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Mama, I can do it !!

Brought the boys to cycle last weekend.
Zac was able to control the tricycle better this time.
He even gave Amos a longer ride compared to his first time, the 2 little boys are really entertaining.

They brought so much laughter to the audience watching them that day :) :)

Zac : (looking back at Amos to ensure he is ready) "Amos, are you ready....? Hold on to my waist here...."
Amos : "OK !!"
Zac : "All right !! LET'S GO ....."

(Happily enjoying the breeze & cruising off....)

Amos is all smiling away being a pillion rider.
He keeps looking back & giving us his entertaining grins without realizing that he has accidentally removed his hands away from Zac's waist.

Suddenly, oh..oh...oh...Amos nearly fell off ....
Mama : Zac slow down !!

Zac : "Mama, don't worry, Amos is in safe hands of mine!!"
Mama : "Ok, good ... go slow... :) "

Zac : "Amos, come wave "hello" to everybody watching us"
Amos : "hello!!"

Amos continued his overwhelming chuckle & getting really excited .... :D :D :D

10 mins passed.................

Now, our kind brother to Amos, Zac is getting R E A L L Y..... TiReD .... Look at him in the photo. He was slouching & showing signs of fatigue, but still continued on his pedal not to dissapoint his little brother who is showing so much FUN !!

My kind helper went up to give the boys a helping hand... A booster push at the back....
Look at Zac, he was so grateful that he sat upright again & enjoying his ride with a grin on the face ;P
What do you think, really a wonderful day isn't it? :) :)

44 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Efendi said...

hehe... made me smile ^^
your son is so cute :D

ok .. back to work :P

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,

Both of your boys are really enjoying themselves!

Well, when they see these photos, they will definitely want this fun everyday :-)

J@n!ce said...

Efendi : Thanks for the peep during your office hrs. I hope looking at those photos do help to de-stress you on this lazy Monday :)

Sam Chan : You are right !! Zac already saw the pic just now & screaming wanting to cycle again. He would have to wait till weekend....hehehe ;p

Adrian said...

Janice! Your two boys are so adorable! :) Big brother taking care of the little one oredi! :0

I got daughter a Barbie bike too but she's too little to reach the pedals! That doesn't stop her though - she just uses leg power! LOL

Two lollipops and a big handful of gummy bears to Zac and Amos! :)

WaterLearner said...

Hi Janice,

Zac is really playing up the role of a good and reliable Big Brother.

Cheers! Lollipops & Chocolates for the two endearing little ones!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your another award! yr sons are obvious good hands. send them kisses and loves =)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian : When Zac is younger, he doesn't know how to cycle, he will use his leg power to push the tricycle to move it along. Thats' why I understand what you mean by your gal using the leg power... LOL :)
It is only earlier this year when he finally know how to use the pedal & cycle :) :)
Thanks for the candies... I will keep for them first cos both are coughing now :D

Karen : Yes, Zac tend to be a bully at times but he has his soft & endearing side too ;p
Thanks for the lollipop, can I have the chocolate cos Zac don't like chocolate. He prefers strawberries ;p

Erisha : Thanks for the congrates & love for my sons :)

Anonymous said...

Another photo bringing back fond memories for me when my son was that age, learning to ride a bicycle.

Time flies....they are so precious.

Great photos and great siblings!

J@n!ce said...

Judy : I can understand what you mean. My photos will bring back memories when your son is learning to ride. This is true... how times flies.... :)
For me, I am recalling times when my boys were born ... when I see a newborn baby. My boys are so 'big' now...LOL :)

Thanks for your words :D

eastcoastlife said...

Amos looks like he's gonna fall off. kekeke... so nice to see the two of them getting along so well. They are enjoying themselves. :)

J@n!ce said...

ECL : You are right. Amos nearly fall off, we were all sweating. Luckily, my helper is behind to 'hop' him...haha ;D

Mariuca said...

Zac and Amos are really cute! Wonder if Zac got his handsome boyish looks from your main guy?! Must be la :):)

Nice story Jan, can feel the boys' excitement, specially that AMOS! Great to see them sharing and enjoying the tricycle...

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

They're so cute. Zac really knows how to take care of your feeling. He even knows how to assure you that his younger brother is safe in his hands..haha! You're a proud mum, arent yoiu? :))

Heather @ said...

your boys are so cute!! its great to see such brotherly love and to see them playing without fighting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, big brother taking care of his younger one. What a touching scene. You are very blessed! cheers!

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Everybody said Zac looks like hub, they are "photostated". He has daddy's nose, eyes & curly hair & my fair skin :)
When Zac is sweating on a hot day. His cheeks will become rosy... pple said he look like an eurasian then. Some pple said he looks like korea or jap too cos of his small eyes ;p
I created a storyline to the picture & I am happy to hear that you think it was rather a good one. I thought it kinda link well too!! The picture has to be view together with the story to make it meaningful & I'm really happy that you mention abt it, at least someone took notice !!
Thanks dear, you just make my day.... *HUGsssssssssss*

Jean : Indeed a proud mum on that day. They really behave well & I find myself smiling all day ... :D :D :D

J@n!ce said...

