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I have been TaG tAg TaG.....

I am tagged by Sam Chan on the 6 werid things or facts about me.
I was also tagged by Angel on the 10 things I HATE (that is a strong word to use).
Before that, tagged by Monkey Wong on the 7 things you don't know about me. Sorry MW, thanks for reminding me that you are the one who tagged me.
Again, tagged by HipMommy on the 8 random facts about me (I've done this before but I will reveal another 8 random facts). There are 3 more person who have tagged me for the last 2 weeks, I am sorry that I have forgotten who & having a hard time locating those posts. I should have done the tag upon receiving them. Please accept my sincere apology.

I will do the 6 werid things or facts about me :

1) I used to have the habit of sticking out my tongue to wet my lips. I didn't know that I have this habit until one of the staff at my vocational training job pointed to me. I have since kicked this bad habit away.
2) I have to wash my hair everyday. I will feel uncomfy & cannot get to sleep without getting them all washed & dried.
3) When I am young, I have the tendency to eat 'gold' dig from our nose. (understand what I mean? Still don't get it. Dig your nose now & see what you get, ok... now eat them !!) The thought of it now really makes me wonder what is getting through my mind back then. Really disgusted!!
4) I am a water 'reservior', I drink so much water until I am reminded that I have to bring my own water when visiting friends. I finished up all their boiled water at home..... LOL
5) I sleep "talk" many times when I am young. I will keep repeating to my mum that "I WANT A BIG BIG BED". Apparently, I have a single bed for myself. I don't know why I still need a BIG BIG BED ;)
6) I cannot miss my breakfast, I will feel weak all over. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. My stomach will start to protest if food are not loaded. I dislike the "sound" of hunger especially attending morning meetings in office. You can imagine how embarrassing.

Now, the pre-assigned 10 things that I HATE.
here comes the qns :

1. Food I hate. If there is a choice, I will not choose to have lamb or duck meat.
2. Fruit I hate. Pineapple. I cant stand the numbness on the tongue after taking the fruit. You will never find pineapples in our fridge
3. Veggies I hate. I like all sorts of vege, but if I were to choose... I don't really like brocolli & cauliflower. I prefer greens.
4. Celebrities/People that I hate. None in particular. I admire them being a celebrity
5. Event/Situation/Incident that i hate . I get all worried when I am getting in line for the cashier when my boy goes screaming for the toilet, this applies to an overcrowded lift or public transport. I am very bad at handling such an awkward situation.
6. TV shows/movies that I hate. Narrating shows/movies puts me off. I want to feel enjoyable over at the movie, the thought of listening to those long conversations makes me headache. I cant take horror shows too. That I mean horror like 'The Ring", this is one horror show that keeps me thinking of the scene for a month. The scene where the ghost came out from the TV. Oh my, I'm having shivers again.....
7. Music I hate. Rap
8. Household chores that I hate. Ironing clothes. I am clever to get clothes that are creases free..... LOL
9. Things that you hate around the world. Smokers, child abuse, greed
10. Things that you have about yourself. I'm a very emotional person. I can literally cry over a drama show when my hub is laughing over it.

The 8 random facts about me :

1) I am actually not a very sociable person but people thinks likewise. I am never good at mingling with people.
2) I will have VERY red sore lips if I don't get adequate sleep for consecutive days.
3) I started wearing glasses when I am 9 yrs old. Thankful to the person who invented contact lens that I can do away with the glasses.
4) I feel uncomfortable w/o my mobile phone with me. I have to bring my phone with me even when I visit the washroom at home.
5) The 18 hours of labour giving birth to Zac is the most torturing experience in my whole life. I will never want to have that experience again.
6) I am scalded by the motorcycle exhaust pipe before. This leaves me in much pain & torture. The scare has since recover.
7) I am scare of cats & dogs. I will never touch them unless they are really adorable & they have no 'evil' intentions.
8) I drink water from bottle at home & not from cup.

I hope you have a better understanding of ME now?

I would like to hear from my 5 BEST buddy here. Reveal anything that you would like to share, gals. Either 6 werid things or the 10 things you HATE or 8 random facts. Better still, do ALL !!

2) Jesse
3) Janice NW
4) Jean
5) Mariuca

23 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

i sure have better, much better understanding about you, jan.

I am wt u on your 6 weird things: no.1 & 2. Whenver i felt my lips dry, i lick it, unless i remember to put some moisturizer or balm on it. I need to wash my hair everyday, even wen i am at cold places where i do not sweat much.

