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Feeling Happy : My 100th post ... & more awards

It was just a few days ago when I sent out my 88th post on My 2 little rascals & I'm doing my 100th post today...

The time for me nowdays are just not enough to run through each of my friend's blog. There are some whom I have missed going to them these couple of days cos been really busy. I promised that I will visit you very soon & I think you know who you are :)

Ho... ho... ho... Santa visited my blog yesterday & gave me the award (see badge on sidebar). He even offered me a co-author of his blog. Who would reject such a wonderful gift from Santa. I hope I coud fly over to meet up with him, how magical .... :)

As I am writing this post... magical Blog Fairy landed on my site.... he/she told me I have touched people with my writing & award me with the "BLUE RIBBON BLOGGER" (see badge on sidebar)! I.....I...... cannot believe that the much talk about blog fairy really appeared before my eyes this very morning. I am lost of words now... this is indeed a time for celebration on my 100th post. Thank you Santa & Blog Fairy :) :)

I really need to take a deep breath .................hooo hooo.........

I have received quite a couple of readers writing poems for me & my blog. I thought this is a good chance to thank them for their time & effort. So here, I am listing some meaningful ones.

Joezul, I have published before to thank him. Here are his 2 poems :

For my 2 little rascals
Though little rascals they may be
They are the apples of your eyes;
And though they may sounds like banshees
Hey, wasn't that what always make you smiles?

For Janice .... *blush*
Jasmine sweet,
that's what you are,
An aroma so alluring,
a feeling so nice and pleasant, a delight
Indeed to be treasured and cherished;
for Janice dear, you are ...
Everyone's special darling...

For my 100th post
Happy Super Duper 100th,
A hundred had gone now .
A hundred more to come.
To sweet Janice;
Let us all bow,
For she's a super duper mom !

MakeTraffic wrote in Singlish :

For my Thoughtful Blogger Award
Awards, awards everywhere fly fly
See already got some green eyes
Janice has taught me not to be shy
So I here hint hint why not me why
Ok lah dun have also nevermind
Got friends, can together laugh and cry.

Also, I would like to thank Bobby for creating badges (see sidebar) for my blog. If you would like to link my blog using the badges. Please feel free to do so :)

I am one happy gal with so many wonderful friends around, I really have to call for a celebration together with my country's National Day....

40 Hugs for Amos & Zac:

Mariuca said...

Yeeha! I'm commenter number 1!! Congrats Janice on your 100th post. U are truly amazing to be writing so many posts in such a short duration! Congrats on the Ho ho ho award and am happy to see the magical Blog Fairy finally appeared here too! Keep up the excellent work Janice! :):):)

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Thanks for arriving here to congrates me first. You are the best :D :D
I'm impressed too that I wrote so many wonderful 'nonsence...LOL :)
Congrates on your ho ho ho award too. Blog Fairy caught me by surprise indeed & really happy to see her. *hugs* to blog fairy & santa for making my day !! :)

Unknown said...

fwah fwah fwah... weee oooo weeet

Bobby Revell said...

Happy 100th!!!!!
Thanks for the mention, your welcome:)
I proudly display ur button on my site! It got a lot of clicks 2 day:)

Bobby Revell said...

The blog fairy is actually a guy:)

J@n!ce said...

Ed : Thanks for all the whistle...hehe ;p

Bobby : Thanks for your help in getting those things up on my blog the bookmark link at the end of the post, creating the badge & instructions on how to load them up. I really have to say "THANK YOU" to you. This is my way of appreciating your efforts to put a link back to you & I hope you have some traffic over there too.

Old Beng said...

Congrats!!! Keep going :)

J@n!ce said...

Bobby : Really? er.... & how u know huh? :)

Old Beng : Thank you... I will go go go....:)

Efendi said...

gratz on the 100th post ^^
keep on postin' :D

that 'SANTA CERTIFIED' sure looks good ;)

Anonymous said...

janice.. so ur a centurian :D congrats dear..!

for your 100th post and the awards...


J@n!ce said...

Efendi : Thank you. The santa certified sure looks good on my parenting blog...hehe ;p

Vish : Thank you for your congrates & nice to see you here :)

Mariuca said...

Janice, I love reading ur "nonsense", it makes reading ur blog more fun! :):)

Bobby, why did u have to spoil it and say the fairy is a male?!! I still think the Blog Fairy is a magical, beautiful female character! :):)

ZMM said...

Ah, so this is you. I always wonder who you are when I see your 'visits' in my blog community.

You look very much like my university mate..

So many awards!

Anonymous said...



