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A Poem from Joezul

Joezul, my talented new friend, left a sweet little poem as a comment over at "My 88th Post".
A 4 lines poem sum up my thoughts all so well. Thank you, Joe :) :)
Here goes the poem :

Though little rascals they may be

They are the apples of your eyes;

And though they may sounds like banshees

Hey, wasn't that what always make you smiles? ..... by Joezul

26 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

MonkeyWong said...

Nice poem!
I can c that u're a happy mum! :P

Bobby Revell said...

Wow, very sweet! I love the picture too:)

J@n!ce said...

MW : The poem just put a smile on my face. Joe may be new to my blog but he can read my thoughts thru this humble blog that makes him so special... I just want to put his wonderful words here to say I treasure him as a friend :) :)

Bobby : I'm glad you love the picture too. I have a hard time to choose the pic this morning. I wanna to add an emotion to the poem to give it more spark. I am glad that it did work & Bobby just love it. Thanks :D

ET said...

Nice poem. Ver fitting for you and your sons.

J@n!ce said...

Ed : You think the poem blended so well too huh... :) :)

Roger said...

Very nice poem that how I think of my kid to :D

J@n!ce said...

Roger : I would love to see your oger kids...let them be cartoonised :)

Awo IYeroArg said...

How are you.
Pretty babys and pretty mummy.
Good weeck, from argentina: andres

J@n!ce said...

Iyeroarg : I'm fine & how about you? Nice to see you drop a line here. Thanks for the compliments & good week to you too :)

Awo IYeroArg said...

With respect and in honor of truth you are a poem with a lips that I never see.
Begins the weeck I'm working of accounty that is my profession. I am glad with my work.
Of the words that I say I'm not powerfull, I speak because I am far of you.
I only wish have a smile of you and you have a better day that you merit.

38kia said...

a GREAT mom with a GREAT blog, and 2 GREAT sons.
What more can ask for?! so nice ~
i started to miss my mum in Penang now..

J@n!ce said...

Iyeroarg : You say your words are not powerful. I think they are just magical & sweet of you to write that. Thank you so much, my friend. May all your wishes be with you :)

Jerry : Missing a person is really hard to bear... esp so when missing someone so fond & dear to you. I hope you could meet up your mom soon in Penang :)

Judy said...

Nice, nice....and the photo....very nice! :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Jan, that's a lovely poem from Joe! :)

And I love this picture, you look great in this one! No need to exercise la, so slim mah! ;)

J@n!ce said...

Judy : thank you ... thank you... thank you very much... :) :)

Marzie : This was taken during our visit to the zoo during the June holidays. The angle of the photo makes me looks slim & partly bcos I'm tall lah :) :)
Thanks for saying that I'm slim, your words will just make me lazy again... LOL :)

Jean Chia said...

hey woman, this poem suits you wor... so thoughtful of him. :)

lilifxt said...

hi janice lovely words ...great picture really loved it u choose nice backgrounds too...:)
u and the boys like movie stars ...really all of u have good pictures

J@n!ce said...

Jean : Joe is just one such thoughtful person :)

Lili : Glad that you love the picture. It took me quite sometime to choose an appropriate one for this poem. Now that I heard from you, I really think that it is a good choice. Thanks :)

joezul said...

Hi Janice,

I'm glad you like the poem. And I'm really really honoured that you thought so highly of it. Thank you.

* Actually I'm blushing from all these nice compliment he he he Malu laa...*

J@n!ce said...

Joe : I waited the whole day for you to appear here. Dun have to feel malu, you should feel proud of your works, pple with such talents cannot be hiding... need to be broadcasted...thank you for the poem, it meant a lot to me :)

Awo IYeroArg said...

Beutiful photo you in the bridge, beautiful place.
Yoy can make a publish of food of child or anything abouts childs.
Besides you can make anithing publicity like a fashion model.
You have the power to melt my haeart. I see you and I think in the universal armony.

J@n!ce said...

IYeroArg : Thank you once again for the compliments. You thought too highly of me & I am definitely not going to make anything out of fashion model. I just like the way things are now. Thank You my friend & hope you have a good day :)

Emila Yusof said...

Very cute poem! Joezul is so creative!

J@n!ce said...

Emila, heard that Joe wrote one over at yours too. I haven't check out where that poem is in which post of yours. I guess it must be again another GOOD one. Cheers to Joe :)

Joyce said...

Gee, that's a neat poem. Sooo cool. :) Awwww, your kids are the cutest! They're adorable. :D

J@n!ce said...

Joyce : hehe... nice to see you here. My kids are very playful, but I think they will have fun with you :)