On the 10things that I hate, im wt u on no.2. Hate the numbness after eating.
Actually, i like horrow movie, but i can't watch the "face" of the "ghost/evil", or i will end up imaginaring the faces everywhere i look. I love the feeling of the blood rushing through my vessel and my heart pumping like crazy. :)

On 8 random facts, ARe you sure about no.1? You seems so bubbly & sweet. i can't believe you are never good at this.

I will need an ample time to figure out mine. will let u know once mine is up. ;) Thanks for the tag!

Mariuca said...

Hi Jan, I'm definitely not gonna do the random facts again cause that would make it like what... 3 times? He he.. I'm gonna choose between the other two.

Emmmm, I bet you aren't afraid of Phoebe though, she's so harmless! Although, she does bully her big brothers! LOL :) :)

But I am afraid of dogs too, cause I got chased once when I was a lil' girl and till today am afraid of them ;)

Thanks for tagging me :)

J@n!ce said...

Jean : Thanks for responding so fast :)
yes, I canot live w/o my lips moisturizer too. I have to apply it everynite b4 I sleep, else I just cant get to sleep. I should have write that too.... LOL
I will waste money watching horror show cos half of the time I am covering my eyes.... My hub laugh at me say he find it more entertaining watching me than watching the movie. I scare him more than he got scare by the movie scene.... LOL
I'm not a good hostess I should put it ;P

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Ok, I get what you mean, I've done the 8 random facts before too. But I tot since I'm writing now, as well do it all together ;)
Phoebe is so adorable, she is exceptional which I mention on my post, provided she don't scratch or bite me hor....LOL

I got chased by DOG too, that's why I'm very scare !!

Anonymous said...


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Mariuca said...

Janice, scary right being chased by a dog?!! Until today, if I see a stray one on the road, I'd freeze and grab whoever is closest to me for shelter he he he! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

LOL! i should help both of you to overcome your phobia by letting my ariel & brownie stay with u two for a period of time. Bet u'll love them! ;)

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Ths is why there is this verse "Once bitten, twice shy".... LOL

Jean : Ariel & brownie are really adorable. I saw their pic somewhere in your blog, also cannot rem where I dig that out. Btw, that photo taken at Egypt is your dad? If that's true, he is so young looking. Also, I have a close look at your over at Friendster just now. You look so dainty, shy shy type..... LOL

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,
It is great to know more about you.

I don't eat the 'gold' but I need to dig a lot - maybe the air is very polluted nowadays and my filter does it well :-)

Drinking a lot of water is good for health! I too drink a lot of water.

My wife and children also frighten of dogs so much so that I become their shield :-)

Thanks, indeed it is nice to know you. LOL!

J@n!ce said...

Sam, I think this tag stuff is really cool. It does serve its purpose.

Guess what, I used to eat 'dry gold'.... LOL.... I think it is really disgusting. I hope you din puke out your dinner after reading my post.....*sorry*

Luckily there is someone in your family that aren't afriad of dogs, else I duno what is gg to happen.

Thanks for sharing your view :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I was tagged by you too and I haven't written the post yet!

Will do so soon, very soon... :D

P.S Erh, did you get much nutrients from the gold you ate? hahaha.. sounds yucky!! :D

J@n!ce said...

Kloudiia, heng you still rem that I tagged you before. Thought you have forgotten...;)

Err... I'm still healthy now after so many years. I guessed the gold are FULL of nutrients & they are really yummy... LOL

surjit singh said...

Thanks for allowing us to know you better...
Good luck.

J@n!ce said...

Surjit, thanks for your kind time here to KNOW ME better.

Good Luck to you too :)

Bee Lee said...

Great to know more about you :)

J@n!ce said...

Bee Lee : Yes, I think this tag thing does serve its purpose... :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

nice to know those facts about you

Anonymous said...

Eating those golden stuff makes u sop unique, haha just kidding! :P
Tag well done!

J@n!ce said...

HnC Momma : Yes, this tag thing is really useful :)

MW : They are really 'tasty', u wanna try some? LOL

The Bimbo said...

Whoa... to be tagged by 3 at the same time is really quite a ... erhmm heavy load. :) Nice knowing more about this super mommy! :)

J@n!ce said...

Bobo : Yes, really a whole loads of things to 'reveal' when tagged by a couple of pple. But I am happy to write them at least you all know me better now. Thanks :)

Bobby Revell said...

A lot of people told me (warned me) you weren't sociable. Me neither, thats why I socialize with you!
I'm not scared of dogs but I am scared of crocodiles and grizzly bears:)

J@n!ce said...

Bobby : We will learn to be more sociable through more socializing... LOL :)
Now, those creatures you mentioned are everyone's enemy too :)

I was just wondering 'who is the a lot of pple' you mentioned there cos I don't rem I have so many friends here yet. *puzzling*

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