Would like to have exchange link with you..

OK for u ?

J@n!ce said...

Zara's mama : I hope I could be a uni student. But back are the good school days. Thanks :)

Keeyit : I will link you too. Thaks :)

Anonymous said...

Here a Happy Super Duper 100th!

A hundred had gone now,
a hundred more to come,
to Sweet Janice, let us all bow,
for she's a super duper mom!

Keep on Going for it, yeah !


J@n!ce said...

Joe : thanks for yet another poem !!
You are just so nice to have as a friend !! ;)

Nick Phillips said...

Janice, congratulations of you 100th posting. It was only like yesterday you were at your 88th posting and now you've reached 100 posts, great going. Here's to your 200th post!

Anonymous said...

Am I too late to say congratulations!
Now u're officially a super duper blogger oledi! *applaud*

Trix said...

Congratulations on your 100th post,wow a super mom and also a super blogger, how on earth do you do it?? I am awed at all the awards and lovely things you have receved, and you deserve every one of them.*hugs and more hugs* I think all of this definatly calls for a huge celebration ! This time I shall bring some delicous goodies and you can bring the drinks hunk.Sadly the one I had ran away when he heard all the girls screaming.. :)

J@n!ce said...

Marzie : Thanks for always here to read my blog :)
I chose to believe that Blog Fairy is a female character too. Where got male blog fairy flying so gently & sprinkling dusts so magically. If its a male, got to be superman then... LOL :)

Nick : Yes, I still rem you ask me to celebrate on my 100th post. In a blink of eyes, I'm here at the 100th posts, really fast man :)

J@n!ce said...

MW : Of course you are not too late. I just make the post today !! Thanks for the *applaud*...:D :D

Jesse : Thanks for the your sweet words & hugs... I think I cant breath now with you still hugging on to me... but I just like it...hehe ;p
Bring on some SA goodies, what would that be? WHAT !! HE IS NOT coming... oh ya, mebbe our screaming just scare him away....sigh!! Its alright... who's next on the line? ;p

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

Congrats janice! wow, truly unbelieveable! santa and fairy.. it's so magical! i love the idea of this santa! feel like going on vakasi now. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Happy 100th!!!
You are a supermum and a STAR blogger! *clap...clap...applaud...firework!!!*

Thanks for being a pal.


J@n!ce said...

Jean : its really very mysterious & magical feeling. I like the thought of X'mas & that Santa Clause is coming to town. You know when I'm young, my dream holiday is Finland. I also wanna go vasaki :)

MakeTraffic : Wow, still got firework somemore... thank you so much for the effort...*blush*

WaterLearner said...


Congrats on your 100th post! Well Done! You have a good blog!

J@n!ce said...

Karen : Thank you for your constant support :)

Trix said...

I love all the poems your friends wrote you as well, how sweet people can be. I shall bring some samoosas and a dish of curry and roti.You must supply the other stuff.. :), sorry I scratched you, forgiven?? :)

J@n!ce said...

Jesse : Thanks, there are indeed friends that just make you smile with their little effort. I love roti with curry. In my country, its called roti prata... its an indian speciality. I kinda like your scratches all over... MEOW !!

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations Janice on your 100th post. I'm relatively a new reader of your blog but I enjoy visiting and learning more about you and your lovely family every visit I make. More power to your blogging.

J@n!ce said...

Rachel : Nice to see you here again. Thanks for rem me :)

Sam Chan said...

Congratulation to you, Janice!
You are doing great. Keep it up!
Don't stop... Go go go...

May the blogging force be with you :-)

J@n!ce said...

Sam Cham : Thanks for your motivation. I will Go..go..go... :D

Chin Sh'n said...

Congrats congrats!!!! Keep up the good work cool mama =)

J@n!ce said...

Shn : Thank you for your kind words. :)

emilayusof said...

Janice! Congratulations! You truly deserved all the awards!

conan_cat said...

whoa! congrats on everything! :D and being able to write so many posts within such a short period... wow! :D i think i can never do that haha... glad you're touched by fairies and santa!

Anonymous said...

Janice congrats! Love the poems that have been given to you. They're so sweet.

You've got some really special blogger friends :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. 100th posts? You've done really, really well....

J@n!ce said...

Emila : Thanks. Love ya ;)

Conancat : Nice to have you here leaving a comment. Thanks. I'm indeed honoured to have touched by Santa & Fairy :)

Sharon : With friends so sweet & thoughtful. It is really hard to resist blogging... LOL :)

Judy : Thanks for the daily visit & really really happy for kind words :)