DDiva : Nice to see you back again. Brotherly love is the key point to this post. They may fight on days but they are still brothers & they do love each other :)

MakeTraffic : Will my post inspire you to have one more kid now? LOL... I doubt so ... you will really need a BIG restaurant with that BIG BIG table then...just kidding... ;p

mr fong said...

Hi Janice again :) The older kid is fantastic and handsome :D HAHA...Very sweet and understanding of him.They can love each other.Very gratifying.........

Nice dropping by your bloggie!
Good luck to the kids.

J@n!ce said...

Winston : Indeed fantastic to have loving kids. These pictures are precious to me. I can look back years later & show them how they look like on their first ride 'unaided' :) :)

Anonymous said...

lol. Janice, i didn't know you can be that funny! i can't stop

ok,ok. Since i am in a jovial mood, i am going to compose a quick peom here seeing all the awards flying aroung. so bear with me ok (as it is in Singlish).


Awards,Awards everywhere fly fly
See already got some green eyes
Janice has taught me not to be shy
So i here hint hint why not me why
Ok lah dun have also nevermind
Got friends, can together Laugh and cry.


What do think of my poem?

mr fong said...

Maketraffic i think it is brilliant.Don't ask me to make such poems,I teach maths not language,heh.

ANd i just realized you are Singaporean..Oh yeah! Lol.Great poem.

J@n!ce said...

MT : You got me by surprise with that singlish poem... I just love it. Thanks so much. There are just too many nice friend to me here which I would like to award to them but can only give out that few only :)
Your poem just make me smile...Thanks for your time. :D :D :D
I will do something for you for being so nice to me all this while. :D

Winston : I bet you can see that MT is a Singaporean. Oh ya, you are a maths genuis. What about something in that alegbra for me? LOL :)

Mariuca said...

He he, just pointing out the obvious dear! Good job again :):):)

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Thanks for pointing that out :)

Anonymous said...

No worries, i created the poem just for the fun of it. lol.

NafaSg said...

Love to see those two brothers enjoying themselves out..

They look so cute..and adorable..hey janice why dont you post your cute babies in the Singapore contest..hmm..the love something right? It is on channel 5 one ah..sure u win one!!
got money lei.. and cant wait to see those two on tv... featuring......AMOS N ZAC


J@n!ce said...

Nafa : Is there a babies contest going on at ch 5? I hardly watch tv now cos Zac will start to fight with me the moment I ON the tv, he will want to watch his video too. If I don't watch, he also won't wanna watch. If I watch, he also want to watch....'sang nao jing' ah !!

J@n!ce said...

MT : Thanks for your kind words & so thoughtful of you :)

emilayusof said...

Janice! I love all your shots! Your boys are so cute! It's great to watch them play. My son can't even paddle! He insisted using his two feets to paddle lol!

J@n!ce said...

Emila : Zac only mastered his cycling earlier this year. All the while, he is using his 'leg pedal' too... LOL :)
Once he mastered the skills, he want to cycle everyday liao ;)

mr fong said...

Sweet..Heh.Algebra,LoL :)

FL Sam said...

Your boys are good entertainer and damn cute. Making everyone laugh. Even we look at the pics and reading the story, we also laughs. ROTFL.

Like thats, you where got stress wan. They always entertaining you.

You post video of them , we will enjoy more. You can be a good producer. :)

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Cute kids you have on those tricycle:) I'm sure you're proud of them. I remember the time when my boy first learned how to cycle, it was totally hilarious :) He used to peddle with one leg on the peddle and the other leg he used to push the bike around, then one fine day, he started cycling normally and I didn't even realize it!!! But I was so proud of him :)

jOolian said...

awwwhhh j@nice ~ thank you for the wonderful note.... your 2 sons are so cute. And i love your devotion unto them, they will be stars!

J@n!ce said...

Winston : Yes, you are a maths genuis mah... ;p

Uncle Sam : I used to take a lot of video but due to my hardisk space constraint, I am trying to cut down cos really no space to save them. I will upload some interesting ones in future. Thanks for your suggestions :)

J@n!ce said...

Nick : Zac used to be one leg on pedal the other dragging on the floor to push the tricycle when he was younger too. I was so excited when one day, he finally know how to co-ordinate the pedals. He is enjoying his new capability & every weekend looking forward to a ride downstairs :)

Julian : Thank. They are already 'my stars' now. They just brighten up my days :D

Shana said...

Again, your boys are so cute. Love the pictures and the story.

J@n!ce said...

Shana : Glad that you enjoy the pic & story. Nice to see you once again. Hope your kids are doing well :)

RW said...

Hold on Amos hold on :D

J@n!ce said...

Roger : Your comment is so cute. Thanks for cheering on to Amos. He is going to do better with Uncle Roger's support :D

ZMM said...

They really look like they are enjoying themselves.. at the expense of Zac.. haha. :)

J@n!ce said...

Zara's mama : Yes, they really had a good time :)

Anonymous said...

Zac and Amos are so cute ~!!

they really enjoy the ride~!

tks for all the wonderful pictures.. thumb up to you~!*O*

J@n!ce said...

Rachel : They really have so much fun that day. WE have fun watching them too... LOL :)

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