to the COMPLETE COLLECTION.

Take a seat & ENJOY .......................... :)

DaZZLiNg miniature PerFuMe CollecTion : Part II

This middle one is also a 'lighter' casing series. From Cartier, I put it together with the 2 Roccobarocco for a 'family' shot ;p

All the XS, XXL, CK....

The purple parfum.
From left : Giorgio Beverly Hills, Lanvin Eclat D'arpege woman (I'm using this now, I like the casing for the big bottles) & men parfum

Petite series or my '7 dwarfs'.
Top from left : Van Cleef & Arpels, Romeo Gigli, Vendetta by Valentino
Bottom from left : Perry Ellis, Kenzo, Tresor by Lancom, Beautiful by Estee lauder

'MIB' ? They are my Parfum IN Black....... *LOL*
From left : Havana, Horizon by Guy Laroache, b, Background by Jill Sander, Zen by Shiseido

From left : Samourai by Alain Delon, Anais Anais (the first scent I use), Sonia Ryfiel (this is from a good friend, I like the T shirt shape bottle)

The Amani family


Dolce & Garbana

Left :Venezia by Laura Biogiotti
Right : Laura by Laura Biogiotti (I used this during my late teens)

back to 70s & longer, the VVvvvvvintage with the letter 'V' there. Hey what a coincident !!

Test-tube series, real cool & handy...

Some get together shots from different angles.

LAST but not LEAST..... the BIG "miniature PARFUM" FAMILY photo

Total 88 miniatures. What an auspicious number !! ...... :)

That's all folks, hope you enjoy viewing them?

Coming up .............................. the COKE Co L L eCTiON ................

wanna see...........????

Do come back ............. yours truly J@n!Ce

35 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Mariuca said...

Wah Janice, how many u have, it looks like a lot woman! I don't collect men's minis, unless they're really really cool!

I see u have tresor, that's one of my first perfumes and definitely one of my favourites! And I like the parfum family photo!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

MonkeyWong said...

Seriously u can consider to open a perfume museum! :P

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Total is 88 which I wrote in my post below. I was shock when I count them just now after the family photo. I've got men's mini bcos I told u b4 my hub started the collection first, I din wanna to be left out so I also add in mine loh.... LOL

J@n!ce said...

MW : I hope you are ok, you comment in the Part I post that you are fainting. I duno how to do CPR for you.... LOL

Erisha said...

wow. omg. wow. im gobsmacked!!! u have so many miniature perfumes! wat a collection. so cool! you bought everything? can wait for your next coke collection.

Mika said...

wow! what a great collection!...inspires me to start a collection too. (not necessarily perfumes) hmm..what would it be?... :)

J@n!ce said...

Erisha : Thanks for coming over to view my collection. Yes, my coke collection will be out soon ;)

Mika : Please let me know if you have a collection too. I will rush over to you blog... LOL

Jean Chia said...

wow, jan!! that's alot!! keep it up, lady! :))

Anonymous said...

Hey J@nice--you have so many! It all looks great!

J@n!ce said...

Jean : Thanks :)

TNP : Thank you for dropping over to view my perfume. I really appreciate it. Glad that you like them :)

Emila Yusof said...

Wow Janice! Great collection! You're really crazy about perfumes! and Pooh bear!

J@n!ce said...

Emila : Thank you. I've got some more collections. Will post up soon. The next one will be the coke. Actually, I wanna to post the coke first, but our dear friend, Marzie cannot wait to see. So I faster post up loh :)

cata said...

Hello Janice!
What a wonderfull collection!
Regards from Italy!

J@n!ce said...

Cata : Thanks for viewing my perfume all the way from Italy :)
I see that you are into arts illustration & wonderful is that you already have Emila in your link. This tech stuff is really wonderful, we can meet pple with similiar interest just from a click away. Awesome :)

yellowbanana said...

OMG..! great collection neh..! really impressive... Salute..! =D

FL Sam said...

Wow, so many more ah. Got Part III coming? Like that can open shop already. Looking forward to see your Coke Collection. I only got a few.
I collect golf balls and model planes/trucks. :)

J@n!ce said...

Yellow Banana : Your blog HANGs on me yesterday, I want to leave a msg over at yours. Thank you soldier for that respectful 'SALUTE'.... LOL

Sam : We have a few golf balls at home too. My bro used to make model planes & paint them, but he is too busy now to continue this hobby of his. Why don't you put up your collections as well? I would love to see them :)

JaniceNW said...

BBB is fine and will be home tomorrow night. Thank you for asking.

Did you know Coke was for drinking? Hahaha sis!

Hugs for you and your adorable boys!

hipmommy said...

Wow, great collections! I envy you:-)
I tagged you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award!!! Please visit my site to see it!!! You have been a great online friend and I appreciate it.
Thank you so much for leaving me with a kind comment on my blog. I am feeling a little better today.... I am still sick but have to push myself to pick up my daughter from my in-laws tomorrow. She has been at my in-laws for a week. I can't wait to see my little girl!


J@n!ce said...

Janice sis : Glad that BBB is fine & he will be home soon. Oh Well, I don't really fancy the coke drink itself. Luckily.... else it will all be ...*slurp*

Hipmommy : Thanks for the tag. This will be my 3rd Rocking Gal Blogger Awards. I am glad to know that you are feeling better & will be able to see your lovely angel soon. Have a good time with her :)

JesseTheCat said...

Hello, My word, your perfume collection Rocks and it makes me envious that I dont have my own one! I think I will start a collection, perhaps something else..little pooh bears maybe? :) I am awed at the amount of energy you seem to have for so many things, how do you do it ALL so well?

J@n!ce said...

Jesse Spice, thanks :)
I cannot wait to see those lil pooh bears if you are really to start collecting....I'm a pooh bear fanatic too... ;p
Check this out...

Oh well, I'm actually quite good in multi-tasking... Also, I've a good helper at home to manage the 2 kids while I blog away....LOL

FL Sam said...

Good idea. I will put my collections up soon. :)

J@n!ce said...

Sam : Yeah...!! I cannot wait to see ;)

Random Magus said...


Bobby Revell said...

I wish you great success Janice! I hope you make a truckload of cash;)

J@n!ce said...

Bobby : In fact it is just the opp, it collected truckload of "duct" if I don't clean them periodically.... LOL
How if those "duct" are cash.... ;)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, that's a huge collection. I thot mine is huge until i saw yours, i am gobsmacked.

J@n!ce said...

Health Freak Mommy : Thank you. Hey, we have another perfume collector here..... welcome aboard :)

Forumer said...

What a huge and beauty collection you have here, can i have some?? :P

I'm a fan of collecting things too, but my collection all just cheap stuff :D cannot afford the expensive kinds.

Anyway i would like to see it closer but don;t know if i have that chance or not huhu

Best regards

J@n!ce said...

Forumer : You can actually double click on the photos for a zoom in view. :)

Johnny Ong said...

u can shower with those and yet yr stock wont deplete esp with that collection of yrs

J@n!ce said...

Johnny : LOL !! Its gonna be a costly shower then :)

JuZ JZin said...

Wow! Someone with a fetish for miniature perfume bottles collection too! And i thot I was the only one!

welcome to the club!

U are the president the club though coz mum chucked quite a few of my bottles over the years since 19 of t92! :(

J@n!ce said...

Jzin : You collect perfume too? Would love to see them.... !! Welcome to the club :) :)